Battle for the Birthright and Destiny of Nations – Veronika West, three prophecies

This is a critical moment for The Nation(s) and I can feel the tangible presence of The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD over the Nation of America.

As I began to pray, The Spirit of Revelation spoke these Words to me, ”Daughter, look — for a portal is now opening!”

And as I heard those Words, I saw “two altars rising in the midst of The Nations”, and I heard these Words,

”Watch, for Nations are now coming full circle, for I AM bringing Sheep Nations back into the Fold, back to the Garden.

Watch and Pray, for two Altars shall now rise in the midst of The Nations being separated and sifted.

Yes! The Altar of Cain and Abel shall rise, and Holy Fire shall fall upon The Altar of Abel, and strange fire shall fall upon the Altar of Cain.

For now a spiritual showdown has begun, a showdown between the real, versus the counterfeit — that which is Holy, and that which is defiled. A battle between The Kingdom of Light, and the kingdom of darkness.

Therefore, Watch and Pray, the battle for the Destiny and Birthright of The Nations shall take place at the gate on The Altars of Cain and Abel in the days ahead!”

As I heard those Words, The LORD took me back to the powerful dream (below) I received about the “curse being reversed and the bulging belly of the beast being broken wide open,…and a great wealth transfer taking place.”


I will endeavour to share more on these two Altars rising, as The Spirit gives me more Insight and Revelation.

But I want to ask that you make The Prayer Closet your first priority in these days. For truly, The Kingdom Inheritance of our Nations depend upon the violent, who will rise up to take The Kingdom by force.

Sleep and social media is a luxury saints!

Let us not become distracted or sidetracked in the midst of the battle that is raging!

Please see also this related Word: America: A Divine Exchange and Divine Reversals Begin – includes earlier word America: The Curse will be Reversed.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

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