Invisible Jigsaw pieces of the ‘Emerald Isle’

In corresponding with Veronika about the significance of numerical codes in prophecy, and especially on insights relating to her recent sands-of-time vision, she updates me about developments and encourages me to share this exciting vision in advance of her writing about it more fully on Ignite Ireland Ministry – now re-published in next post:

“Today (Monday) I was in a prayer meeting with some leaders here and I had a powerful encounter with the Angel of the Emerald Isles with a plumbline in his hand. He had one foot in the North and one foot in the south. Then I was shown two Olive trees one in the North one in the South. I was shown some incredible things that are soon to take place. A Joshua Generation arising wearing the signet ring of Zerubbabel,

“Will share soon, will begin to write out what I was shown. I shared with other leaders here and it was confirmation to many things that have been prophesied over the land in years gone by. God is moving with great acceleration.”

I reacted: ‘So awesome and thank you for advance notice Veronika, for we’ve been blessing the whole British Isles daily since ‘Keep Praying & Bless’ began in 2012 for cleansing places ahead of Olympic torch: see Prayer of Protection for Britain & Ireland. Think I told you about the tube of light I sensed between Dublin and Belfast at Sharon’s day in Windsor last Feb (2019)?’ – see Footnotes to this prophetic word’s transcript.

This morning ‘Jose’ – a regular reader who’s often drawn my attention to Veronika’s material – emails me regarding Rick Davis’ vision in 2018 of the Lord cutting the EU roots away from Britain AND Ireland, as follows:

‘I thought I’d bring this post back to your attention, I got reminded of it again last night. I know you’ve seen it already but I feel God is about to bring this into being soon. Felt led last night to pray for Ireland and agreed in prayer with my friend for separation of that nation from the EU.

‘Regards the deal, I’m on the same page as Veronika, J and myself prayed again about it, and God gave us a long piece of thread with a time piece on it before it was severed.’

So we praise and thank you Lord for what you’re showing us and doing in our nations.

NOTE: the next two days brought more ‘jigsaw pieces’ > so click here and here.

[Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy]

4 thoughts on “Invisible Jigsaw pieces of the ‘Emerald Isle’

  1. Amen and amen to ALL these prayers for the protection of the nations and islands of the British Isles. Also those for the LIBERATION of these “sceptred Isles” (as Shakespeare called them) that they may soon fulfil their God-ordained destiny of once more being a ‘Beacon’ of God’s standards to the other nations of the world. In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

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  2. Dear Richard

    Thank you for this. Once again for me it confirms a thought picture of Ireland being the top of the key with a rather ornate entwining of two parts and then a long stem before the bit on the key which does the work inside the lock.

    My interpretation of this is that there is to be a joining of North & South (& I don’t think politically although it will have political impact as Emma Stark has shown) and then a bridging over to the UK mainland with that becoming the “engine” part of the key with a Gospel imperative for Europe, unlocking the places long held captive. In short a reconciled Ireland is the key head for the work of the British Isles reaching across in a new way to Europe, to set the captives free from the realms of much darkness. The “engine” part of the key is at once robust & intricately made

    The bridge part needs to be sturdy but not quite sure where Scotland fits in although still see her as part of the UK & know the old Lords of the Isles legacy has a strong bearing on the chicken & egg question of Ireland & Scotland ( Bruce’s brother for instance was proclaimed High King of Ireland back in the fourteenth century…).

    If this helps or resonates do say & feel free to share.

    Last year we held several prayer meetings in our church using the flags of our patron saints as well as coloured candles. Each time St Patrick’s flag was flanked by the flag of Eire & Northern Ireland with the old red hand (possibly of ancient Jewish origins linking back to Judah’s twins by Tamar) and we used a white candle praying for peace in that torn country. There is one school of thought that Patrick was a Jew. He certainly still celebrated Passover not Easter… the juxtaposition of Passover & Easter this year will be significant I feel

    Shalom, love & prayers Elaine


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