Archbishop Viganò’s message to Canadian truckers calls out globalist agenda within Western nations — Leo Hohmann

You won’t want to miss this important video message, not only to the truckers but those everywhere who still believe in God-granted freedom, in the sanctity of the human body as a vessel created in the image of God, and in the ultimate triumph of Christ over the demoniac regimes that have now revealed themselves to be aligned with Satan and his demons…. Continue reading

PS: VITAL to Archbishop Vigano’s call – it’s been NWO/Deep-State’s plan all along!

President Donald Trump kept warning us: Just received from Andy Davies sent in response to previous, so I’ve not been able to check out its source at MUST READ: ARCHBISHOP VIGANO’S APPEAL FOR ANTI-GLOBALIST ALLIANCE of people from all … Continue reading

Prophecy Progress Update 30.2: shaking of Rome – Two Popes & USA cont’d

Now consider the opinion of Jim Hoft, co-founder of The Gateway Pundit, which posts some exclusive articles by Archbishop Vigano, whose tweets are cited on unwelcome American interference regarding the Catholic Church… Continue reading

Prophecy Progress Update 30.1: shaking of Rome – Two Popes, USA threat?

You may recall investigator Cesare Sachetti and others reports of American complicity through Rome in connection the 2020 Presidential election, and so there’s  far more to this, as indicated by the courageous Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano and by ‘Mary’s Secretary’ (to follow soon). Continue reading

‘Shockwave exposure’ – Archbishop and columnist cite ‘Deep-State’ activists’ own evidence!

Further to the most surprising word dear Veronika West brought last night, and which I’m so pleased strongly reinforces my musing upon and monitoring of exposure of rot and corruption within politics, let me draw attention to the Lord’s first sentences… Continue reading

Need-to-know News – 4 years’ ‘soft coup’ against President Trump aimed at 2020 election

First, a reminder of this posted almost a year ago on US Democrat party bragging via Time magazine about how their ‘secret…shadow campaign ‘saved’ the 2020 election’!’…The latest in-depth authoritative analysis in The Federalist on the goal of the on-going plot to oust a sitting president  (William Doyle, Ph.D., is principal researcher at Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute, specialising in economic history and private funding of American elections.) Continue reading

Monday Newsmix 2 – Global coup, US Intel & Military funded Wuhan, science censorship, police injustice against UK pastor thrown out of court!

1 > Click to read/watch Archbishop Vigano quote/transcript of his message: ‘DEAR AMERICAN PEOPLE, DEAR FRIENDS, for two years now, a global coup has been carried out all over the world, planned for some time by an elite group of conspirators … Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories Proven: 5 – Facebook is ‘brain-dead’, EU to return to Nazi Era?

By comparison with WordPress blogging, social media’s Facebook is much quicker and easier to share items of interest. On Friday I quickly shared The Gateway Pundit report onto Fbk on what Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, is said to  have declared about expanding covid vaccination programmes and dealing with the non-vaccinated population…BI+UT IT GOT BLOCKED! Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories Proven: 4 – William Koenig on the pandemic

At that time I’d let my subscription to William Koenig’s valuable weekly reports Eye-View from the White House lapse several months earlier but decided to renew. I was very pleased to have done so because I was able to learn about insider reports he’d already published on the origins and nature of the pandemic. Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories Proven #2: Data shows ‘safe’ Covid vaccine DOES KILL athletes!

IN posting Monday’s 1st edition  Archbishop confirms we ARE living though Revelation 13 it was obvious that the Deep-State had blocked Italian investigative journalist Cesare Sachetti’s interview of the outspoken Archbishop Cario Maria Vigano.  Now, we take a further look … Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories Proven #1: Archbishop confirms we ARE living though Revelation 13

This morning, however, I very pleased to find Cesare’s site has been reinstated and I urge you to take time to study his 11-page interview with this apostolic archbishop, from which I publish his introduction, extracts of his questions and just a few highly significant paragraphs. Also, I note the title reflects what several prophets say about our standing against the globalist, deep-state: Continue reading

Righteous Archbishop calls for global alliance against tyranny

Further last month’s posts on Revelation 13 (here, here and here) foretelling today’s emergence of the two beasts will be interested in this worldwide call from a Christian leader whose firm stance against wickedness in high places is reported in The Global Conspiracy Currently Unfolding… Continue reading

WARNING: don’t be duped by Biden’s claim of being a devout Catholic – Archbishop demands he stop! (F/P #10.35)

Heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, please send Holy Spirit to convict Joseph Biden of his sin in furthering the practice of child-sacrifice to Molech, and bring him to deep repentance and public renunciation of this sin and of this practice. Continue reading

RC archbishop castigates US bishops for claiming Biden as ‘Catholic President’

Archbishop Vigano has written a new letter, in which he clearly exposes the deception that is going on in this election process. And he makes no apologies whatsoever for speaking of it in global terms as a fight between good and evil, an attempt by the Globalists to destroy nation states and impose their New World Order. Continue reading