America’s ‘Date of Infamy’ repeated – once again!

Dates around 19th April have been noted as having a high probability of historically significant, ominous events, as in last week’s terrible tragedies in the USA.

interfrc-waves.jpgThe period immediately following the vernal equinox, starting the northern hemisphere’s Spring season, is when a lot of nature comes back to life. It generates a cycle of growth and harvesting, followed by decay and sowing as a transitional period. Cycles of agricultural,  economic and social activities are, therefore, closely related to the natural and solar cycles, which are not only annual but also may show ‘harmonics’ of longer time periods.

William Koenig, ‘watcher’ in the White House, has previously reported about the new Spring season.:

…Paradoxically, it is when man often incites war (and the end of many lives).  Nowhere has this remained more constant than in the histories of America and Israel. In short, I have termed the date of April 19 (sometimes extending to the days surrounding it) as the ‘date of infamy’ for America…(E. Hadik)


For the benefit of readers unfamiliar with my previous posts on cycles and possibly not sure why such a topic is covered herein, let me explain:

About 12 years ago I was introduced to the work of William Koenig and understood how it connected into theories of ancient and modern Middle-Eastern history I’d noted before becoming a Christian. In this blog’s Welcome I refer to The Invisible Hand, the author of which attempted to foretell what would happen by 1992 through Russia’s activities – but along came the fall of Communism!  Thus, its conclusions were faulty but I recognised the validity of a substantial part of that author’s argument. [Something more relevant happened anyway – the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference leading to 1993 Oslo Accords, all under American presidential direction and involvement – synopsis here.]

Years later, after receiving better tuition, I resumed my investigations and kept friends updated of trends by email. During the same period Bill Koenig was checking out the theories of financial trading analyst Erik Hadik. (These are based upon economist W.D. Gann’s understanding of Biblical principles.)

The first month after launch, this blog was devoted to explaining why I’m ‘watching’ as a result my encounter with Jesus Christ. This was followed by reading Bill’s findings and I covered those uncanny predictions in Points to Ponder: 2011-2012.  In September, Bill ‘hit the nail on the head’ by asking if the 11th anniversary of 9/11 would be yet ‘another historical day’? – it was! (See here)

April 2013

On 5th April, Koenigs’ Eye View From The White House gave another overview from Hadik and listed nine events in American history that happened on or around 19-20 April.

Beginning with the date the revolutionary war against Britain started (19 April 1775, as here) April 19-20, and a few days on either side, has pinpointed many events in the US of great ‘civil unrest’ and/or domestic terrorism, including:

  • April 19-21, 1985  —  ATF raid on Covenant of the Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA) (linked to the Oklahoma City bombing a decade later)
  • April 19, 1989 — Explosion on the USS Iowa (possibly sabotage/suicide)
  • April 19, 1993 — Waco/Branch Davidian raid by FBI/ATF
  • April 19, 1995 — Oklahoma City Bombing (RB: also re. 17 April ’13 explosion)
  • April 20, 1999 — Columbine High School massacre
  • April 20, 2010 — Deepwater Horizon (BP) oil leak in Gulf of Mexico (RB added)

We can now add 15th April for the bomb outrage at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

The latest Update and Commentary covers the accumulation of events throughout last week. I recommend, therefore, taking time to study Bill Koenig’s account, and to read of the ‘coincidental’ birth date of two historical persons – what a surprise!

Should you wish to catch up on events, see Joel Rosenberg’s How It Went Down…

Boston-Saudi Connection?

A lot of focus has been upon the suspected bombers being of Chechen origin but in the middle of the mayhem an injured Saudi ‘person of interest’ was held for questioning. Yet after an unscheduled private meeting between President Obama and Saudi Foreign Minister this student was deported back to S Arabia. WND reported on the Wednesday morning ‘that the ‘Saudi student Alharbi shares the same last name as a major Saudi clan that includes scores of al-Qaida operatives…’.

The previous day, Debka reported their sources indicated links with a Saudi/Al Qaeda terror cell. With more information, Debka later reported the two brothers as the latest in a sequence of double-agents who turned against USA. As usual, Debka reports provide a high measure of rare facts with well-informed speculation.

Iranian Issues

This is added as a footnote.  No direct connection is to be inferred with last week’s events. Bill Koenig links his reports to Hadik’s Earth in Transition – A.B.C. (Iran) paper dated November 2011. These cover non-solar related cycles of tectonic activity and forecast increasing disturbances across the mountainous ‘Alpide belt’ stretching from Europe to Indonesia. The Inside Track Report: Earth Disturbance Cycles paper states,

“…an accelerating sequence and an evolving ‘creep’ of earthquakes that point to one conclusion: Iran is due for multiple, massive earthquakes in the next 1-3 years …”

In this regard, his email received last week refers to news of 7.8 and 3.6 magnitude quakes.:

“The nation of Iran has suffered two MAJOR quakes in a single week… and many other smaller quakes surrounding these two.  As explained in October & November 2011, Iran has been experiencing an accelerating frequency of earthquakes for over 80 years!

 “As also explained 18 months ago, three distinct series of earthquakes were ‘creeping’ across Turkey, Pakistan & Afghanistan – all targeting Iran for ‘massive earthquakes’ in the 2012–2014 time period.  As detailed for the last few years, I feel strongly that one of these quakes could trigger a ‘nuclear incident’, similar to what took place in Japan in March 2011. The April 9, 2013 quake hit the same town (Bushehr) as their nuclear reactor!!”  [See The Times of Israel 6th June 2013 for details of leaked reports.]

In the West we will not know the full effects of these quakes. But when we recall the goal of Iranian leaders to wipe Israel from the map and we understand that the Living Lord God can act sovereignly to protect His people without human assistance, then just perhaps He’s intervening to change the deadlock in nuclear arms discussions?

“God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform” (William Cowper).

What do you think, my reader?

4 thoughts on “America’s ‘Date of Infamy’ repeated – once again!

  1. I am American and am always a little on edge around April 19-20. It is uncanny the things that seem to happen here on those dates. Add to the list this week:

    – A massive fertilizer plant explosion that killed nearly 20 people and injured 200 more. The blast was so big it created an earthquake that could be felt 70 miles away. (Of note, Israel has one of these same plants in a populated area that holds 5 times more anhydrous ammonia, and they are rushing to move it to a de-populated area after this week’s blast. Why? Because if a rocket hit it, it would decimate the city.

    -Ricin attacks on senators and the President by, of all people, an Elvis impersonator. You know it’s a crazy week when Elvis tries to kill the President and hardly anyone is talking about it.

    -And of course you mentioned the massive earthquakes in Iran. A rash of bombings in Afghanistan killed dozens.

    -And finally, an American military helicopter crashed near the border of North Korea, which heightened tensions even more.

    -An avalanche in Colorado killed 5 people. There was also a mass shooting (I forget where–it’s not getting a lot of media attention). Meanwhile, the legislation requiring mandatory background checks for gun buyers failed to pass in Congress.

    -Finally, of international note, Secretary Kerry announced that the window on a two-state solution for Israel/Palestine is closing. He says if peace is not achieved within two years, war will break out.

    -Hagel said Israel has the right to do whatever it wants to do to protect itself against Islamic threats, even as Iran announced that they are speeding up their nuclear production capabilities.

    There is a lot going on indeed!


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