VIP > Trump gives God the glory and, on cue, gives clue to prophecy being true! – Part 3 (GPS #83.3)

Further to these recent significant references to “Trump time” and our noting numbers…

Trump aides unknowingly affirm Nov 2020 Trump-Biden high-stakes poker game prophecy

…we can appreciate the following screen-shots from this blog’s Telegram Channel on the SCOTUS decision, its impact and Trump’s weekend rally specifically relevant to Veronika West’s Trump-Biden poker game prophetic vision.  NOTE: after removing his ‘Triumph’ watch and placing it on the mountain of gold coins representing America’s wealth (and its people), Trump displays his winning cards and declares, “It’s time!”

The video by POTUS 45’s close friend captures him writing an invisible letter Q…

SO, now we note how SCOTUS decision ‘coincides’ with the Matthew 13 parable of wheat and darnel, or seed of the evil one, coming into fruition…

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