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Posted on Chris’ Facebook Saturday 5th November and confirms my ‘pointman’ battle situation arising the previous evening, and my prayer-ministry service at our church’s Holy Spirit Awayday on this term’s Alpha course, on which I’m serving. NOTE WELL:


Last night, as we turned in for the night, the Lord said quietly, “Before you go.” I knew this to be His call for me to grab pen and paper, ready for Him to speak. I heard the words, “No stone unturned”, so that became the title for this Word.

“As I have always promised – I will ‘clear the swamp’! I will flush out every unclean creature that is there. I shall leave no stone unturned to reveal those who have hidden there for years – emerging only to perform their nefarious deeds, their evil plans, and their wicked crimes! JUST AS JESUS WAS CRUCIFIED NAKED, so I will reveal them ‘NAKED’ before the world. They shall stand, stripped of their finery, displaying the true filth that they lived in.

If they do not repent, truly repent, their punishment shall be double, for what they suffer in the worlds ‘justice’, they shall suffer in hell for eternity! However, the door of personal repentance shall remain open until the very last moment – but I will judge their heart and their motives rather than their words of contrition, nor even their actions – only their heart and their true feelings.

MY JUSTICE IS ABOUT TO BE SERVED! Watch as I turn the tables suddenly on the wicked, evil men and women who have terrorised the world, particularly the children. Children shall testify against them and the world shall stand aghast at their cruelty and their crimes. Thus, they shall be brought to justice. One World Order shall take on a new meaning as it will become MY World Order!”, says the Lord, “not theirs!

The anger of the world shall be unleashed upon them just as, in 1793, the French Revolution demanded justice and unleashed itself upon the ‘leaders’ – so it shall be again, but without Madame Guillotine.

“NO STONE UNTURNED” shall become the cry of the world as the world turns against these wicked and perverted people!”

Thus saith the Lord of Hosts this day!

CGB 5 November 2022

Open vision of Donald Trump confirmed by two prophets

After having quickly shared that posting on my Facebook, Mary Emerson posted the following, which reminded me and thus confirms my dear wife’s unexpected OPEN vision whilst out walking with a friend and touched by Holy Spirit’s presence upon her seeing Donald and Melania Trump on the White House balcony surrounded by the Lord’s glory-light! (As told in above link)

Mary writes:

I believe I had a quick vision yesterday about President Trump. My belief at this time is they’re going to try to indict Trump regarding the raid at his home.
I began to pray for him yesterday when thinking about what I think their next move is going to be….I then prayed God would be a wall of fire around him to protect him from every evil work.
I then saw President Trump standing in the middle of a HUGE circle of fire. Enemies, in the form of this current group of “leadership” we have here in America, were all walking towards him intent on destroying him. There were 3 types/groups of people that I saw: ones that, when getting close to the fire, had their hair singed and could feel the intense heat, and that was enough for them – they turned around and walked back from where they came.
The second group got even (stupidly) closer, fighting the flames, and actually ended up disfiguring their flesh. At that point, that was enough for them. They walked away, but it was clear they would have lasting disfigurement from trying to get so close.
The third group of people were so demonic, they kept walking straight into the fire to destroy him, their hate so blinding them that they willingly WALKED INTO THE FIRE to try to get him. This is how great their hunger is to destroy him.
The people in the vision should take care to watch themselves. The ones that are disfigured are in particular danger. Their lives are/will be irrevocably changed by continuing down the path towards destroying him. The ones that walked INTO the fire – they’re a lost cause. They willingly walked into the fire – the one that finally destroyed them.
The singed group turned tail and ran. They probably won’t be a problem any longer. The other group walked themselves into certain death. So they’re gone.
That disfigured group? People are going to see with their own eyes how they’ve been disfigured, and they’ll ask, horrified, “how did it happen?!”.
Then they’ll have to tell them how it happened.
“We got too close to the fire!” 


I responded about a confrontation with an vehemently anti-Trumper who criticises him for failing to comply with Jesus’ sermon on the Mount, and Mary remarks:

“I understand Trump haters. I have them in my own family. Specifically, my dear daughter and brother. That spirit of hate towards Trump is an absolute blinding spirit. As we can see from the vision God gave me, they will let that spirit of hate walk them straight into a fire, and they’ll just keep going.
I pray for all of those that have similar battles now. May the love of Jesus overwhelm and heal the wounds of families torn apart by this different type of war we’re in. The enemy will Not have our families, our countries, nor our Joy! Amen!”


Immediately after writing above I went back to Fbkto check the posting and in came a notification from Mary…WOW the Lord’s Global Prophecy Signals in action!

PS 8.Nov ’22 – In telling Nina about the ‘God-incidence with Mary Emerson and her vision of fire around Trump, Nina says that glory-light was ‘IMPENETRABLE’.

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