Iranian invasion: get ready for possible SUDDEN economic devastation in the West

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comAs the End-time prophecies of Daniel move towards fulfillment, fellow watcher Mark Davidson investigates a scenario similar to the conclusion I drew last July: “We may be about to witness major upheavals that will affect not only the ancient world’s centres of civilisation but also the modern world’s global petro-economy” – see Middle-East events & fulfillment of Bible prophecy – 1.  Mark explains his grounds for this being a distinct possibility and considers the consequential severe damage upon western economies. He also provides a helpful, succinct outline of global finance as well as updating Hadik’s reference to the Swiss Franc (see previous post). Thank you Mark. See also Saturday’s A Middle East in flames is the biggest threat to economies by Andrew Critchlow and Dr Henry Kissinger’s comments of last September on Iran greater threat than ISIS.


We don’t know when it will be; before September 13, 2015, or after.  But after it happens many of the things you could have done to prepare before it happened may very well be much harder or even impossible to do.

The Second Signpost, the Iranian invasion of the Middle East, have some worried simply because it is the next sign given in the Bible telling us the Antichrist is on his way.  We will see brutality and war on a scale across the Middle East that no one currently alive has seen.  But there is another factor to the Second Signpost that has had me concerned for some time.  As the author of Daniel Revisited, and a watchman on the wall for the signs soon to come heralding Christ’s return I feel the need – indeed the responsibility – to you all to make you aware of something, and make it…

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7 thoughts on “Iranian invasion: get ready for possible SUDDEN economic devastation in the West

  1. Family Research CouncilYes we knew of this going on in Africa when I was there and what they did and how they kidnaped your boys and started training them as girls and then had them preform for men and the men then would rape them. What a world we live in. Why would anyone want to be a follower of Satan who does all this. Come LORD Jesus and help us to know, by you telling us, what to ask of you to war against this evil. In Jesus Name. Please Pray by asking God what HE wants us to ask of HIM. Then ask that of HIM. Be


  2. WATCH: Following Near Death Experience, Israeli Boy Returns Quoting End of Days Prophecy Well all people of the world here it is. Watch the video. You will have to click off and on all the time to read the English but it is worth it. If you have not repented and have Yeshua / Jesus in your life and your sins forgiven it is time. “DO IT NOW”

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  3. I am a prayer closet type as the Bible says and HE will reward you openly. I think this is one way to prevent Pride from entering if we pray in a group. To often others want to be the chief or the best or or. God hates that and our prayers do not do as much good in that atmosphere. I am asking God that every church in the world has a pray group that meets once a week, once a mo. or everyday. It does not have to have the same peole coming every single day. I just read where some one started a pray that went every day 24 hours for 100 years. Now that really excited me. That means a lot of people had to be taking part. WOW is all I can say. Be

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  4. Will I give up this much for the LORD? Yes I did as in Africa I went when HE said I would get Malaria. I ask HIS if I was to go or stay home and HE did not answer me so, to me that would mean HE would support me which ever I chose. I went and got malaria and died. HE raised me from the dead and I would not have missed that because HE taught me sooooo much of who HE is and what HE says HE will do. This man looks really happy like this is just another thing to over come. Like Christ said we are to be over comers. Thank you any and every one who over comes. Be


  5. Thank your Thank You Thank you as this could not be done more clearly than this. Praise our God for “common sence”. HE says have this more than anything else. No I do not remember the address in the Word for it. So get your complete Hebrew concordance and look it up. Be

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