Joe Public 1 : Prime Minister 0

Couldn’t miss this banner headline in the news-stand’s array of today’s newspapers:


And that conservative-leaning paper’s editorial: The PM is facing a popular mutiny

‘The word to describe the Sky News audience that David Cameron faced last night is “mutinous”. One after another, they demanded that he justify the scare-mongering of the Remain campaign – questioning his reasoning and his presentation of economic data…’

Read the full details in PressReader top stories or else Telegraph Online version, as well as Parliamentary Sketchwriter Micheal Deacon’s “I know waffling when I see it!” David Cameron takes a Brexit roasting.


Today’s World Watch Daily carries a stream of fascinating Top News headlines on Europe too (at 16:00 BST London and in descending sequence):

  • Europe Floods (France and Germany)
  • EU: World powers have a duty to revive Israel-PA peace talks (per EU foreign policy chief Mogherini – previous post refers)
  • France convenes Mideast peace parley, without Israel or PA
  • State of emergency declared in Paris
  • Diplomats hold Paris peace summit, but Israel dismissive
  • Paris river ‘to peak at six metres’: City on high alert
  • France floods: Louvre to close as Seine rises further
  • France says Israeli settlements main ‘threat’ to two-state solution, ahead of peace summit
  • (Israel’s) Foreign Ministry chief: Paris summit talks ‘doomed to fail’.

William Koenig and John McTernan will have a field day yet again demonstrating the striking correlation between how nations treat Israel and what happens to them!

Perhaps we should revisit the prophetic word David Noakes received from the Lord last November??

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