22 biblically-related news headlines in one week!

Within days of New Year’s Day seven years ago I introduced this blog’s first readers to the Watcher in The White House, accredited Christian journalist William Koenig, in Points to Ponder: 2011-12 and Biblical Historical/Financial Cycles. It was the first of occasional sorties into the nature of Time and the Bible, now collated in this hub – Time: a Primer.

In last Friday’s Eye View from the White House Bill opens his weekly report with…

“22 significant new events that happened this week – This has been an amazing week of prophetic significance with continued final-day alignment activities” and briefly reports upon activities and then enumerates the events as follows:

“The following are news articles that are prophetically significant. Below the news is insight and information regarding Secretary Pompeo’s trip and more news.

  1. Turkey and the Kurds turn to Russia to solve problems sparked by U.S. exit from Syria – Washington Post
  2. Putin and Erdogan agree to hold talks soon, but exact date is not determined – Kremlin – Tass
  3. Erdogan calls for joint Turkish-Russian-Iranian control of US pullout from Syria in face of Moscow’s veto – Debka
  4. Bolton says U.S. Withdrawal from Syria is conditional: National security adviser says pullout depends on assurances Turkey will protect America’s Kurdish allies – Wall Street Journal
  5. Turkey’s Erdogan refuses Bolton meeting, slams Syria withdrawal shift – Axios
  6. Bolton warns Syria not to use chemical weapons – Wall Street Journal
  7. Trump prepared to ‘unleash fury’ on Syria, Pompeo says – Jerusalem Post
  8. Pompeo promises ‘every last Iranian boot’ will be expelled from Syria – Times of Israel
  9. Pompeo hopes to establish coalition consisting of GCC states, Egypt and Jordan Al Arabiya
  10. Iran’s supreme leader calls US officials ‘idiots,’ but hints sanctions hurting – Times of Israel
  11. Iran’s Zarif on Pompeo: U.S. brings chaos where it interferes – Reuters
  12. US to convene global summit on Iran February 13-14 – Times of Israel
  13. US Navy Update: 11 carrier strike groups and 9 amphibious ready groups; five groups deployed and 15 in US ports – Strafor Intelligence
  14. Pentagon pushes forward on Syria pullout: USS Kearsarge to back up troops at the vulnerable moment they are leaving Syria – Wall Street Journal
  15. USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) back in the Persian Gulf to continue ISIS fight; a show of force to nearby Iran – CBS News
  16. Amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD-2) is in the North Arabian Sea – USNI
  17. Netanyahu wants US recognition of Israel sovereignty over Golan Heights – Middle East Monitor
  18. In Arab world, belief prevails that Trump will recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights – Ynet
  19. Jordanian FM to Pompeo: Israel must eventually withdraw from Golan – Times of Israel
  20. After U.S. prod, ex-envoy to China says Haifa Port deal must be reversed – Jerusalem Post
  21. Israel-China experts downplay impact of Haifa Port decision – Jerusalem Post
  22. Egypt’s El Sisi Builds Middle East’s Largest Church – CBN.”

Bill doesn’t refer to specific bible prophecies because most of his readership, like mine, is familiar with Old and New Testament prophecies. [Those covering current events in the Middle-East are Daniel 7-8 (the vision of four beasts, the goat and ram), Zecharia 12 (Jerusalem and its enemies) and Ezekiel 36-19 (Gog & Magog) in the main.]

Next, he outlines the points Secretary Pompeo made in his speech in Cairo, which was a sensible turnaround of the seriously flawed one addressed to the whole Muslim world by Obama in 2009. [My critiques of Obama’s Cairo Speech followed by Europe and Two Daniels (ie. the EU) were some of my early emails on end-times.]

Subsequently, Debka reports Sunni Arab leaders are very uneasy about America pulling out of their region in the face of Iranian aggression, but they have to learn to look after themselves – in my opinion they will draw more closely alongside Israel, an alignment that started months ago.  Also, it’s a necessary part of shaking off the shackles of the Obama pro-Iranian legacy.

