VIP > Trump gives God the glory and, on cue, gives clue to prophecy being true! – Part 2 (GPS #83.2)

Note To Newer Readers: I hope this background briefing will help to unfold the play of this trilogy’s title: ‘cue..clue…true’  that will be revealed in Part 3.

To my mind, what transpired over this weekend indicates that the prophetic Trump vs Biden high-stakes poker game Veronika West saw at the time of the US presidential election is MOST definitely playing out. Here’s the original (click image to read):

US Election’s NOT over: 5 – prophetic insights from Veronika West

We’ve monitored its progress in 30 postings but only now I notice a perspicacious – even prophetical – aspect of a friend’s note, as underscored below:

I write, ‘Chris Moyler provides this helpful summary:

‘Dear Friends, ‘Please do not doubt that President Trump will be reelected. He will, but the Supreme Court will have to give their ruling first.
‘And if any have doubts that the LORD is raising up prophets who are trustworthy and reliable, then I recommend that the record of prophets like dear Veronika West is carefully examined…

I suspect my friend was referring to the then distinct possibility of legal representations  being made to SCOTUS over many states’ suspicious conduct of that election. BUT, in fact, the Lord’s hand in their Friday overruling of Roe v Wade is the more significant act  – and thereby a necessary step in the full return of President Trump and downfall of Biden and his party.

The full text appeared in HKP’s America and the Trump-Biden Poker Game, but which I encourage you before proceeding further to read my emphases upon specific aspects as given herein:

Prophetic visions/words shared by Veronika West – 4: T.I.M.E and Donald Trump

An appreciation of not only of prophecy and timing but also of insights into exposures of the New world Order, or deep-state’s nefarious global operations, will be most helpful.

So I offer the following as an introduction to ‘QAnon’ phenomena’s origins and activities:

ON CUE: a ‘queue’ of buried truths begins to emerge! (F/P #10.25)

The highly informative essay therein by Martin Geddes confirms my conclusions from  having observed Obama and his administration since I started writing in 2009, plus as his practically endorsing William Koenig’s insights from within the White House press-room.

Hence, my title’s play on the 17th letter of the alphabet…‘On Q’

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