Dr Walsh answers a critic of his claim about the Ukraine

After re-blogging Dr Patrick Walsh’s paper Putin: The Reluctant Annexationist I found The Gateway Pundit ‘coincidentally’ published a report on media lies early the next day, a week ago today.

It was yet another welcome instance of how the Lord quickly confirms what I’ve written  when someone responds with an ad-hominem criticism questioning my integrity as an impartial observer-reporter. This time the ‘coincidental confirmation’ is from someone who’d “worked first hand on the CIA’s Afghanistan propaganda campaign in 1985-86”  and in my follow-up I cited that comment.

Later, I sent Dr Walsh the critic’s contradiction of his statement that president Zelensky had urged Western nations to conduct a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia before Putin’s forces began their Special Military Operation (SMO).

So for your information, Dr Patrick replies at the foot of his posting as follows:

‘Hi, the context of Zelensky’s speech was a reply to the Russian “nuclear threat”. That is very important in understanding what he was saying. He was quite obviously talking about military measures as there were already substantial Western sanctions on Russia. It would not make sense to call for something already in place. There is nowhere in the speech suggesting an increase in sanctions. Pre-emptive and preventative are practically the same. Putin launched in his terms a preventative/pre-emptive strike on Ukraine in the SMO. Would Kiev see any difference in the form of words. Zelensky made a mistake by admitting he was calling for military action by the West prior to the SMO and he had to row back. But his explanation is weak. It is hard to find Western translations of Zelensky’s speech on the media. I wonder why? Russian and Ukrainian Telegram channels were clear about the meaning as were Indian and other reports from the Global South.’

Also, I recalled having read an Australian reporter’s account of being with a Ukrainian unit being trained by the CIA well before the SMO began.

Furthermore, on 17 March I copied this item onto this blog’s Telegram – click thereupon to listen to 3 minutes video to learn from an authoritative source what’s really going on – Commander Bosi confirms the principal thrust of the other items I re-published.

Despite our previous chats, my Farcebuk ‘friend’ continues to maintain a closed mind.

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