‘End-game’ confirmed: 2 – Prophecy of Revival in the UK, Christopher Wickland

After carving out some time to listen fully, not fast-play, to this prophecy I was most excited on how its manifestation will answer my abiding dislike over 65 years, since a child, of divisions between believers in Jesus Christ, on grounds given in “You shouldn’t be at our school”, the first part of my personal testimony

Moreover, in listening to scripture read by the priest in my parents’ Catholic church it dawned on me that clergy were not doing the greater miracles Jesus promised in John 14:12“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father”.

WOWEEEE – pastor Wickland accurately foretold our economic woes, so I can’t wait to see this mighty prophetic word come to pass.  Just click on image to play… 

AUTO-GENERATED TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS (formatting too extensive to edit well)

Kentucky right now is just the beginning!

You are waking up to a very strange
world oh saints. The world is going to
get weirder and weirder and stranger and
stranger, and they’re going to be weird
things in the natural and they’re going
to be weird things in the spiritual. What
do I mean by this?
Your news, your natural press
will be filled with peculiar and odd
stories that don’t seem to make sense:
weird things are happening in the world.
Strange things are being witnessed in
the heavens and on the Earth by the
secular press because this is the
beginnings now of the moving towards the
End of the Age and I am accelerating
things and I am speeding things up and I
will give signs in the heavens and signs
on the earth and perplexity of Nations
and rising up of Empires against empires
in this day.  So I will make people pay
attention and listen that I am God and
that I am speaking to them and they need
to wake up, but likewise in the church!
You are going to hear rumors and rumors
and strange things and strange miracles
and things going on. You will hear of
weird revivals going on here and a new
revival going on there and you will hear
it almost every month; another one and
another one and another one and
another one and another one –
and I will spread these little fires
these little bushfires until it becomes
a wildfire that will just take those
Nations and take those countries by
storm; and you will hear of peculiar
things and of peculiar miracles and I
speak to my church and I say to you: “It’s
time to wake up o’ sleeper, arise from
your Slumber and wake up and open your
eyesyou need to see that the miracle
power of God Is On The Move that the
increase of my glory upon the Earth is
now increasing and increasing and
increasing and the voice of my prophets
will rise strong in these days as many
prophets are raised up to Great
prominence throughout the world
throughout the nations in each Nation to
be a voice  a singular voice that will
say the same things, maybe with different
intonation and different accents and
different different points of emphasis,
but they will all be to you a resounding
gong that will shout the same thing: God
is on the move and church you will not
resist this and church you will not
stifle this and you will not put this
out because the Holy Spirit has come
back into town and he wants his church
back and he will take all the hands of
men off it – and some of you are thinking
good that’s leaders.  I’m not speaking
just to leaders I’m speaking to the
congregation members that would seek to
put their hands on these things that
would seek to at this time promote
themselves to dominate and to raise
themselves up. As assuredly as I stand
here these things will not happen.
I will not permit this move of the
spirit to be made into the name of
somebody else. This will be my Son’s
Revival and it will be the Revival of
Jesus Christ and his church. I will bring
a unity and a Unison in my church and in
my Bride, the likes that has not been
seen for hundreds and hundreds and
hundreds of years!
I’ll bring a Unity
where you will see Catholic and Pentecostals
and people just hand in hand walking together
serving God together where denominations
cease to mean anything anymore because
they’re just so enraptured and so in
love with me I am pouring out my Spirit.
BE WARNED CHURCH, you are fast
approaching the End of Days you are fast
approaching the End of Days! You have
time, you have a great season ahead of
you to bring about my plans and purposes
on the Earth. HOW? By being obedient to my
Spirit and doing what I’ve asked you to
do and do it with humility and do it
with gentleness and do it with kindness
and love and by the power of my Spirit
because it’s not by your might nor by
your power but by my Spirit, says the
I am going to move powerfully across
this nation. I bring my attention now to
the United Kingdom. I will here also be
setting up wildfires I will be starting
little pockets of Revival here, there and
everywhere!  They will start small and
then there’ll be more and then there’ll
be more and then there’ll be more until
this becomes the new normal and there’ll
be an excitement again in the body of
Christ.  Yet there’ll be many that will
resist this move there’ll be many that (say)
“I’m not interested in any of that, it’s
all hype, it’s all this, it’s all that!”
My Spirit is sweeping through my Church
brothers and sisters! MY Spirit is
sweeping through my church. It’s not your
church it’s MY church and it’s made in
MY image NOT made in your image. I am
coming to move in glory, I am going to do
a wonderful thing. Or people say it’s a
new thing, it’s a new thing! It surely
isn’t a new thing it will be as old
as I’ve always moved!
People will be getting saved and people
being baptised in my Spirit. There
will be much joy in the hearts of many
even though things of the world will be
shaken and twisted and bent and maligned.
I will bring joy to the body of Christ
and I will bring great joy and I will
renew and revive my people my body and
then will come the Harvest of souls. Oh
so many, so many will come in you will
have to build, so to speak, giant combine
