God-incidental action continues over historian validating prophecies…

Can The Flood of Lies About Ukraine and Russia Be Stopped?

Click above image to read a most suitable follow-on to my previous post. It’s yet another ‘God-incidence’ that adds further insight into this crisis and may help with a couple of comments raised on my ‘heads-up’ posting in Facebook of a direct link to Dr Walsh’s Putin: The Reluctant Annexationist.

My introduction quoted his claim of president Zelensky wanting pre-emptive nuclear strikes on Russia!  (I know, it’s perhaps rather off-beam but, as I’d previously read his extensive scholarly papers, it’s a stance warranting consideration.)

A ‘friend’ comments that he’s incorrect because “The Ukrainian president didn’t say pre-emptive strikes. He said preventative strikes. He took great pains to qualify his statement later. That he was talking about financial measures and sanctions (strikes as they are known as) to prevent nuclear war, not precipitate it.”

Therefore, I asked him to supply a link to whatever source he’s referring to, as well as enquired of Dr Pat for his source.  In my humble opinion, his may be supported by the eye-opening content of the final pages 7-8 of his paper, viz:

‘When the Kremlin learned of plans to attack the Donbas republics in early 2022 Putin finally made a stand, sending ultimatums to the US and NATO, demanding security agreements that would deny NATO membership to Ukraine. The ultimatums were rejected out of hand. On February 17 the Ukrainian army launched a fierce bombardment of the Donbas, indicating the imminence of a new offensive. Putin decided to act. On February 22 Russia recognised the independence of the Donbas republics and signed defence agreements with them. On February 24 it began the Special Military Operation.

The Special Military Operation was designed to intimidate Kiev, by a sudden, but limited show of force into a settlement with regard to Donbas and Crimea. It failed – but only just apparently.

In ‘The World Putin Wants‘ (Foreign Affairs, September 2022) Fiona Hill, formerly of the US National Security Council revealed:

“According to multiple former senior US officials we spoke with, in April 2022, Russian and Ukrainian negotiators appeared to have tentatively agreed on the outlines of a negotiated interim settlement: Russia would withdraw to its position on February 23, when it controlled part of the Donbas region and all of Crimea. and in exchange, Ukraine would promise not to seek NATO membership and instead receive security guarantees from a number of countries. But as Sergey Lavrov stated in a July interview with his country’s state media, this compromise is no longer an option…” (p.119)

This is an admission from top US sources that there was the basis of a settlement in April between Moscow and Kiev’s negotiators. But something, unmentioned, subverted it – that cannot be named, even to the Western intelligentsia.

I think that shows how carefully the narrative is constructed and how omission plays its part.

The Kremlin’s hopes for a speedy end to the conflict in Ukraine was disappointed when Zelensky suddenly rejected all the concessions his negotiators in Istanbul had apparently been willing to make in the draft Istanbul agreement. Following a phone call from the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to Zelensky on April 2 and Johnson’s unexpected visit to Kiev on April 9, Kiev stonewalled. Johnson communicated to Zelensky the message that if Ukraine was ready to sign an agreement with Russia, Washington and London were not….’


An American sister understandably objected to an apparently jaundiced reference made a couple of paragraphs after my quotation, to Donald Trump’s lack of action.:

‘..It is clear to the present writer that the driver of the conflict in Ukraine, from 2014 onwards, has been a group of people in Washington. Since the Biden Presidency that group has won over the US administration to its project.

Biden promised that “America is Back!” after the shameful Trump interregnum and that promise has been more than delivered in Ukraine. Washington has taken over Ukraine, as if it were the 51st state of the Union, financing its economy and war effort and commanding and controlling a new NATO army made up of Ukrainians. The political leadership in Kiev and military leadership of Ukrainian forces are now integrated into Washington’s operational and strategic plan aimed at weakening Russia, knowing that if they are not they will suffer defeat. They are the willing and enthusiastic instruments of Washington geopolitics and they have made the Ukrainian people hostage to fortune.’

She is content with my pointing out:

“I recall from Dr P’s other material he’s not an admirer of POTUS45, probably prefers JB because of his Irish descent or his personal politics. However, in context with his slating the Obama-Biden admin activity in Ukraine he’s emphasising the very distinct contrast of opposites. It’s good that, as a scholar, he’s trying to be historically objective because the rest of the article heavily criticises the non-Trumpian West – and confirms what Veronika West hears on Z’s devious role in this grave situation.

Hence, my specifically quoting him as a secular confirmation of her accuracy on Russia and Ukraine! PLUS and moreover, confirmation by ‘God-incidental’ timing!!
Also, we both know DJT’s fame for getting out of and avoiding international war, plus fact his hands were full dealing with BHO-HRC’s seditious Russia hoax and calls for impeachment.”

AND all that’s apart from the reason I refer to the historian’s just-published article as God-incidental confirmation of Veronika West’s prophetic word, especially on details about Zelensky’s motivations indicated by her insight of 22 June 2022, as given at the foot of the previous post.

So Larry Johnson is in a very good place to provide further in-depth assessment of the situation, as published in The Gateway Pundit. I note particularly on page 2 of 5 (as usual, emphases mine) he states

‘But the Kerch Bridge fiasco appears to be a tiny white lie compared to the monstrous prevarication the Biden Administration unleashed today with its publication of its 2022 National Security Strategy. Check out this whopper (see page 25)…

…A lot of lies packed into this paragraph. For starters, it looks like the Biden team is engaged in psychological projection when it declares the Russia is pursuing “an imperialist foreign policy” intent on “overturning key elements of the international order.” What? Russia did not “invade” the Donbas in 2014. Ukraine did that. Russia did not unilaterally intervene in Syria, it was asked to provide military aid. It is the United States that violated the supposedly sacrosanct international order by helping engineer the coup that ousted the democratically elected President of Ukraine in 2014, overthrew the regime of Muammar Qaddafi and supplied weapons and training to radical Islamists in Syria that tried to oust Syrian President Assad. Pot calling Kettle Black anyone?

The Biden folks clearly do not understand the concept of irony. On the very day that the Biden Administration releases its National Security Strategy and accuses Russia of “brazenly” interfering in U.S. politics, U.S. prosecutor John Durham was grilling FBI Agents in Federal Court and getting them to admit that the Steele Dossier, which was one of the predicates for investigating Donald Trump for collaborating with Russia to steal the 2016 election, was a lie. FBI Agent Auten conceded under questioning that there was zero corroboration for the outlandish claims in the Steele Dossier:

Simply put, the unfounded claim that Trump was colluding with Russia was a total sham. A lie. A gargantuan lie. But this fact did not stop the Biden folks from trying to keep that xxx afloat in the punch bowl.’

Larry then proceeds to list this regime’s acts of full-blown tyranny against American citizens.

LOL, just finished at 17:22 – such highly suitable numbers 🙂

PPS > here’s some leaders’ comments upon the topic of WWIII and we start with one relating to late Kim Clement ‘Two Presidents Prophecy’ of 2008:



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