US Election’s NOT over: 28 – IT IS NOT OVER — Mario Murillo

Mario issued this informative summary on the situation 7:36am today…

Mainstream media celebrated a victory for Biden as a majority of presidential electors, nominated by the 50 states, cast their votes for Biden in the shadiest election in our history. But it is not over. In several battleground states where governors nominated electors, something happened. An alternative group of Republican electors have, at the same […]

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2 thoughts on “US Election’s NOT over: 28 – IT IS NOT OVER — Mario Murillo

  1. It’s a pretty Byzantine constitution they’ve got there, isn’t it? I had to read this twice before I understood what he is saying, and I’m still not sure I’ve fully grasped it. Still, the salient point seems to be that there is still time for things to change.
    By the way, during the Brexit process I found, personally, perhaps the most specific and accurate prophet (other than Veronika West) to be Emma Stark. Has she had anything to say about this election? I suppose there’s no particular reason why God should speak about the USA election via someone from Northern Ireland living in Scotland… I just wonder whether you know.


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