Revd John Kilpatrick: prophecy of internet harvest of souls

Watcharakuns globeThis is the 15th of ’20 Prophetic Words and Words of Knowledge for 2016 and Beyond’, as given to pastor John Kilpatrick by the Lord and delivered 8th January, as in the previous post.

John pauses during his lengthy delivery to preface this particular prophecy,

“Early in the morning on January 1st 2016, just about a week ago – (looking up from the notes to stress) I could never have thought about this – I’d could never have dreamed this up – I know this has to be from the Lord – listen to it..”

Here’s what the Lord gave him:

“Jesus said to Simon Peter and his brothers, “I will make you fishers of men”. Jesus later gave Peter a word to go fishing and informed him that the first fish caught would contain a coin in its mouth that would be used to pay their tribute (taxes). It was supernatural provision that resulted from privileged information.

“Last Friday morning, as I was sound asleep, I heard Holy Spirit speaking directly to me. He said,

“There are usually two ways that fish are caught—with a net and on a line.”

“I was so startled that I awoke immediately and looked at my clock. It was 5:55. Now awake, I heard the Lord continue. He said that there is coming a great international harvest of souls through “the net” (Internet) and “online”. He said that the Internet will light up as Holy Spirit accelerates His mighty wonders. He also said that “the net” and “lines” will bring tremendous and miraculous provision to God’s people because time is of the essence, and the waters are abundant for harvest. A new and very powerful wind of anointing will blow through the Internet. In real time, signs and wonders will be witnessed without edit. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament will show forth His handiwork!”

Footnote: The number five is the number of grace. The Holy Spirit is revealing to us that we are in a triple grace season. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. I want everyone in this house, and especially those on “the net” and “online,” to give Him glory. Glorious days are indeed just ahead. Come on! Let’s give Him great and high praise! 2016 – “The Year of the Wind!”

NB: see Update 1 for explanation of “without edit” and Update 2 about an existing internet program of evangelism and discipleship.

RB’s notes:

  • Also, 5s could be likened to giving a ‘high five’ where two hands join together to appear as one lot of 5. That is, one conjoined 5 is made by two separate 5s belonging to different people.  So at that time of 5:55 am maybe the Lord’s doing His own ‘holy high five’ with John? Just a thought…
  • Is the transmission, or the flow, of Holy Spirit’s power possible over the internet? We can personally attest this happens: we’ve seen or heard things that carry a strong, holy anointing on various occasions and been powerfully affected. Eg. on 3rd January Nina had to take an urgent phone call and left the lounge where CHP’s service was being live streamed to our TV. Upon returning she didn’t know what the assistant pastor John Michael K was saying as he addressed the online audience direct – BUT Nina got blasted.  JM was blessing us all to receive Holy Spirit’s gifts!! So the power either came through the internet via satellite or else spiritually direct from heaven (See also Holy lightning beyond ‘The Pond’ strikes in the UK.)

[Hand Touching Digital Globe by Watcharakun. courtesy]

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