Quick check on new ‘jigsaw pieces’ in Trump-Biden poker game prophecy

Yesterdays postings were a shower of very detailed information, as though pieces of the Lord’s Invisible Jigsaw – or even messages sent by His GPS (Global Prophecy Signals) were falling – even buzzing around!

As done for nearly 200 postings on this phenomena, let’s briefly check how the latest fit together in our monitoring the prophetic vision received by Veronika West on a Trump-Biden high stakes poker game and the historic SCOTUS decision.

This time a row of new jigsaw pieces fit together with poetic precision: ‘on cue’ – ‘give clue’ – ‘being true’ – ‘Q time’ – in the following trilogy plus ‘incoming’ items:

  1. Publish at 11:11 copy news of Franklin Graham on Donald Trump giving God the credit for SCOTUS decision (and compare with Biden’s remarks).
  2. Background briefing posted at 12:51 on Trump-Biden poker game together with an introduction to ‘Q’ phenomenon
  3. Trump-time reference by Trump’s-aides and to reappearance of ‘Q drops’
  4. At 12:50 receive from Sheila B in North Carolina a quick link to Mark Taylor’s 2016 prophecy on FIVE new SCOTUS judges (re abortion)
  5. At 16:55 in Winchester Virginia, Wanda Alger posts on SCOTUS-effect, I copy at 17:17 (Q;Q time)

And so I began our evening feeling well and truly ‘God-smacked’!!  Or, as Veronika remarks, “Haha,…CONVERGENCE comes to mind,…there seems to be such an acceleration in the Spirit it’s hard to keep up,..the seeds of Destiny are coming forth. Hallelujah!!!”

Interesting that the recently significant number 11 has cropped up again!

Selah – much to mull over with our Lord….

Personally, I love the way the Lord connects his people in spirit by His Holy Spirit,…

especially as it’s like being at opposite ends of an invisible Bridge over ‘The Pond’  🙂

Symbolic of Holy Spirit's active power across the Atlantic

[Hand and Puzzle Pieces by Anusorn P. Nachol, Digital Globe by Cooldesign, Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev – courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

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