Vision from God of 18 States in America to Veronika West

Posted yesterday on Ignite Ireland Ministries and His Kingdom Prophecy (click title) is this extremely perceptive and encouraging vision, about which news of an amazing, powerful encounter follows in the next post:


2 thoughts on “Vision from God of 18 States in America to Veronika West

  1. I remember many years ago we were told by the Lord to ‘re-dig the wells of anointing’ as in the Old Testament when the enemies of Israel filled in the wells to cause Israel’s cattle and people to die of thirst.

    Could it be the same here perhaps? To re-dig these wells of annointing as God is causing us to hunger and thirst after righteousness? Finally America will be able to drink from holy wells again to prepare her for Battle against the enemy’s plans for her.


  2. In Jesus name & authority Ethiopia to be under wide open Heaven, a place of Supernatural Encounter and Divine Translation and Angelic Visitation. A Stairway to appear over Ethiopia to connect Heaven and earth; Angels ascending and descending; a birthing place of dreamers and visionaries. a place where the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven and where Supernatural encounter and Divine Shiftings to take place in all nations. Visioned people are coming to Ethiopia more to breath & baptize in Holy spirit fire!

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