Battle-lines now drawn for a Divine dismantling – Veronika West


“Battle-lines have been drawn — a Divine Dismantling and Acceleration — Seed Time and Harvest!”

In the early hours of this morning; 24 September 2022, I heard The Father say, 

”Watch! For the next seven years there will be short supply for the wicked, as I strip the stiff-necked and rebellious of their wealth and fortunes.

Yes! But watch, for in the midst of famine, there shall be seven years of abundant supply for My Righteous Remnant!

For that which was stored up by the hands of the wicked, shall now be given into the hands of My Righteous Ones.

Watch! For this will be that which has long been prophesied by the mouths of My Prophets, for now a great transfer of wealth has begun.”

As I heard those Words, I saw an Hourglass come up before me, and I saw the grains of sand within the Hourglass, and the grains looked as if they were suspended in Time.

I heard these Words, ”A Divine Pregnant Pause. Nations in The Valley of Decision. Nations in midst of Birthing!”

Suddenly, I saw The Finger of God come down and draw a line in The Sands of Time, and I heard these Words, ”The Battle-lines have been drawn! For it is time to draw a line in the sand.

Look! For the old has gone! Behold, I do a new thing! Do you see it? For it now springs forth!”

Then suddenly I saw the grains of sand begin to fall again, and a great Acceleration began to take place within the Hourglass and the grains of sand began to fall rapidly.

Then I watched as the grains of Sand became grains of Seed, and I heard these Words, ”Seed Time and Harvest has begun! For the days are here when The Reaper will be overtaken by The Plowman, and The Planter, by the one treading grapes!

New wine will drip from The Mountains, and flow from The Hills!”

Then I saw the Seed within The Hourglass turn to Wine, and I heard these Words, ”Watch! For the Miracle I did at first, where Water was turned into Wine, so shall I do again in these coming days.

For even now, a greater Acceleration shall move upon The Sands of Time, for the times and seasons are in My Hand.

Watch, as the Old Wine-skins shall fall away, and the New Wine-skins shall come forth, and I shall pour out My Spirit upon all flesh!”

On hearing those Words, suddenly I saw The Mountain of Business and Government, and a complete dismantling to the financial structures that we have known, began to rapidly take place.

I saw an Altar rising. It was an altar to the Beast, to the kingdom of this world, and I heard these Words, ”Watch! For the beginning of a Cashless System and Society shall suddenly begin to rise, but “Watch!!!”

Suddenly, I saw a second Altar rise, and it was an Altar to The Kingdom of God, and I heard these Words, ”For two Altars will rise in the coming days. One to the Beast, and one to The King of kings.

For I shall raise up a New Financial System in the midst of a Global Financial Crisis, that will bring forth a great Transfer of Wealth for the Advancement of My Kingdom Purposes in the earth!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

2 thoughts on “Battle-lines now drawn for a Divine dismantling – Veronika West

  1. “Biden’s Executive Order 14067 Increases Surveillance of Your Financial Transactions”

    Government Sponsored Spyware Program

    My Fellow American Patriot,

    Did you know that Biden recently signed into law something known as executive order 14067?

    Hidden in section 4 of this order is some DEEPLY disturbing language.

    You see, in just a few paragraphs, our current president has set the stage for…

    Legal surveillance of all US citizens
    Complete control of all bank accounts and purchases
    The ability to crush free speech and silence opposing voices

    All this time freedom-loving patriots have focused on guns.

    We’ve always expected the Democrats to take them away. (And they’re working on this believe me.)

    But what they’re doing with this bill is much, much worse.

    They’re Going After Your Money.

    This might seem a little over the top. But according to leading experts, it’s 100% TRUE.

    The goal of this bill is simple.

    What Democrats want is nothing more than to make the US dollar obsolete.

    They want to do away with paper cash.

    In the not-so-distant future, those bills you have will soon be no better than toilet paper.

    What do they plan to replace cash with?

    Programmable digital tokens. Also known as “Fedcoin.”

    Their end game is to replace real money with virtual cash.

    Get This Complimentary Protection Guide, 5 Money Mistakes that could CRUSH Your Retirement in the next 6 Months.

    Is this the Monetary System you want?

    Here’s what makes this so sinister

    With these digital tokens, the government has the ability to monitor your cash remotely.

    They can turn off your bank account at the touch of a button.

    And if that’s not bad enough, they can also track and record every purchase your make.

    This is completely different from online banking and nothing like crypto.

    In fact, it’s like having spyware installed in your bank account.

    Malware that tracks your every move and reports it back to the powers that be.

    What’s more, these digital tokens give Dems the power to punish anyone who doesn’t agree with their insane policies.

    Step out of line and you’ll be punished.

    Make a contribution they don’t like and they’ll freeze you out.

    This might sound like a pipe dream

    but it’s more real than you think

    Trials of these digital currencies are already taking place all over the world.

    China and Russia have launched their digital currencies and they are backed by gold. Fedcoin will be backed by our debt. We just don’t know it, but we’re already enslaved!

    (American People Daily, today)

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