Conspiracy Theories Proven #5: Facebook is ‘brain-dead’, EU to return to Nazi Era?

On posting Monday Morning Meditation on Isaiah 9 I mentioned its encouragement over a couple of media and personal events. The first was covered in 1st issue of this series in the in-depth interview with Archbishop Vigano – now for the personal nonsense…

By comparison with WordPress blogging, social media’s Facebook is much quicker and easier to share items of interest. On Friday I quickly shared The Gateway Pundit report onto Fbk on what Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, is said to have declared about expanding covid vaccination programs and dealing with the non-vaccinated population…


The last three issues on this series refer quite plainly to the experimental – even dangerous – nature of anti-covid vaccines!! AND ALL WELL-INFORMED PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ARE NOW WELL AWARE OF THIS TRUE FACT!

To be fair, let’s now examine what’s purported to be the original news as posted on the British Brainwashing Cult:

The BBC was quoted by TGP Julian Conradson but he further writes (emphases his),

‘Forcing individuals to take this experimental and potentially dangerous vaccine against their will would be in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code which was established in 1947 in the immediate wake of the horrific medical experiments and human rights atrocities by Nazis during the Holocaust.

The laws expressly state that “the voluntary consent of the human subject is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL,meaning that the individual is able to “exercise free power of choice, WITHOUT the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior forms of constraint or coercion – a la taking away your right to work if you are not vaccinated.

A leading cause for the code’s creation was the Nazi’s sickening performance of medical experiments on subjects without their consent. These procedures, typically performed under the command of high-ranking officials such as Dr. Josef Mengele, were some of the worst and most deranged ever documented. Since then, full and proactive ongoing consent for any medical procedure has been required by law in western nations that recognize the Nuremberg Laws.

The only way countries in the EU would be able to get away with forced vaccinations for this mild virus, which is an extraordinarily unethical and atrocious violation of human rights, is to do away with the Nuremberg laws, or just ignore them completely.

As esteemed professor, Dr. Jordan Peterson sarcastically notes: “Hey, it’s just the Nuremberg code. Only what we learned from the Nazi atrocities, not least those that were medical.”

PS. Friday 10th – we now have an admission… Mon 13th next post now refers.

PPS. Mon 13th – in view of very busy Thursday and need to finish this final item before our evening meal, I left it to readers to consider why I included the last two images and their relevance – In next post I explain, “… my purpose in citing a specific author at the end of the previous post was to note his knowledge of China in view of my earlier posts on the CCP’s direct influence upon and role in ‘Fact-checking’, especially during 2020 US presidential election, as found in Dr Peter Navarro’s investigations.”

[CCP = Chinese Communist Party]

8 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories Proven #5: Facebook is ‘brain-dead’, EU to return to Nazi Era?

    • Thank you John. I’m aware many scientist and medics reported these ’emergency’ vaxx did not undergo the norm full-term trial runs, study and investigation; hence, really were ‘experimental’. A handy link to an official statement on this temporary approval would be helpful, if one’s to hand pls?


  1. Twilla, after an intense 9 hours writing, free-of- charge btw, I find your reaction not only harsh but also very bad-mannered and unworthy of one on my ‘watch’. In under a day you’ve seen 1/700th of my 12 years output, so are unable to assess my work for the Lord. Therefore, as you don’t like what I blog I’ve removed your subscription.


    • Hitler was Austrian and Austria welcomed the 3rd Reich. Germany has since followed Austria. History does indeed repeat as its the same spirit behind it, the satanic spirit of satan himself. Probably why he likes to see history rewritten Orwell style as to keep the masses ignorant but I digress, here we have Germany, a mere 90 years later doing exactly the same as they were doing in the 1930s albeit against the Jews, it started small and developed into the holocaust. Oh Lord, please send a mild quake and widen the channel, pour your Spirit upon our islands and bring healing to our land and populations delivering us from all the issues that divide us and have been introduced to divide us. Remove the corrupt from office, expose them to the nation and give us Godly integral leaders from parliament to every business and industry. Cause husbands to love their wives and wives their husbands, parents their children and children their parents, and even tho a republican I pray you will cause the Queen to actually defend the faith and also uphold her oaths of office in Jesus name.

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