Newsmix – on Palestinians – on Anglicans

Seasoned watchers of today’s political fulfilment of Biblical prophecies will appreciate the following that came to my attention over the weekend. In spite of the increasing mayhem and madness, events seem to be progressing in accord with the Lord’s achieving His purposes.  Headlines are mine not the media’s:


So-called ‘peace talks’ being engineered by the US Secretary of State Kerry’s almost manic shuttle-negotiations have always been regarded as doomed to failure by well-informed watchers, especially in the light of America’s abysmal loss of credibility. In Friday’s exclusive report Palestinian leader turns to Putin for Palestinian State etc., DEBKAfile concludes with a most telling insight as follows (emphases mine):

‘…Moscow has already proved it can get away with busting international sanctions by concluding a $1.5 bn contract with Tehran for the purchase of half a million barrels of Iranian oil a day, without incurring a word of complaint from Washington.

‘Two weeks later, Putin and Abbas have acted together to wreck a painstaking US diplomatic initiative actively partnered by Israel for a negotiated peace accord with the Palestinians. They have left John Kerry and Binyamin Netanyahu holding an empty shell. Nabil Shaath, a Palestinian Fatah veteran, could not have put the situation more bluntly when he said Thursday night that it was time to “end the American monopoly on peacemaking, after Washington had proved incapable of imposing agreements on Israel.”

Russian tactics for Syria and Iran had proved effective, he said, and there was no reason why Moscow could not perform the same function on the Israeli-Palestinian track. The Palestinians have clearly opted to follow the examples of other Middle East leaders, ranging from Iran… Syria… Saudi… Egyptian… in making tracks, overtly or covertly, to Moscow. They are opening the door for Russia to fill the void left by American disengagement from region under the Obama administration.’

In the light of rapidly changing geo-strategic influences across the whole Middle-East, who may now dare disbelieve the Word of the Living Lord God to his prophets? For example, consider what he delivered through Ezekiel about that anti-Israel coalition under the words addressed to Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38 refers), which I write about as The Ezekiel Alliance/Axis. The latter may be the better description and should you desire some background information read Koinonia Institute’s Strategic Tends Update, The Treacherous Trio of Ezekiel 38 – Part 1 (Turkey)Part 2 (Iran)Part 3 (Russia). Although published some years ago, these briefings provide useful insights.

Also, Daniel Pipes has recently written about Iran gaining a foothold on the Arabian Peninsula in National Review Online.


Out of his deep interest and concern for the Church of England Gillan Scott has written a solid consideration upon growth in that denomination.  Its content has generated quite a debate and so I recommend those readers who took an interest in my recent remarks on apostasy within the Anglican church to take time to peruse The Church of England still needs to wake up and smell the coffee over church growth.

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