‘The Watcher’s House’ city mirrored in today’s media (FP #162.4)

If you’ve started reading Kathy Laity’s prophetical novella The Watcher’s House, as in the previous post, you will have been Inside the House and noted the similitude to the words Chuck Pierce’s team brought on ‘Time to Climb!’, at the close of this post.

Its 4th installment The Crisis Comes, cites Birmingham as where the fictional ‘plague’ starts. Thus, we should note this location has now been mirrored in news media!!

Thank you Lynne Holder for bringing this to my attention under a satirical email heading: ‘NEC owners of ARENA Birmingham who refused Franklin Graham now to host virus’. (Thereby citing ‘Pride’ Closes UK Cities To The Gospel, Hence ‘Plague’ Cancels All Events?)

PS – 5 May:

Midlands 5may

3 thoughts on “‘The Watcher’s House’ city mirrored in today’s media (FP #162.4)

  1. Richard your more than welcome. I must admit I laughed aloud when I saw it. What went swiftly through my ‘mind’ was God will fill that place with His glory and healing. Its just like Father they will be left in no doubt at all that there is a God in Heaven. Miracles, healings, come on Lord bring it on You always have the last word.

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