Jigsaw Time – Part 1: Cahn, Shamp and a prophetic word for 2015

Puzzle Globe and Book by ThanunkornYet once again personal events related to this blog are fitting like pieces of an invisible jigsaw puzzle brought by folk I know or meet online. Also, timing is not ‘coincidental’ but it highlights the merging information as well as insights that flash when falling into place.

The invisible designs they reveal amass in a treasury of tangible signs that could point to bigger ones for Jesus’ return. (To read more about this blog’s regular feature see below.)

My purpose in presenting these ‘pieces’ is not only to share my ruminations but also to consider if, and where, the Lord may be leading me,

Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7 NIV)

Some of the ‘pieces’ appeared recently in this blog; the others I’m ‘brooding’ over before inserting into the puzzle.

So for this particular ‘jigsaw puzzle’ let me lay down the board: a request to Church of His Presence in Alabama to archive a one-off, mid-week evening session. This is so that overseas e-members, whose time zone makes it difficult to watch it live, can catch up with this special event.

Teamwork by Franky242

Then, the following jigsaw ‘pieces’ may be brought and displayed:

  1. Pastor John Michael Kilpatrick enables the event to be archived.
  2. Jonathan Cahn reports on developments in this ‘Shemitah year’.
  3. Fellow blogger Joanne Rolston brings another aspect in Days of Awe.
  4. Meanwhile, I’m writing on Charles Shamp – A Vision: sowing into the Kingdom.
  5. I comment on Jo’s thread about Charlie and another contributor adds a reference to the prophetic word he brought for 2015, for which I then add a link.
  6. Whilst I’m preparing to blog about the Iranian deal in connection with Ezekiel 38, fellow blogger Korey Allen opens a debate on the identity of Gog-Magog. SO,
  7. I check out some in-depth analyses from both sides of the discussion on Russia and Iran, and
  8. Revisit my original extra-Biblical 1980s source to reconsider its information in the light of this debate, especially on the unexpected militant advance of Islam.

The ‘design’ showing on the last three ‘pieces’ relates to the recent P5+1 accord with Iran on its nuclear programme, which I’ve been ‘brooding’ upon in connection with the prophecies. (I hope to blog on this very soon as ‘Prophetic, Historic Days – Part 3’.)

In Part 2 of this post we will look at the 5th ‘piece’; prophetic prayer points for this year published on New Year’s Day and which especially focus upon this September.

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Image Credits:

  • Puzzle Globe and Book by Thanunkorn, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net
  • Teamwork by Franky242, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

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