I’m thankful to every follower for being a blessing in encouraging me to continue blogging, particularly those who’ve travelled along with me over many years.

When I emailed a few friends 12 years ago about what I heard when my Bible ‘exploded’ upon opening it, as told in The Endgame Is Now In Play, I could never imagine that by adding occasional updates – and being nudged to go public with a blog – there’d be sufficient material and interest to build a veritable library of over 2,650 rolling posts and almost 90 reference pages since 21.11.2011!

I was surprised to find the outcome of breaking my long weekend routine with urgent posts relating to Saturday’s news over ‘The Pond’ was to generate a statistical spike!

If you did hit the ‘follow’ button this weekend, please know you’re warmly welcomed.

IF you’d like to and have time to ‘catch up’, I’d suggest reading a few recent postings as this will give you a flavour of this blog’s focus at present. In particular, I’d mention my gifting is that of connecting prophetical dots, but please note that doesn’t mean I’m widely read and aware of all prophetical material.

Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy

I frequently blog on the prophetic as being God-incidences that turn up like pieces of an invisible jigsaw, or as though part of Gods’ GPS or Global Prophecy Signalling system.

Therefore, I’d encourage you to peruse a couple of the latest important postings:

I monitor whenever possible any prophecies that are coming to pass, or are in process of becoming fulfilled. I’ve logged nearly 200 of these, of which over two dozen relate to Brexit and similarly for press and media mirroring earlier prophetic words and visions (see Prophecies – Fulfilled). There’s also a reference Library of Prophecies from the early 20th Century up to 2017, when activity became too prolific to monitor.

Also, see my report written upon request of the President-elect of the Baptist Union on The State of the Prophetic in UK (published February 2020).

My personal testimony features in Jesus Freed Me!

I trust that our Lord will bless your sojourn here…

12 thoughts on “THANKS A MILLION and a HALF!

  1. As Neil said Richard it is an very valued service, it was hard work some years ago getting prophetic words for the nation and used to go hunting in January to see if we could find anything. It has helped Jules and myself in praying over these years and for that I am grateful to those who ‘nudged you’

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  2. Wow, 1.5 million, that is amazing. Rivers of living information touching places of which the source has no knowledge, bringing blessing to remote places. Great to see you so conscientiously fulfilling your calling as a watchman and a herald.

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    • Neil, I still have the excellent pamphlets to your extensive WinVin End-Times study course held during 2011-2012. Those evenings remain a very fond memory and were an exceptional motivation for my writing, plus the almost concurrent direct word I received from Canadian prophet Isabel Allum during her conference in WinVin.


  3. Your Blog has been such a blessing to me since I “Found” it a couple of years ago. My thanks for sharing it online and Praise God I found it. May The Lord continue to speak through you and those others whom you share with us on your blog too.

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