A vision: sowing into the Kingdom of God

Charlie ShampEyeballing me as he speaks, I’m not fully attentive for I’m transfixed by an open vision right in front of me.

What I see swirling around Charles Shamp reminds me of those toy snow-scenes popular at Christmas. Also, perhaps you’ve seen how the wind can pick up and carry things away  – like a ‘dust devil’ or tornado starting up – yet this one wasn’t going anywhere.

But this wind doesn’t bring invisible snow or dust: just money!that is, currency notes – lots and lots of them!  The space between us has become a blue-grey misty haze with the notes ‘swimming’ around him. Apparently, Charlie doesn’t see them for, although he may refer to something he senses during a meeting, this time he carries on speaking to everyone but I’m not listening as keenly as usual.

Charlie had started as we sat down after worship at the Passover-Easter meeting. Yet I remained standing, not so much out of politeness as he was looking at me, but because of what I could see in the spirit.

It was another of those times I’ve mentioned earlier: Charlie looks at someone and keeps eye contact for a minute or so as he teaches. Every time that’s happened to me, he said something that resonated on something with which I was very well acquainted. It’s not like a prophecy being delivered, yet it must be related to that because what’s said is relevant and increases my understanding – ie. they’re words of knowledge, wisdom and revelation.

This time what he says connects not only right into my experience as a bank officer but also into the open vision!  He tells everyone about the value of sowing into a ministry and makes an unusual analogy that I’d not heard before from any preacher.:

Charlie is of the opinion that financial sowing is similar to lending money. (The normal approach is that, like any offering, sowing into a Christian ministry is donating to the Lord’s purposes and we’re paying back a little of everything we owe Him. I recall, “God is a debtor to no-one”, as He told Job and summarised by Max Lucado in God Owes Nothing.)

However, Charlie is saying – whilst I watch the money swimming around in the six feet separating us, “Consider what a banker does when offering a loan: he sets the terms to our taking the loan and expects it to be repaid”. So too, we may legitimately expect a payback when sowing by reaping some of the fruit that manifests. Moreover, we may remind the Lord.

This new concept of being a banker ‘setting terms for our sowing’ catches my attention because it’s about something with which I was familiar as a bank officer – but not what we’d associate with giving to the Lord.

Also during that session, I recalled what I’ve long known of the promise about the only test we may make of God. And He allows this ‘test’ to emphasise He’s providing a way to enable His people to answer His righteous complaint against their robbing Him! It is the foundation for all tithes and offerings:

“Test me in this”, says the Lord Almighty, “And see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it…”. (Malachi 3:10 NIV)

So I must seek the Lord on Charlie’s claim and check it against scripture. Upon doing so early the next morning Lord directs me to an appropriate scripture (see Note 1 below).

I’m reminded of the parable of talents (Matt 25:14-30) wherein Jesus instructs disciples to put what God gives us to wise use and multiply it.

Although applicable to all gifts He gives us, this parable’s focus upon money supports Charlie’s claim that, in donating funds to what the Lord is doing, we may expect and are promised a reward. Furthermore, as God’s children there’s no reason for not discussing this further with Father and in being quite specific in our requests.


  1. Updated in Revisiting ‘Sowing into the Kingdom’ – re. ‘loaning’ to the Lord
  2. In closing this descriptive account, I’d add that last Sunday pastor Kilpatrick reminded the congregation at CHP about “Sowing into the atmosphere“, especially for prophetical speakers. So, I’ve unexpectedly gone full circle on the post that recommended watching Jonathan Cahn and Bill Salus!

7 thoughts on “A vision: sowing into the Kingdom of God

  1. Hi Richard,
    My advice is read the whole of Malachi, and look how out of context that scripture is from what you’re being taught. Don’t take my word for it. We work on the principle of not taking man’s word for things but actually delve into the scripture ourselves to ensure things line up.
    God bless,
    Thanks again for sharing about the great sign of Revelation. Isn’t it interesting that Jupiter is a symbol for Messiah.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jo but am not sure which teaching you mean, presumably Charlie’s new ideas that I had reservations about or, as could be inferred from my remark on Mal 3:10, most pastors’ notions on tithing? (Maybe you’re reading a first edition of this post that didn’t register changes properly as I was working on laptop as well as PC. If so, try refreshing your screen for this page.)

      As stated, I wanted to check this and weigh but at the time could only think of Malachi or general notion from Job, as reported above. So I was pleased to get the Lord’s direction to specific scriptures in answer my query. [It used to ‘rattle’ a Baptist (and ex-Brethren) Elder when I was a new believer and got verses from the Lord direct whereas he’d learnt by intellectual graft!]

      The context of Malachi isn’t only for 2000+ years ago but is applicable for today, as I learnt from distressing first-hand experience re Mal 1:6 – hence my surprise regarding last week’s prophetic words (which connects with that book’s closing end-times promise).


      • Hi Richard,
        Yeah, I have reservations about what Charlie Shamp said about the ‘epikinazo’. Especially when he’s talking about a mighty army being birthed. I’ve come across Joel’s army before, but I’ll leave that for another time. Sufficient to say the idea’s been around for about 60 years. It came from the Kansas school of prophets and it’s out of context.
        Your post about him quoting from Malachi really made me go hmmm.
        I’ve checked his beliefs on their website. Looks like a sheep. But he doesn’t sound like one. Is he your pastor, or a travelling evangelist?
        Anyway, I’ve been talking to the Lord about Malachi and asking for wisdom because this verse gets trotted out by these guys all the time.
        I’ve been waiting on the Lord for His counsel before replying.
        He’s given me something today. I’ll do a blog post as soon as I can.
        God bless, Jo


        • Appreciate your comment Jo and please accept my apology for any lack of clarity but Charlie wasn’t referring to Malachi – it was my remark. There were lots of interruptions that day after a short night and had repositioned that comment. Have now tightened wording so would ask that you kindly re-read.

          Understand about ‘Joel’s Army’ as it’s been bandied around for years. Most folk connect it to the great locust plague as Joel 2 refers to ‘Day of the Lord’ but CS means the ‘mighty ones’ of Joel 3:9. You’re well to check him out but it’s not so easy without the fuller teaching, which I didn’t get around to covering in April.

          Looking forward to your post on Malachi…


          • I’ll leave Charlie alone, because you know him and I don’t.
            I’ve sought the Lord over the last two days and got answers from him to my questions about tithing and sowing. Have posted it now 🙂
            Have a great weekend.


          • I’m a Joel-baby. Rooted, by the Will of God in Baptist streams…moved by His Spirit through other streams. I’m not rooted in denomination…and I’m not clever enough to manufacture my own theology. Following after the Lord has been sufficient for me.

            What is happening for me during these days is stunning. I am “yielded” and “still” and can confirm unity of spirit in much that I hear. I don’t know a lot of these people you mention. I don’t feel lead to search them out. The Lord has connected me to all that I need for THIS day.

            He has given me promises regarding great increase…and I have been waiting since end-December 2014. The Promiser always keeps His promises. Like a child, I trust that He will counsel me as He sees fit.

            I “hear” what you are saying. I repeat, He is giving me ears to “hear” what you are saying. Peppered throughout my journey are seeds consistent with those sprouting in your field.

            The Lord is doing a great thing. In hidden places, worship, trust and obedience are flourishing to the glory of the Father.

            He will “perform it.”

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