For in-depth consideration of Trump’s new policy see Carolyn Glick:

Edie Bayer: A ‘double river’ season…(GPS #27.2)

Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

Further to what Steve Hepden received on the Smith-Wigglesworth ‘Word and Spirit’ of its being like an intertwining and confluence of two mighty rivers, I’m grateful to Roger Jervois for alerting me to the word brought by Edie Bayer in yesterday’s Elijah List.  It’s original date, however, is almost concurrent with Steve’s hearing similarly from the Lord. Hence my registering both words as examples of His GPS (Global Prophecy Signalling) system. (Note Apostle Paul’s teaching: ‘Two or three prophets should speak and others weigh carefully what is said.’  1Cor 14:29 NIV)

Here, Edie brings further insights upon this important joint-revelation (click title for link):


I have been hearing “RIVER” in my spirit a lot lately! In fact, to make sure I didn’t miss it, God had someone recently prophesy over me that I would soon have an Ezekiel 47 moment. Looking up Ezekiel 47, I found out that it is about a river – the one that Ezekiel walked through!

Since I’d been hearing it so many times in my spirit, while driving recently, I decided to ask the Lord, “What is it about the river, Lord?”

He responded immediately, saying, “The River is a most holy place.”

Sometimes God speaks to me and I don’t get it right away because it’s a riddle! When He said this to me, I actually thought I heard Him wrong. How could A RIVER, which is not just one place, but a multitude of places that could stretch for miles, be A MOST HOLY PLACE? I could not understand it.

“What?” I asked Him.  Again, he gently repeated it to me, “A most holy place.”

Pondering this phrase, it reverberated in my spirit, rolling around inside of me. I knew this phrase was a scripture, or part of one; however, since I had just read Leviticus, I also thought I remembered it had to do with the burnt offering sacrifice. I felt in my spirit that what He was saying is that somehow the river is related to Aaron and the Priests’ portion of the sacrifices. These were designated as “most holy” by God, to be partaken of in a “sacred place”.

“And the bread shall be for Aaron and his sons, and they shall eat it in a sacred place, for it is for [Aaron] a most holy portion of the offerings to the Lord made by fire, a perpetual due [to the high priest],” (Leviticus 24:9 AMPC).

Thinking that, as kings and priests, The River must be OUR “sacred place” in this season, “a most holy portion”, I left it at that. Yet, still hungry and desiring more revelation, I asked the Lord again, “Tell me about The River, Lord!” Again, immediately, He responded, but this time visually. As I drove, He took me high above the highway, showing me a vision of rivers from the air… many rivers, tributaries and convergences.  He reminded me that rivers have banks, and that the river flows in between those banks.

When I got home, I started to study out the river of Ezekiel 47 in Hebrew. I found that the word for “banks” (Strong’s 8193) means “LIPS”! Suddenly, I understood! Remember, the Lord had reminded me while I was driving that every river has banks. Since the banks of the river are our lips, then the Lord was saying that our words are the river, and our lips are its banks!

The River is a most holy place, He said, so the banks – our lips – must also be holy, as are the words that flow from them – a holy portion from a sacred place! This makes them, and us, holy, because He is holy!

But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, ‘Be ye holy; for I am Holy.’  (1 Peter 1:15-16 KJV).

His words have creative power, so our words must be HIS WORDS. Incredibly, this is something we already know; however, the Lord is emphasizing how super-important it is in this hour.

The River in Ezekiel 47 becomes a DOUBLE RIVER, so the river of our words has a “double river” power in this season! Watch this:

“And wherever the double river shall go, every living creature which swarms shall live. And there shall be a very great number of fish, because these waters go there that [the waters of the sea] may be healed and made fresh; and everything shall live wherever the river goes.” (Ezekiel 47:9).

WOW! Most of us already know that we frame our world with our words – that we speak and create our circumstances!  But in a double river season our words produce results so much greater than our thoughts or intentions.

Our mouths are superbly creative forces in the earth realm, but much, much more so in this season! In this DOUBLE RIVER SEASON, our words have even more creative power! This means that when we speak in agreement with the word of God, which is holy, we will create more of what He says, because everything that we say will LIVE! When we speak in agreement with the word of God in this Double River Season, our words will release more from heaven’s banks – more life! More health! More abundance! More joy! More peace! More of everything.

“A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.  Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof,” (Proverbs 18:20-21 KJV).

