Brexit Briefing 1 – A Word for the Queen & on praying for PM May and Britain

The following by courtesy of UK Prophetic Words serves to start a short series of posts on some developments subsequent to the successful referendum to leave the European Union (which isn’t the same as Europe):

Cindy Jacobs - FB pageCindy Jacobs [of Generals International] was interviewed on TBN recently, this is my transcript of what she said at 26 mins 50. [Free-login necessary for video.]

“As I was praying for the Queen, the Lord gave me a very sweet Word, and you know I’m an American, so we’re a little more neutral in some of these areas, but this is what the Lord says:

“The Monarchy will continue, and because of your prayers, I’m going to release a legacy and a blessing for you, down through the generations. And I will see that the United Kingdom moves in a path that will be a righteous path.”

“And God is going to give you extraordinary wisdom. England is coming into a course, and the UK is coming into a course correction; God is making a course correction, but this is the good news, God knows the course, and God knows the path, and He’s going to see, because of your prayers, and many others that love God in this beautiful country, this United Kingdom; God is going to see a great move of God across this land, and God is going to give you a wonderful time for your 90th birthday, happy birthday. And your prayers will be answered.”

BREXIT – What we need to Pray

During the run up to the European Referendum I asked the LORD His view and how to pray. He gave me three things in reply:
Firstly He repeatedly pressed upon me the word AUTONOMY, which referred to the need to vote to leave the EU.
He then said, “It’s time to cut the apron strings”. I believe this is about a clean cut to separate us from the EU, and that is what we need to pray for earnestly now.
Today please pray for Theresa May and the Cabinet, for progress in activating Article 50 and an uncompromised move to exit the EU.
He then showed me the prow of a grey ship, just the very front, turning and then moving forward to penetrate the mainland.
This shows our need as a nation to repent and allow the LORD to turn and steer us so He can use Britain for His good purposes, bringing what He has given us to carry to Europe and beyond.
To be able to turn, Britain must first cut the strings and dependency so we can come under God’s Lordship, fully dependent on Him.

To God be the glory!

Miggs Clark 1st Sept 2016


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