2016 prophecy of ‘Exposures’ – now rapidly gains momentum in USA

A big chunk of my blogging day has been spent dealing with Facebook and updating on Telegram, but this will give a flavour – and lots more via closing links:

The first header in the last image opens to read:


Latest tranche mainly covers trial investigating sedition against DJ Trump as candidate for 2016 election and treasonous spying on him as sitting POTUS. May you be blessed with insights into what the Lord’s doing.. https://t.me/RichardsWatch

Latest tranche covers many reports on China’s connection and interference in Nov 2020 US election and demise of US Democrat party. Along with others these news items vindicate the many prophecies of America and Donald Trump brought by Veronika West, and others…https://t.me/R_Watch_Prophecy_Validations

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3 thoughts on “2016 prophecy of ‘Exposures’ – now rapidly gains momentum in USA

      • Well this isn’t the prophecy I was thinking of but it is one that speaks of Biden not being the original. This was prophesied October 3rd by Julie Green. https://www.jgminternational.org/prophecies/soon-you-will-see-a-checkmate and here is the paragraph with the prophecy.

        There is another nation that has been silent about the information they have, that will soon be used against “the Biden” and Obama. A great fall is coming. Not only will “the Biden” be removed, and all who are with him, but great death will occur one right after another. You will hear about what really happened to Joe Biden, and soon. And very soon, the one that has been betraying him will take his last breath. More than one person has been used to stand in as “the Biden,” and all of them will be unmasked. Lord, how has this charade been going on this long? How could they put this show on for the world to believe they were in control?

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