The Queen’s passing in Scotland and rainbows are Signs from God – His Word to Veronika West

We spent only minutes watching TV about our sad news yesterday BUT was pleasantly surprised to hear on the 10pm ITV news that rainbows appeared outside Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle when her death was announced at each site!!

They’re indubitably another sign from the Lord and so am showing two lots of photos to represent both Scotland and England:

15 thoughts on “The Queen’s passing in Scotland and rainbows are Signs from God – His Word to Veronika West

  1. I also on Thursday at 5:35 was at my son’s football training in Plymouth and experienced a double rainbow. I was amazed at this rainbow since the main rainbow was outside the ground, but also the end of it fell inside the ground. Even took a picture. As I watching this the Lord was talking to me about his covenant promises. Had no idea that the Queen had passed away.


  2. My heart is so full here in Nova Scotia [New Scotland] over all of this, which comes as a great confirmation, of things the Lord showed me in the UK when I traveled there in 2008, as a kind of forerunner for His Kingdom manifesting in Canada.

    I weigh all of this in conjunction with prophetic words from Maggie Baratto of ‘Father’s Heart Ministries’ in Ontario, Canada. Most recently, at the time of QEII’s passing Maggie prophesied the Lord is saying to Canadian Spirit-led women that He is rolling out the red carpet for women apostles to rise up in Canada, and wake up their male counterparts, to contend for this nation from Israel’s point of view. For me, I feel I’m at a crossroads between UK, Israel and Canada that provides an open heaven from the New Jerusalem above who is free and who is our mother.

    Maggie came to Nova Scotia just a few weeks ago to participate in an event called ‘The Roar’ which is about the Lion of Judah roaring out the victory for Canada. She said she understood the Lord is using Nova Scotia in a unique way to free the whole nation of Canada from its current bondages to NWO, etc. Next she’s going to Israel with a Canadian contingent to hold ROAR gatherings in Jerusalem over Rosh Hashanah with the Canadian visitors leading.

    The passing of QEII and the rainbows over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle remind me of being in London in November 2008 and walking past Westminster halls when I heard Big Ben strike seven, right up over my head. The timing was perfect for me, my mother and a younger brother who had married a British lady and lived in Somerset County at the time. They’ve since moved back to Canada but went for a visit to the UK just now. They’re back in London during this momentous occasion, sending back photos of it all.

    I’m reminded also of visiting Windsor Castle on the date of Charles’ 60th birthday with my mother and brother, in November 2008. At that time I knew the Lord was sowing things into my heart that would take a long time to process. I’ve since heard about the blood of the Lamb covering the House of Windsor as the British monarchy is truly separated from its German roots and claimed for the Kingdom of God. I’ve had visions of an open heaven, of resurrection life covering the house of Windsor. Many years ago I had a vision of Charles begging for the revelation and intercession needed to free him from the traps set for him, so he may truly represent the Kingdom of God from his position. I now sense the Lord speaking to me to cover him in prayer, and give him great strength and courage to break the shackles of the NWO off not only the UK, but the Commonwealth as a whole.

    I remember walking through St. George’s chapel while at Windsor and as I thought of QEII being buried there the revelation came to me about it being a source of resurrection life when the Lord comes. As was prophesied about Canada, by David Yonggi Cho (a South Korean pastor while visiting Nova Scotia), God will use Canada to usher in the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am seeing an open heaven here in Nova Scotia, from the UK to Nova Scotia, and a holy highway running down through the Atlantic Canadian provinces to the New England states. It’s a solution to what is currently happening in the USA, as a source of distinctly female intercession to overcome the number of man.

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    • WOWEE MAXINE, last para reminds me of my thoughts behind this posting in Aug 2020 I

      This is ACE because it stands with me against those on my Fbk decrying the new king, even acting as advocates for the Accuser. So will post your full comment on my Fbk when back at desk Monday..

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      • One more thing that I forgot, and this blows my mind. I felt like I experienced this somehow in my own heart. On the day of the Queen’s passing, just before dawn I saw in the Spirit a big chessboard. I saw the Lord’s hand come down and knock over the black king on the chessboard. Then I saw a huge paw of a lion, that I knew was a lion’s cub or whelp. It was pushing against intense pressure from inside something like a white box, or a white wall, that threatened to crush it. I saw the paw push off the top of the white box so the lion’s cub could free itself. Only after hearing the news about QEII did it come to me the white box was a casket. And I continue to hear from the Lord – the Holy One of Israel – about QEII: “She was Jewish.” It comes as a word that brings the fear of the Lord; also that she proclaimed Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour, and therefore knew the Father as Sovereign Lord, through the Son. Not to be messed with because what comes out of her is a Lion’s whelp – Judah – offspring of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who triumphed over the grave. Amen.

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  3. Hi Richard, this is Maxine in Nova Scotia. I’m blocked on FB so I’m using the account of my house mate named Paul, in case you’re wondering about my most recent post from Nova Scotia. Exciting times!!

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      • Noted today: An oath sworn by Charles III – “I, Charles III by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of my other realms and territories, King, Defender of [THE] Faith, do faithfully promise and swear, that I shall inviolably maintain and preserve the settlement of the true Protestant religion as established by the laws made in Scotland in prosecution of the claim of rights and particularly by an act entitled “An Act for Securing the Protestant Religion and Presbyterian Church”, government and by the acts passed in both the parliaments of both Kingdoms for union of the two Kingdoms, together with the government, worship, discipline, rights and privileges of the Church of Scotland, so help me God.”

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