Visions of spiritual ‘atomic bomb’ confirmed by Emma Stark

I don’t get time to watch video links that folks kindly send me, but this one is highly recommended. So I suggest allocating an hour to watch and consider will be time well spent.

We’re not, admittedly, fans of American shows, BUT this one’s important. It was brought to my attention by a reader and contributor to this blog, Dave Hood, but being extremely busy I got to hear the early minutes only whilst tapping on my keys. Others mentioned it and I chatted about the first speaker’s claims with members of the Prophetic Releasers Fbk group, and so I intended taking time out to watch. But a couple of days later I got spurred into making it a priority, and the way that was done can only be of the Lord..!

In video conference for those interested in a new Catch The Fire church planned for Farnborough, its leader Christopher Bird drew attention to a vision we’d both had, and his wife Rachel added that Emma Stark of Glasgow Prophetic Centre had also had a similar one – and then referred to that video I’d yet to watch!

In fact, what Emma witnessed was the second confirmation in chronological sequence of the original vision a pastor in Reading, Berkshire, had 30 years ago. 


Initially, the video caught my attention when Tracy Cook began talking about a dream two months ago about the suspicious source of ‘Chinese Flu’ and the subsequent world-wide Shaking. (I stopped there and didn’t hear the remainder.)

At 31:20 min mark Sid Roth tasks Emma for more of her thoughts on what we can do about the spirit of fear associated with this crisis; but first she qualifies her reply:

“I think a new breed of church is going to emerge and it’s going to be a post-Pentecostal and a post-Charismatic church; it’s not going to look like any version of church that we would say should be our ‘go-to’ aim. In actual fact, we’re going to enter the days of the Church of Holy Power, and that’s what’s going to be established at the end of this Shaking.

“Last year I was on my face in Africa in prayer, and I heard a bomb going off in the spirit realm. (Elsewhere, she describes it as a ‘terrifyingly awesome sound.’)  You know, I grew up in Northern Ireland so I’m used to hearing bombs in the natural. But this was a bomb in the spirit realm, and I said to God, “What have You done?”

He said, “Watch!” and the spray of this heavenly-sent bomb covered the entire globe and the spray started to land on the flesh of men and it started to have an effect on their skin and their skin started to melt and I said to God, “What are You doing” and He said,

“I’m making sure that it is not about one man, it is not about one ministry. I’m making sure that it’s not about ego. I’m making sure that I’m going to shake people so that all that is fleshly in them disintegrates. And on the back of that I will re-fire My Church with Holy Power.”

“And so when we actually come back to regather, we’re going to find churches move in a greater demonstration of the power of God than ever had before, but we have to deal right now with this fear situation…”

Emma proceeded with practical ministry for everyone – which briefly affected her too. To learn more about what had happened in South Africa last May read chapter two of this free book: 

Click image for link to download and read free-of-charge

I now recall our first visit 6-7 years ago to the church pastor Bird had moved to, not too far from us. (Nina had witnessed the Birds’ prophetic gifting in action at a lady’s house group.) As worship started at that church I suddenly had an open vision of a huge flame of fire shoot out into the hall from above the small band. 

Some may recall Jigsaw Pieces Portray 27th June’s Significance in Prophecy in which I recount my own and pastor Bird’s experiences of a spiritual ‘atom bomb’, but didn’t have the finer details Emma brought. Here are those relevant ‘pieces’…

3RD CONFIRMATION (Pastor’s ‘atomic bomb’)

In referring to that conference at the start of Sunday’s service at FBC, Revd Christopher Bird described it as being like an “atomic bomb” in introducing theology students to the Holy Spirit’s practical, power ministry.  Now, he had my complete attention because I’d blogged about having seen one of those explode in a vision 27 years ago today, as told when inviting readers to February’s One Voice prophecy conference (Bringing the Glorious Word of the Lord to the Nation).

Maybe Chris was referring to my vision of golden rainfall and exploding atomic bomb, because I’d mentioned it in my email inviting him to the One Voice event?

Afterwards therefore, I asked Chris why he’d used those words and he said he’d seen a picture in his morning prayers that developed into an atomic explosion of God’s glory across our nation!  However, he apologised for NOT having read my email yet – and then thanked me because I was confirming what he’d seen that morning! Therefore, it must surely be a God thing!!

1ST CONFIRMATION (My vision and original)

In other words, Chris directly confirmed the vision I’d had as he hadn’t read my account from my first years as a new believer at Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist), which reads:

‘At a very early Pangbourne prayer morning on 27 June 1992 I saw “a waterfall of golden rain which became like a nuclear bomb but in reverse”. When I later told associate pastor David about this he expressed keen interest in view of the vision of liquid fire he’d previously seen over Tilehurst (ie. in 1980s).

‘What particularly impresses me about this picture was that the golden rain (flames?) suddenly condensed into a focal point and there followed a brilliant flash of light. In films of nuclear bombs I’ve seen, the immense flash was followed by fire.

‘Regret I’ve not got any relevant scripture for this but believe it may relate to TFC. Like that widespread ‘rain’, we’ve reverted into a more compact unit, or operation. Perhaps the next phase is for the Lord to ignite us into a powerful instrument, such that His light will go off like a mighty bomb.’

Subsequent considerations connected that vision to meetings held in late 1990s along the Thames Valley and prayers for God’s glory to flow through them into London.  Now however, as emphasised by this Hampshire minister, that glory explosion won’t be localised but will affect the whole nation!  But I was yet to learn of Emma’s ‘bomb’…

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  1. Listened to the video
    Fascinating insight into the origins of the corona virus and it’s end;
    into what is happening in the US;
    and dealing with Fear.
    Well worth a listen while weighing with the Lord of course

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