Need-to-know News – 4 years’ ‘soft coup’ against President Trump aimed at 2020 election

First, a reminder of this posted almost a year ago on US Democrat party bragging via Time magazine about how their ‘secret…shadow campaign ‘saved’ the 2020 election’!!

‘Time’ reveals the truth of US election’s deep-state conspiracy! Trump’s quite right! (F/P #10.32)

A more recent in-depth authoritative analysis on the goal of the on-going plot to oust a sitting president appeared in Friday’s The Federalist by William Doyle, Ph.D. (He is principal researcher at Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute who specialises in economic history and private funding of American elections. Previously, he was the associate professor and chair in the Dept. of Economics at the University of Dallas.)

Read in full at

Maybe the following news is part of President Trump’s strategy…

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