Q-100: creation-completion of 100-piece jigsaw on US Election

At last I’ve returned to what I’d intended writing on Monday as priority for this week and have since been attempting to finish. As told in On Cue.., my thoughts had to give way  unexpectedly to an item relating to the QAnon phenomenon, YET which turned out to lead into four ‘God-incidentals’!  AND then yesterday, even more confirmation came as I was drafting it – and about what I’d just written!!

Therefore, I’ve split the piece into two posts for ease of reading. For newer readers, I’d mention that I wanted to name this blog ‘Invisible Jigsaw’, but couldn’t because there’s no suitable graphic!! SO here’s what I was writing… 

FIRST, however, let’s do a little mental gymnastics with those ‘God-incidental’ posts of Monday and Tuesday by returning to the concept of the Lord’s invisible jigsaws. So, I trust you’ll be able to follow my description of…


We can join those four ‘God-incidentals’ (as 3 jigsaw pieces and their introductory or ‘border’ piece On Cue) to the existing jigsaw laid by this blog’s posts on the presidential election. And we’re about to pick up more pieces to fit into them and find these, too, connect into ‘Q’ when finally connecting up the jigsaw’s border! [That’s what I thought BUT in fact it was to connect much more accurately – exactly as with any real jigsaw.]

Upon checking the existing ‘layout’ of this partially completed originally ‘invisible’ jigsaw’ but now made visible by published blogs, I notice a need to adjust slightly some of the pattern in order to fit a couple or so pieces that have come to hand, and this gives a better, more complete, picture. Two new postings from The Daily Trumpet are directly related to US election investigations. So they become updates 38 and 39 – and then I discover it’s like finishing a jigsaw’s border.

That is, the ‘election’s not over’ series of 40 pieces comprises the jigsaw’s border, being four sides of 10. Mathematically, this makes a 100-piece jigsaw, of which 99 are this morning in place under the blog’s 2020 Election category – SO almost complete!

As with all jigsaw pieces, we expect these final ones will fit into the existing as part of the puzzle’s picture. AND one of them is the 40th border piece, which marries up with the reason for starting my follow-up on the US election, as you’ll ‘see’ in next post….

Screenshot of blog’s Categories admin-screen (note statistics)

PS. If we regard the jigsaw as a tapestry, then we’re now turning it over and seeing all the connecting threads!  ALSO, click to read about this Jigsaw’s Significance

[Flying Puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

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