UK/EU in/out #7: ‘Cat’s out of the bag!’ press editorial

EU: EXPOSED! (Thursday’s prayer request refers)

‘The cat is out of the bag: the EU bureaucrats have let it be known that they do not approve of member states picking political leaders they disagree with or who contradict their elitist world view.’

Thus opens Friday’s Telegraph View: EU bureaucrats cannot cope with democracy. The grounds for that editorial are not only offensively scurrilous but also grossly insulting remarks against one of our national leaders – AND against the intelligence of the British voter. This is much worse than Obama’s interfering in our affairs during his last state visit. Furthermore, it fully vindicates the deep misgivings of those Christians who are unhappy with the EU’s unholy nature.

This hardly surprising revelation direct from the hearts and minds of tyrants themselves is itself sufficient reason for Britons to want our independence back.

The following quotations from Friday’s editorial and the op-ed by columnist Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator, should ‘put my readers in the picture’ (use the links to read their opinions in full).:

Credit: Jap Pool (AP)

DT editorial continues from above: ‘Speaking at yesterday’s session of the G7, Jean-Claude Juncker attacked Boris Johnson, suggesting that his Euroscepticism was not “in line with reality”. Martin Selmayr, Mr Juncker’s chief of staff, went one step further with a tweet that was truly beyond the pale:

“G7 2017 with Trump, Le Pen, Boris Johnson, Beppe Grillo? [American, French, British and Italian] A horror scenario that shows well why it is worth fighting populism.”

Fluffy-headed Boris twice served consecutive terms as popular Mayor of London and is a possible future leader of the Conservative party. So the editorial points out, ‘Mr Johnson’s accusers are bureaucrats who are clearly deeply uncomfortable with a true democrat – especially one who has such an unusual rapport with the public. [There are issues I’ve objected to on grounds of faith – RB.]

‘Mr Selmayr’s demand that “populism” be combated also betrays the EU’s instinctive distrust of democracy. Its founders were desperate to construct a supranational institution that would ensure that the people are always governed by their betters. As such the EU is inherently anti-democratic: demonstrated by its treatment of Greece and an approach to referendums best summed up as “you can vote as many times as you like, so long as you eventually vote for what we want”…’

‘The irony is that men such as Mr Juncker and Mr Selmayr do not realise how much they are encouraging the decline of their own EU project. Voters do not like being told that they can or cannot vote for someone just because an unelected foreign bureaucrat fears for the consequences.’ (emphasis added).

DT’s man at the G7 reports Tory MP and founder of Vote Leave, Steve Baker’s reaction to that tweet was, “This is a doubly outrageous intervention. First, unelected officials have no right to interfere in democratic processes. Second, they are flat wrong. Boris is an affable, liberal conservative. There is no comparison between his views and those of the extreme populists of the national right”.


Fraser_Nelson-smallFraser Nelson opens his op-ed by explaining that (giving his German style ‘Professor Dr’), ‘Martin Selmayr is one of the most powerful men you’ve never heard of. He is chief fixer for Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission; we have him to thank, at least in part, for the woeful ‘“deal” that David Cameron was given in his renegotiation…

Behold, the great battle of our times: the bureaucrats of Brussels, unsullied by the need to win votes, ready to take on the democratic process and any leaders that it might catapult to power.’

Fraser then tells of the remarkable successes by popular parties in a number of countries: Austria, Italy, Sweden, Holland (‘How did the party of Gert Wilders, once banned from entering Britain, end up most popular in the Netherlands?’) Finland, Poland.

In country after country the answer tends to be the same – globalisation, immigration, economic disadvantage, unemployment. Therefore, ‘increasingly the new populists see the EU as the centre of this malign orthodoxy and call for looser ties with it’.

He concludes, ‘A spectre is once again haunting Europe, but it’s not that of populism. It’s the intransigence of established political parties who prefer to denounce populists rather than seek to understand what motivates their supporters. And the EU, which set out in hope of uniting the continent, has become a source of instability – sticking to an outdated script at a time of unprecedented demographic and economic change…’ [Europe’s voters are – leaders should listen to them, not sneer.]

NB: Fraser’s remark about “the great battle of our times” resonates well with a prophetic word privately circulating among intercessors praying for David and Samantha Cameron and whatever outcome the EU Referendum brings.

UPDATE: His analysis proves to be ‘right on the money’! (As in continuation link below.)

EU: “100 TIMES WORSE THAN COMMUNISM” – Ukraine pastor

Finally, evangelist David Hathaway’s extensive connections to Eastern Europe enable him to report recently,

“When I said to the European head of the Pentecostal church in Kiev that the EU is worse than communism he replied that – after years living under communism and now negotiating in Brussels – the EU is ONE HUNDRED TIMES WORSE THAN COMMUNISM.” [Iron Does Not Mix With Clay, Prophetic Vision #80, 2016]


Is the Lord pointing something out through last week’s triple ‘coincidences’?  If so, then we must start to pay close attention to what’s about to happen.

Puzzle in sky - Idea goAnother 3 pieces of the Invisible Jigsaw have fallen into place…

  • Thursday, technical glytches delay a prophetic insight on ‘rotten EU politics’ 
  • Friday’s ProphecyTodayUK on testing prophecies has “Open Blind Eyes” prayer
  • Friday paper’s headlines and editorial on EU officials’ interference in Referendum.

Continued reading at News Alert: UK/EU in/out #7 UPDATE >>>

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6 thoughts on “UK/EU in/out #7: ‘Cat’s out of the bag!’ press editorial

  1. That is Satan’s plan to take out every body and any body as his name is “To kill, steal and destroy as all he cares about is to keep God from having HIS people in any way, shape or form”. Yeshua is LORD of all and will win HIS own in every way. They can kill me but they cannot steal my savior from me by killing me. He can keep his lie, deceit, stealing, pride, his own way of thinking he is the cat meow. I am soooooooooooo sick of him and his slithering lies, deceiving and all his evil. Come LORD Yeshua as HE love us. Be3


  2. Go and click on and remember the password they have below it to type in to get to the movie. Wonderful what is happening. Then I wrote back to them and said “you need to ask everyone for abortion this question. ‘So you are saying you yourself should have been aborted before you were born?’ Be3

    Pray for Gods favor to win because of Who HE is and wants as HIS Kingdom rule. Be3

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  3. Please what and listen and God say when you hear the Truth you will know it.  Be3

    Get this out to all you love and care about. We are to get ready by doing 2 Corinthians 7:14


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