Monday Newsmix: Acceleration IS IN PLAY as last week’s prophecies coming to pass!

Further to the prophetic words posted this morning, and to which I appreciate a reader’s contributions whilst I’m was updating my prophecy-related news Telegram channel, of which I can now provide a few screenshots:

[Hand with News Icon by Watcharakun, cortesy]

6 thoughts on “Monday Newsmix: Acceleration IS IN PLAY as last week’s prophecies coming to pass!

  1. Copied from Previous post’s comments:
    “This morning, listening to the acceptance speech of the new Italian Prime Minister, I cried with joy as God was glorified by her speech. A nation chiding a leader who calls them back to God and his order!!! May we all follow Italy’s example. This Word is a huge encouragement to us all.”


    • I loved her speech , it was Elizabethan ( Lizzy 1 ) it was beautiful, God, family, the nation state ( God gave us nations and peoples ) the nations are a family just as people are in reality. She will be in my prayers and Italy will be another team I am supporting if they play England until England stop the foolish virtue signalling and man up. But I was disappointed to hear her promoting and calling for the continuation of the green pass, Italys version of the social credit health passport. Maybe she as of yet has not connected the dots and hasnt cottoned on its part of the globalist agenda she claims to be against, is she controlled opposition? I have to ask that. But as it stands Im mega chuffed and she/Italy are in my prayers, sock it to the EU and join the UK.

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