Let the True Prophets of God arise over nations – Veronika West

How ‘God-incidental’ that in responding to reader Mary’s comment I felt prompted to stick Lana Vawser’s prophecy of February 2016 on coals of fire on prophets’ heads to this blog’s homepage. A hour ago Veronika posted this on Ignite Ireland Ministries.

Moreover, it fits a scripture connected to judgement beginning at the house of God that I’d homed in on days ago: from 1 Peter 4:17 > Malachi 3:11, NKJV: “I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes” (a demon I’d seen many decades ago!):


In prayer this morning I felt such a tangible weight of the Spirit fear, grief, despair and deep discouragement covering the Nations, I saw in the Spirit many Nations that were covered by a thick heavy cloak of darkness and I saw the words, “DEMONIC OPPRESSION” ,….and then I heard these words, “HOPE DEFERRED HAS MADE THE HEARTS OF MANY SICK”…!

Then I saw many people across the Nations sitting indoors with a yoke of heaviness around their necks and the voices of familiar spirits were whispering in their ears, lies and more lies were being spoken over them and then I heard the Spirit say, “Look many are standing on the threshold of their greatest breakthrough…many are on the very cusp of the dreams and visions they have carried for decades being made fully manifest… but! listen!”….

And then the spirit of revelation let me hear just some of the lies that were being spoken over many…“Draw back, draw back, who do you think you are? Look! you are defeated, your dreams are dead and your visions were just wild imaginations, what could you possibly achieve under these circumstances? Be quiet, stay silent, your voice is unimportant, who will listen to you anyway? Hey! don’t you remember those times when you dared to stepped out and all those people ridiculed and rejected you?…Well, that will surely happen again, you see! nothing you could ever do or say will ever make a difference…..this is the story of your life!!! Stay here in your cave its safer, hiding out is best…at least no one can hurt you or disappoint you, after all you not the type person to try out new things, you have no qualifications, no training, you’re just a wife, a housewife, a widow, a divorcee, you have no friends, even your family have despised and deserted you, you can’t write that book, you have no experience, no money, who would read it anyway….songs!! Really!… you write songs?.. Don’t be ridiculous!, that’s not for you, that’s for creative people, you’re not creative… prophesy? Who you? You can’t hear from heaven, you have no discernment, you have no wisdom, what makes you think you can prophesy or preach or teach? Leave that to people that are well qualified and know what they doing…just stop for a moment and look, when you compare yourself to others, you will see that they are much better than you are, you are a failure, you not beautiful, you just think you are, the world is better off without you, look at your failed marriage, even your children hate you, you will never get that job, let alone an interview, that’s way out of your reach, you could never achieve that weight-loss, you will always be big, it runs in your family, give up now! Give up even trying! Don’t you see, all these years you have cried out for God to heal and deliver you, but he has been silent, he has not answered your prayers, how long have you waited?.. Too long! Get used to it, you will always be sick and weak…your addictions can never be broken, all the things you hoped for will never become a reality, disappointment and rejection will always be your portion, you will never get married, who would want to marry you anyway, you too old, you ugly, you fat, you will never have children, all those lives and all that money wasted, it all failed…not even god can give you a child, you will never hold your own baby…every pregnancy will end in miscarriages, and that abortion i convinced you to have…well you will never be forgiven, God will always hold it against you, you are cursed, barren and will never be fruitful or useful…just settle with what you have, this is who you are”!

HERE is what satan doesn’t tell you!!!!
“If you listen to me, I will make sure you never fully realise your true identity or the kingdom-destiny that God prepared for you even before the foundations of the earth, I will ensure I keep you so busy and so distracted by man’s opinion that you will never discover the greatest gifts and desires that have been put within you…if you will only listen to me… I will guarantee you never come into the fullness of your inheritance in Christ, I will instill fear, shame and inferiority into every area of your life which will cripple your faith and defer any hope and confidence that you hold to, listen! if you will believe what i say, i will work strategically to undermine you and discredit your character and your integrity, i will subtly work through your closest friends and family to divide you and to derail all the plans that you have made, you will not be blessed or have an victorious future, no!!!…and furthermore, if you will only listen to me, i will keep you bound, oppressed, silenced and impotent, you will be lacking in strength, wisdom, understanding and good counsel, i will cloud your mind with unbelief, confusion, doubt and double mindedness, you will never know whether you coming or going, i will get you to look to man for answers and solutions and a way of escape, but you will find none, i will send my demons to tempt and torment you day and night, you will be without any clear direction or understanding of how to move forward…so just listen to me and i will make your life a living hell”…!

HERE is what I hear the Spirit of God say,

“Beloved, incline your ear to the sound of My voice in this hour, it’s time for My dreamers to emerge, it’s time to come up higher and dig deeper, it’s time to let your voices be heard…it’s time to pursue, overtake and recover all…for truly I tell you, it is satan who is defeated, it is satan that has held you back, for surely the devil has brought doubt and unbelief and delay to your dreams and visions becoming a reality. Do not loose heart, hold steadfast to your hope and expectation, let the roar of My righteousness rise up within you once again, for you are My beloved, chosen, anointed and appointed for this day, for such a time as this.

“I say come up higher, draw closer, closer than you have ever been, resist the enemy and he will flee from you, have I not said, I have not given you a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind? YES! for the plans I have for you are to prosper you, to give you a hope and a future, I have made you fearfully and wonderfully, you are the apple of My eye, no longer orphans but fully adopted into My royal family, a new creation, bought with the precious blood of My son, for you are no longer slaves but free, free, free to be all I have created you to be… I call you royal priests, servant kings, chosen vessels of honour in My household, I have made you carriers of My glory, conduits of My power, co-heirs with Christ, you My beloved are now seated with Me in heavenly places, high above every power and principality of darkness, fully empowered with all authority and power, enabled by My spirit of wisdom, strength, might, understanding, counsel, knowledge and the fear of the Lord, you are My child, My beloved son and daughter, I have crowned your head with double-honour and dignity and I have clothed you with royal robes of righteousness, you are Kingdom ambassadors in the earth…mighty warriors and fierce overcomers.

“So I say to you this day, stay deeply rooted in My righteousness, peace and joy, do not become distracted or derailed by the whispers of the familiar spirits of the enemy that that seek to keep you bound and hold you back from entering into a new land of purpose and great promise, do not be dismayed or afraid, lean not on the arm of the flesh or on your own understanding in these turbulent times, for My ways are not your ways, nor My thoughts like your thoughts, for My ways and thoughts are higher than yours, My timing in all things is perfect, Behold, I will have My way and I will have the last say.

“Therefore, trust in My love and My unfailing goodness, grace and mercy and I will show you great and mighty things that are to come in these days…so come!! It’s time to step into the place of deeper encounter with Me, it’s time for that which you have carried and that which you have hoped for to be made manifest in the earth, beloved this is your time to arise, shine and advance”…!

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