Harvesters that can take the sheer
amount of grain that’s going to be
ploughed in these days.
Oh brothers and sisters the fields are ripe
the fields are white for Harvest but
my people are not ready. Yet
few are but my people are not ready
but you see this this move is not about
a singular person.
This move is about the body of Christ
moving as one and yes I will raise up
people from within the body of Christ to
be leaders, to be Shepherds, to be
prophets, to be evangelists, to be
Apostolic – all of those things in these
days but my body will do it in unison.
My body
will be a mighty Army marching forward
to the end line. What is this end
line? This is the final battle, this is
the final battle of the church with
Darkness for days which are yet ahead,
but my church in the meantime must grow
stronger and must grow purer and and and
hotter and whiter.
She needs to be white-hot in the days
that we’re coming into many Christians
are lukewarm in these days some are hot
but not many are white-hot  and I tell
you when the whole body becomes white- hot she will be beautiful to be beholden,
she will be beautiful to look upon and
it will be beautiful to be in the Church
of that nature!
You will have never seen things like
this before. You will scan through your
history books and you’ll come across
strange miracles in church history and
mark my words: one of the Hallmarks of
this move of the Spirit there will be
great salvations  there will be great joy
in the church but it will be marked as
well with peculiar and interesting
Miracles. Why is this? Because I’m no
longer going to speak to denominations
in a language that they understand. I’m
going to speak in the language that I’ve
spoken to all of my church throughout
all of history.
You are going to see some peculiar
Miracles which some may say “But that’s
that weird stuff that’s in the Catholic church,
or that’s in that denomination, or oh that’s those Pentecostals.”
Yeah I am not going to give
you miracles and signs and wonders any
more according to your kind, although I
shall be gracious to you to start with
and I will allow my Spirit to move in
your denominations in ways that your
denominations are comfortable with but
when you get white-hot brothers and
sisters I am not going to do that
anymore I’m going to break those
barriers I’m going to break down those
denominational barriers and I’m going to
do Miracles across the whole board that
will be very odd and very weird to some
Some of those Miracles will be the
extreme Pentecostal Miracles that you’ve
read about in the history books  some of
them may be the weird extreme Catholic
miracles of saints of old throughout
church history already. As you hear these
words some of you your hackles are
rising “this is this is not right this is
not right..’
Let me be God
and let me move by my Spirit and let me
show you signs and wonders  let me show
you that I am truly God by doing signs
and wonders that are Beyond
Comprehension, Beyond understanding,
Beyond denominational bias.
I am coming
to do something; yes in one sense it is a
new thing in that I have not moved in
such paralleling across all of the
denominations before and
throughout church history – it’s been
pockets here and pockets there, which
have sadly led to denominations. But I’m
going to move in such a way that it will
cross all the denominations and everyone
will look with all and with joy and know
that this is not a thing of man this is
not a superstar stage thing where famous
people will get up and say “Hey this is
my movement.”  NO, no-one will get their
hands on this movement  nobody and
anyone that dares to try to do so will
be deeply rebuked for it, this is a move
of my Spirit and you will not gainsay
it and you will not get your hands on it,
but be humble and submit to me and go
with me where I go like the cloud in the
wilderness. If I go here you go there, if
I move over there you follow. Wherever I
go you follow  I am in charge of my
church, I am in charge of my church in
these days
I’m going to bring about wonderful
things and you are going to see great
things. So children of God when you look
at the world and you see wars and (hear)
rumors of wars and earthquakes do not be
frightened and do not be afraid but look
to me, look to me and stay in the place
of joy for the kingdom of God is
righteousness, peace and joy and my
people need to be in a place of peace
and need to be in a place of joy.
Don’t be left behind on this, don’t
resist the move of my Spirit for my
Spirit is now blowing and it will
separate truth from lie, Light from
Darkness, Belial from God. I will bring
that separation, my word will be like a
sword that will cut through straight
piercing to the heart and to the center of
every man’s inclinations and thoughts.
These days will be challenging days for
the word of God when it goes forward
will be a strong message and not just a
strong message but it will bear with it
a great anointing,
a great anointing that will just melt
people’s hearts, melt them
and all those barriers and all those
angsts and all those hates and all those
prejudices that Christians have one to
another they will go and they will be
burnt up in the fire of my Spirit and
they will be burnt up in love as people
have love for one another that passes
understanding, and you will see a newness
in the church which hasn’t been in the
church for so many centuries. I’m going
to bring back a newness of joy and Life
to my Spirit and to my church I’m going
to bring a newness of joy and Life to my
Hallelujah be blessed Saints, be
blessed and watch the news as the
weirder things yet know very very soon
that Revival fires are coming to your
place into your area.
Be revived now Church get on your knees,
now get your head in the game get your
heart on fire for me now, become a people
of prayer don’t be a busy people. Be a
people of prayer and worship and get
into your word because I am coming soon
I am coming soon through Revival fires
across your nation so be ready, be
prepared, be armed and ready to go!
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