Laying the axe to the EU’s roots in Britain & Eire

I’m grateful to the Lord and Geoff Pick at UKPW for confirmation received this morning of the detail on roots quoted in the previous post; also and especially for confirming a dream (Ireland v Germany) and my musing (here) upon Eire joining Britain:


At 4am on Sunday morning, 9 December 2018, I was praying for the UK, and asked what to pray. Brexit came to mind.

Over time after moving to the UK in 2017, I have come to the conclusion that the UK MUST leave the EU because God has ordained it, and we would be wise to do it so that God can make us (the UK) the nation He has spoken that we are to be. I prayed for the UK, the heart of the UK, and the heart/hearts of its citizens and residents, which are, after all, the heart of the UK.

I then saw a vision in which an axe was chopping away at roots, many roots, that were growing out from the continent, the EU, across the English Channel, and which were growing into the UK and wrapping around the main root, the tap root, of a large oak tree that represented the UK — oaks of righteousness came to mind; so the righteousness of the UK.

These EU roots were wrapping around the tap root and drawing from it nourishment and life, with the result being the oak being strangled, choked out, and stopping the tap root from growing deeper into good soil for nourishment. (The parable of the sower and seed came to mind.)

While draining the UK Oak of Righteousness of its nourishment, all the EU roots gave back were darkness, unrighteousness and ultimately death. [Side-note — forest trees actually do this supplying and receiving of nourishment in the natural world, interestingly.]

So, the axe continued chopping these EU roots away from the UK all along the English Channel from south to north, around Scotland, Northern Ireland, back to the southern tip of England, making a full circle to completely sever all the strangling EU roots. (See Luke 3:9 where John the Baptist says, “Even now the axe is laid to the root of trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” He had been preaching repentance, and was speaking to the religious leaders of Israel.)

This cutting away of the EU roots from the UK seems to be not only salvation for the UK, but also at the same time, judgment on the EU, for it would no longer draw nourishment from the UK, which was being turned to support the life of darkness.

Then, I saw something that surprised me — the axe was cutting these EU roots away from all of Ireland, not only Northern Ireland, but also the whole island – Northern Ireland AND the Republic of Ireland! As I saw this, I asked if this meant that the Republic of Ireland would be severed from the EU, and what I heard was, “Yes. Not one of these isles will be controlled by the EU.”

Then, the oak tree wasn’t before me anymore, but now an olive tree that spread its branches far and wide, bringing the good news, the true gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom to the extremities of the world unhindered by darkness. And the oil of the olive tree speaks to me of the oil of the Holy Spirit being spread throughout the world as an essential part of the gospel message.

I also saw unfruitful branches of this olive tree cut off and burned in fire, and these were the unfruitful branches of Government, Business, the Church, Education, the Media, Arts & Entertainment and Family. And those branches that were bearing some good fruit were pruned to bring forth more good fruit.

And with that, the vision ended.

The sense I have gotten from this is that with all the choppings, releasings, and prunings going on there will be seismic shakings and changes coming in the spiritual realm as one kingdom, the kingdom of darkness, is deposed and the Everlasting Kingdom of God reigns again; and this will cause much seismic shaking in the natural realm — sudden, drastic, remarkable changes in society at all levels of society. There will be turmoil, as there is in any war, but the Victorious Kingdom of our Lord Jesus, The Anointed One of God, will bring such a stability and peace that cannot and will not be broken — to all people, believers or not, in some measure, but to those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High, a most full experience of the Kingdom of the Almighty!

I offer this to you all for your consideration and testing.

Rick Davis
Footnote – also this morning seen on Change Britain: The Irish government, the EU and the UK government have between them made absolutely clear that there won’t be a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, even if there’s no deal.

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