Incredible healings reported in Birmingham, UK

Since starting mid-monthly meetings in March for healing and miracles in Birmingham,  Harvest Ministries have noted an increasing occurrence of physical healings. These sessions are held in the New Bingley Hall where the Revival Alliance met in 2012, as mentioned in An ‘invisible jigsaw’ falls into placeRA 2012 - 1 A fortnight ago today John Arnott was the guest speaker and his daughter Lori reports the following incredible blessings:

  • Bob – came to April meeting with cancer (COCP) – totally healed!
  • Dennis – candidate for heart surgery – heart became light, less heavy
  • John – fell on knee 2 years ago – fizzy sensation and pain was going
  • Rose – neck pain – GONE!
  • Lady had financial breakthrough after prayer last month
  • Lady had miracle in family situation 2 days after last meeting
  • Man – neck pain from accident & hernia – all pain gone
  • Lady – back pain – healed
  • Lady – broken arm in 2 places – healed
  • Lady – ears, arthritis in ankles – all pain gone
  • Lady – prayer for glaucoma last meeting – doctors say it is gone
  • Lady – pain & stiffness in body, legs and back – felt loose and pain gone
  • Lady with lung problem – felt fire on her lungs, then all pain gone
  • Lady with lung disease – pain 100% gone
  • Man – bladder cancer – last meeting overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit – since then felt fire sensation on him
  • Man with ME – felt Holy Spirit and no pain
  • Lady in wheelchair – felt better on left side 80%
  • Lady with leg fracture in full leg brace – felt bone no longer broken and now walking with only stiffness
  • Lady – stiff shoulder, pain in neck – pain down from 10 to 3
  • Lady with fibromyalgia – felt an ease in opening her hands
  • Lady – set free from night terrors
  • Lady – prolapsed disc – felt burning down spine and improved
  • Lady – lower back and knees – knees much improved
  • Lady – trouble breathing – 50% improvement
  • Man – headaches & migraines – pain improved
  • Lady – muscle, joints, knees – improved
  • Man – shoulder – improved
  • Lady with itchy ears when stressed – improved
  • Lady – knees – improved
  • Lady with shame – improved
  • 3 Men – forgave Fathers – deliverance from anger!
  • Lady – arthritis in both knees – healed
  • Man – left shoulder in constant pain – forgave people God highlighted to him & pain has gone.

(Names are of those who shared on the microphone or have given express permission, the remainder are anonymous in case anyone didn’t want to give their identity.)

Thank and praise you Lord for touching these folk. May Your glory be increasingly on display in our land.

For further details please visit Revival Alliance’s Facebook.

[Photo montage from ‘Revival Alliance 2012 Live’ cd, courtesy of Haven Church.]

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