Britain and Brexit: a word on the why and wherefore – Awakening!

Thank you to UK Prophetic Words for this significant confirmatory word from Heidi Mitchell received today:


God’s been speaking to me a lot about Brexit, which I knew nothing about before I came to the UK. And He gave me a Word, He said

“This has been by My Sovereign hand that the vote went the way it did, I am safeguarding Britain for when Europe falls. Europe is being shaken, and will fall. It will fall, says God, but Britain has separated itself, and because of this vote, the UK will not fall. It will be like in the days when Joseph was in Egypt. Like Egypt was to the world, so Britain will become to the world in years to come. Once again Britain will become the Bread Basket to many countries, and a place of safety, and a place of provision. And it’s been an answer to the call of My Saints, who have prayed faithfully and said ‘Lord protect us and save us’.”

That’s why it happened. There were people who cried out and said Lord would you heal Britain, would you hear our cry, and He did. So even though it goes beyond some people’s understanding, God says He is safeguarding Britain through this vote. God is asking a people of faith to get behind this. Believe that He’s answered a cry of prayer. And even though it can’t be understood fully right now, God is going to show His great hand and what He’s done, and we’re going to thank Him and praise Him for this, because there’s a victory that has come out of this and is coming. He’s establishing Britain as a leader once again. He’s awakening the sleepers, the ones who’ve been asleep spiritually He’s awakening. The army is rising up, God is raising up His body in this nation, with power. (Emphasis RB)

Heidi Mitchell 29 July 2016

Puzzle - Jannoon028

UPDATE – see Japan Times Future of Globalism Stands at a Crossroads

  • Along with email notification of this word this morning’s in-tray also included a couple from this blog of comments from Sally and Angela about sensing over the past few months that a ‘sleeping giant’ has woken up and is about to arise! (see Visions of New Britain’s Natural and Spiritual Revival – 1).
  • These are strongly reminiscent of a picture a friend shared at the 2012 Torquay conference referred to in the previous post. It is included in this blog’s Library and although not directly relevant to the EU Referendum it plainly speaks of the Lord’s action and plans directly associated with ‘Brexit’. Lyn F described it as follows:
  • “When in Cornwall had very strong  impression as if I was positioned at the south-west of Cornwall looking at the land mass of England, Scotland and Wales from the air.  In a moment I saw rising up from Scotland first, like the lid of a container with the hinge being at the extreme end of Cornwall, the “Body of Christ”.  Impressed that the ‘Body’ is everywhere and there are people ‘hidden’ who are so much part of it. I was then taken aback by the thought that it appeared to be like a sleeping giant rising up powerfully and suddenly.  The experience left me with hope and anticipation for what God would do in spite of how things appeared.” 
  • In this connection also see Tommy Hicks’ vision 1961.
  • See NEW Library collection: Prophecies of ‘Brexit’: the UK Leaving the EU.

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