Going back to while I was driving, I asked Him again one last time, “Tell me about The River, Lord!”  He responded immediately with, “You’re IN IT!”

You see, since God’s voice is the voice of many waters (see Revelation 14:2), He says many things at the same time using the same words. The “Double River” is not just what we are creating according to the word of God. We are creating Revival simply by speaking it into existence! The River flows from the temple into the Dead Sea – into the lifeless water, healing it (see Ezekiel 47:8).  The River comes, bringing life, forcing it to overflow its banks, becoming a double portion! This is the water that brings life to everything in it.

This sounds like REVIVAL to me – and we’re IN IT, says the Lord! “And there shall be a very great number of fish, because these waters go there that [the waters of the sea] may be healed and made fresh; and everything shall live wherever the river goes.”

I cannot over-emphasize the power of what the Lord has released through this word! We MUST pray the word, speak the word, sing the word, prophesy the word and use the word in all that we do in this hour. We have an opportunity unlike any other moment in history to create what it is that God is speaking. We are already IN Revival, in a DOUBLE RIVER SEASON, bringing life to all!

Speak Life! Hallelujah!

Be blessed as you swim in the life-giving waters of this new season in Revival!

Edie Bayer, 15th December 2018 www.KingdomPromoters.org

[Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

Another insight on Smith-Wigglesworth’s ‘Word and Spirit’ prophecy – powerful prophetic season coming

We continue with the second of the pair of God-incidental ‘jigsaw pieces’ based upon Smith Wigglesworth’s renowned prophetic vision, as published by UK Prophetic Words on 7th January:

WORD AND SPIRIT – Here’s a thought for you. When Smith Wigglesworth first gave his ‘Word and Spirit’ coming together prophecy, everyone assumed that ‘Word’ equated to Bible. What if it meant more than that? What if it meant Prophecy? What if Holy Spirit manifested what was being spoken prophetically simultaneously with the Word being given? Word and Spirit coming together? Almost as in Ananias and Sapphira – Peter spoke, Holy Spirit acted – together? Perhaps not quite so drastic, but nevertheless, Word and Spirit together.

Hear the Word of the Lord, “I am bringing Word and Spirit together in such a way as you have not previously imagined. I am bringing back a reverential fear of the Lord through My prophets. As My prophets speak, so shall my Spirit act and so shall My people understand, and it shall bring a return of the fear of the Lord. This is not to bring physical fear, but rather a fear of missing what My Spirit is doing and how He is working among you in this season. It will also birth a desire to ‘be Holy as I am Holy’ among you.

“It is time to heed My prophets, time to listen and hear what they say. It is time to be holier than in the past. If My prophets say ‘GO’, then go. If they say ‘STAY’, then stay. If they say ‘REPENT’, then repent and turn away from your sin. Great is the reward for those who listen to My Word from My prophets – they shall see God. Those who do not obey shall miss some or all of their reward, for they do not fear the Lord.

“There is coming a prophetic season, the like of which has not been seen, when My prophets shall have great clarity of vision and of communication. They will help to lead My people through troubled times ahead. Do not turn aside to new teachings that please you. Rather listen to My prophets – they have My Words – and heed their advice, their warnings, and their blessings. They shall tear down and they shall build up. By My presence shall you know them, for they shall carry My anointing wherever they go, and they will bless My people.

“My Spirit shall confirm My prophets, and He is about to bring Glory, My Glory, to your meetings. A new, short, ‘Prophetic Golden Age’ is coming upon you. Woe to those ‘prophets’ who claim to be what I have not anointed them to be. Woe to those who do not receive nor heed what My prophet tells them from Me!”

Chris Bennett

An insight on Smith-Wigglesworth’s ‘Word and Spirit’ prophecy – intertwining like the confluence of two mighty rivers (GPS #27.1)

At the beginning of last October we saw the double ‘God-incidence’ of having blogged on the Jean Darnall and Smith Wiggleworth’s visions and then learning about a prayer meeting being held by Call The Nation To Prayer that weekend in connection with both. It’s like the Lord used GPS, or Global Prophecy Signalling, to catch our attention and remind us that although decades old, they are still ‘in play’ and waiting to be fulfilled – ie. ‘now’ words.

