Prophecy for 2020 AND Fulfilled Prophecy #44: Brexit, PM May’s Exit – ‘Lionheart’, ‘Wilberforce’

Thank you to Tim Shey in the USA for drawing my attention to this short video of Tomi Arayomi, an associate of Revd Dr Sharon Stone, which he opens with a video clip from two years ago, 14th July 2017.  Therein, Tomi describes seeing two doors, one marked ‘Brexit’ and another ‘Exit’, with the UK going through the Brexit door but Prime Minister May heading for the other exit. He felt God was saying she will put in place a Brexit strategy but will also prepare a strategy for her own exit  – and this afternoon she has retired!

Tomi reviews this in retrospect for the simple fact that we often feel God is doing nothing because no one’s around to point out when a prophetic word gets fulfilled,

“Just like the ‘dopermine rush’ to the brain you get from  ticking off something on a to-do list, so there’s the joy of the Lord ‘dopermine rush’ we get as prophetic people every time we see God fulfill one of His prophetic words. Jesus often referred to them…

“We’re in another one of those crucial calendar moments in God, and I often say the most powerful Christians in the world are the Christians who can find themselves on God’s prophetic calendar, but what is God saying for Britain at this time?”

Exactly so Tomi, which is why I try keeping readers of this blog informed as much as possible about prophecies that come to pass, or are on course for fulfillment. In view of the vast number of them it’s become difficult to keep abreast, let alone recall the content of them all. Also, it’s important to keep tack as a means of checking whether particular prophecies are proven true or false. [See Prophecies – Fulfilled for details.]

Tomi then refers to what the Lord told him on 13th December 2018 about Brexit being similar to Exodus. The coming fulfillment of this word was indicated by Boris Johnson echoing Moses’ word on 25th March 2019:

Watch and listen to this video carefully as Tomi brings a very powerful word about Boris being akin to Donald Trump, like two lions dealing with the hyena-like media pack, and much more…

Warning: a sequence of graphical clips near the end of the video is rather unsettling but serves to illustrate the corrective nature of the main word for 2020 on God’s Justice.

Click to read article in full

Lest we forget, the Wendy Alec 2005 Vision of Great Britain refers to a ‘Lionheart’ and ‘Wilberforce’. Theresa May regarded the latter’s work as an inspiration for her personal mission to tackle modern slavery.

Click image to read about this at Fulfilled Prophecy #23 (3 Oct 2017)

Roger Jervois offers this about recent Churchill-Johnson references:

‘A word popped into my heart today (24th July). Clearly, the mantle of Churchill is on Boris. The Whirlwind of Wilberforce though, is going to be a Christian businessman, operating in the ministry of finance (almsgiving) on a spectacular scale, using the profits of his enterprises to set people free from debt and modern-day slavery in low-income work. He will subsidise entry-level housing and public transport and through innovative schemes set the captives of student loans free. He will be known as the doyenne of disruptors and a madman. This craziness is an honour of Me, says the Lord.

Roger senses that, ‘God will unite Boris’ heart and this guy. They will be the closest of friends, like Churchill had Jan Smuts as his closest friend.’

11 thoughts on “Prophecy for 2020 AND Fulfilled Prophecy #44: Brexit, PM May’s Exit – ‘Lionheart’, ‘Wilberforce’

  1. When I look at the photo of Boris Johnson shaking hands with Donald Trump I am looking at Winston Churchill shaking hands with General George S. Patton.

    George S. Patton. Diary entry, May 1, 1944
    “Six weeks before D-Day, the irrepressible American General George Patton had been quoted in Knutsford, England, as having said that the British and American peoples were destined to rule the world together. Since the Soviets had apparently been left out of this equation, the remark made newspaper headlines. Patton’s handwritten diary entry noted that General Eisenhower had ‘talked to the P.M. about the incident and Churchill told him that he could see nothing to it as Patton had simply told the truth.’”

    It is time for warriors like Johnson and Trump to take their Providential place in the sun and destroy the works of darkness.

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  2. I believe great leaders have prophetic vision. Mark Taylor (the prophet from Florida) said that he believes that President Trump has prophetic vision. I am hoping that Prime Minister Johnson has prophetic vision.

    Back in the 1930s, after Adolf Hitler had been voted into power, Churchill warned his country that a madman was now in power in Germany. He said that Great Britain had to rearm and many people dismissed his as being an alarmist. I believe I read somewhere that General Patton was one of the few people warning the United States about Hitler and that we had to rearm.

    Prophets are greatly hated when they are alive and admired after they die. People don’t want to believe their warnings. We are in a great world war against the global Deep State. Through faith in Jesus Christ, we will be victorious just like we were victorious over Nazi Germany.

    I am sure that the Prophet Jeremiah was considered an alarmist.

    About Knutsford, England: who knows, prophetically speaking, because we are in a world war against the Deep State powers of darkness, maybe all roads lead to Knutsford. (My deep regards to Patton and Churchill)

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  3. This is an awesome message to those who move in the prophetic word, for God has been giving me words to bless and exhort, for the enemy tried to come into the camp of the Lord and in the minds and hearts of the people I work with. Thank you for this word from the Holy Spirit.

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  4. I just listened to part of Prime Minister Johnson’s first speech at 10 Downing Street. I noticed that he talked about “the red, white and blue”. At first glance, I thought he was talking about the United States flag, but, of course, he was talking about the British Union Jack (pardon me, but I was watching his speech through my American lenses). “Red, white and blue” is very prophetic: it is another reminder that there is a very close spiritual bond between Great Britain and the United States.

    Boris Johnson’s first speech at prime minister

    For some crazy reason I am thinking of what an American general said in Knutsford, England back in 1944. The Lord should stop putting certain thoughts into my head. God’s thoughts are higher than my thoughts.

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