This week’s testing of UK prophets for proving purposes – on target!

After posting my ruminations in Monday’s Two Personal Time-points and The Lord’s ‘Pointman’ President Trump – 2012 Nations’ Identity Prophecy I re-examined my use of the term ‘pointman’. It wasn’t my choice as I’d never heard of it and needed to look it up. It dropped straight into mind to grasp how the Lord has and continues to use Donald Trump – and fits into what I’d been learning about him as C-in-C!! Here’s a reminder…

Moreover, I then felt as though I got a grin from the Lord when this disconcerting – yet encouraging – notion dropped into mind: “I’m using you to test prophets!”

I then got a picture of a shoe-size box into which the Lord would be confining anyone who’s putting Him in a box spiritually and thereby muting what He’s saying, and deciding for themselves what to deliver. Such self-appointed selective ‘prophets’ are going to find themselves isolated, confined in a heavenly box and thus unable to hear the Lord or get any prophetical visions.

After sharing that post onto my Facebook and tagging a few prophetic folk, it generated reactions and a good heart-felt discussion as to whether or not modern prophets should be seeking and hearing the Lord on political matters.  My gentle teasing of David Stark, a leader of Glasgow’s Global Prophetic Alliance, led him to reconsider and provide a Biblical response.

However, the leader of a new group interested in the prophetic that I’d attended and whose Facebook I visited on Monday, had already taken offence to my monitoring prophecies on and coverage of American politics. Our online discourse got unsatisfactory as he specifically objected to that post and I was accused not only of being flaky and but also of encouraging witchcraft – a Iibel to which I take great exception in view of my walk with the Lord!

FYI – brief bio: In 33 years as a born-again Christian rescued from satan’s camp by Jesus in person when I nearly died, then baptised at Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist) and later in Holy Spirit, a qualified counsellor trained and practised in deliverance ministry and dealt with demonic manifestations, involved with prophecy for over 25 years, to my knowledge no-one has ever impugned my integrity!

Also, dealing with political matters leaves a sense of uncleanness, but writing for public reading needs to follow the requirement for not grieving the Holy Spirit, as implied in this scripture:


Several times I’ve blogged on how the Lord almost immediately, or next day, provides exact confirmation that I’m moving in His Will and ‘on target’.  So the next morning, He provided ‘watchman’ verses from Habbakuk quotation in our morning devotions to confirm that ‘pointman’ post – and today ‘KA-BOOM’ – torpedoed that opponent’s claims with news of prophecies fulfilled by Bibi Netanyahu’s election win to again become Israel’s Prime Minister.

That person’s desire is not to hold prophecy meetings where people may encounter, “…not just the strange behaviour but also the running with conspiracy theories and dubious theology around the prophetic and Israel that we have seen over the last few years (and the last 8 years) in particular.” 


If our Father wants to use me to test prophets and thereby prove them, then who am I to complain?

4 thoughts on “This week’s testing of UK prophets for proving purposes – on target!

  1. Speaking of President Trump, here is a dream that I had almost a year ago:

    6 December 2021

    “Last night I had a dream where I was walking out in the country. It was ranch land; there were hills and mountains all around me. It looked like it could have been in Idaho. I walked up to this ranch house and went inside. President Trump was sitting at this table in the kitchen. I sat down and we talked for a short while. We had a meal together. President Trump looked like he was anticipating something.”

    In this dream, it looked like President Trump was waiting for something–like a green light from the Lord. God’s timing is everything.

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    • Yes indeed it is Tim and I think you’ve mentioned that dream previously. You may recall my posts emphasising DJT’s focus on timing.
      It’s a great shame my opposing leader is so entrenched in his reaction to and thus condemning well-known American prophets for getting 2020 election wrong. It’s unholy.

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  2. Hi Richard
    The Lord brought this verse to share in out P.M at Crossroads two weeks ago its 1 Corinthians 4:5 N.K.J.
    Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the counsels of the hearts. Then each one’s praise will come from God.
    Robert Spiller

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