Putting off the old, putting on the new

Thanks Gillan and may your New Year be even more exciting than the old. J John’s message reflects in a Christian mirror that of the current Jewish year’s prophetical meaning, as outlined in The door into the ‘New Season’ is open. Both emphasise the importance of making changes for new opportunities that God is already opening up.

God and Politics in the UK

2014Before God and Politics gets back to the usual topical commentary, guest writer, Canon J John provides a thought for the New Year.

Canon J John

J John is an internationally recognised Christian speaker and author. He has written over 50 books and spoken in 69 countries, teaching the Christian faith and addressing over 300,000 people in person each year. His series Just 10 (on the Ten Commandments) has now exceeded one million people in attendance.

You can find out more about J John and his work through his Philo Trust website and also follow him on Twitter.


If you listen to what people say at the end of December I expect that you will hear someone talk about ‘putting off the old year and putting on the new’. It’s a seasonal version of that deep-seated human desire: the wish to start all over again. Who of us has not at some time wished that we could have a new beginning? To…

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