Now, yet another double ‘God-incidence’ clearly attests to the Lord stressing the great importance of the Smith-Wigglesworth ‘Word & Spirit’ prophecy, as though four pieces of an invisible jigsaw are being put into place!  Last weekend what Steve Hepden and Chris Bennett had heard from Him was published by private email and public blog (UK Prophetic Words) respectively. Steve kindly permits me to publish what he received in the weeks before Christmas:

It is over three weeks ago when I first heard God speak to me.

I was walking up the road from the shops with a loaf of bread and was more concentrating on my walking and crossing the road. What surprised me was the suddenness and spontaneity of the word as I was certainly not thinking of this.

The essence of my prophecy is ‘the Word and the Spirit’ and I thought of something Smith Wigglesworth spoke in 1947. Having always loved and appreciated Pentecostal and Charismatic church history, this came to mind. He said, as part of his prophecy, ‘When the Word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed the world, has ever seen.’

Why now? I believe it’s a reminder to the older generation, a new word to this generation and a call to prepare and position ourselves to enter into it.

Here is what I heard:

“There is a distinctiveness between Word and Spirit, yet they go hand in hand together.
However, in the move of God to come, the distinctiveness will remain but there will such a joining together that the synergy produced will become more powerful than you have ever seen. For the sum of the whole will miraculously be greater than the sum of the two parts. It will be like two mighty rivers coming together in a confluence where something greater, deeper, wider will happen and at the point of joining there will be disturbance. The influence established by this will be far greater than each individual river.

“This joining together will be an intertwining of the one into another and even though joined and thus influencing each other without measure, they will still maintain their distinctiveness. It really is a marriage. The Word and Spirit are different in nature, they are unmistakable, clear-cut and defined. Yet they will serve each other and bring their own distinctiveness together to enhance and release each other further than ever before. The Word will be the source by which the Spirit will move in the drama of signs and wonders and with such a purity of fruit, being the character and the Spirit will express and manifest the Word with power and authority in gifting.

“Some say you are men and women of the Word or others say you are men and women of the Spirit, but this will change dramatically and people will not know what to call you and will even wonder what is happening. There have been forerunners over the years and they are scattered over the Nations, yet it is time for everyone to be challenged and inspired in a way that has not happened before, for the fact of the matter is that everyone can come into this and in an accelerated way. Do not stay where you are, move forward by making a choice to open yourself up to the Spirit of God and to the illuminating Word of God, for the New Year will bring a new day for you.

I have been meditating on this prophecy and It’s amazing how many scriptures you can find where the Spirit and the Word are in union and unity.:
Ps 107:20, ‘He sent out his word and healed them, snatching them from the door of death.’
Luke 1:34-37, Mary said, ‘how will this be?’ ‘The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.’ ‘For nothing is impossible with God.’ ‘Let it be to me according to your word.
Rom 10:17, ‘So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God’
Acts 6:8, ‘and Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.’
John 6:63, ‘The Spirit is the one who gives life! Human strength can do nothing. The words that I have spoken to you are from that life-giving Spirit.’

However, there is an indictment from the lips of Jesus and I want to live as far away from that as possible. Matt 22:29, ‘Jesus replied, you are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.’

A challenge we need to take serious note of.

Steve Hepden, 5th January 2019

Footnote: See also Book Review: ‘Rejection Hurts’ by Steve Hepden

[Puzzle by Jannoon028, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

Bobby Conner: strategies for advancing to next new level

Why should I ever be surprised at what turns up from the Lord?

Here’s yet another reference to Hebrews 6; the one with the ‘Age to Come’ verses. AND it lines up with the current, albeit unplanned, focus upon training for ruling and reigning together with Jesus in The Millennium.

I’m grateful to Rose for drawing this message to my attention. It is special because of its succinct emphasis upon Jesus’ command, “Occupy until I come!”, which is also the thesis ‘foremost Bible teacher’ and Bishop of Liverpool, J.C. Ryle makes in his classic book ‘Are You Ready For The End Of Time?’ (1867). 21st Century prophet Bobby Conner writes:


No Delay It’s Time to Proceed to the Next New Level – Possess The Land! A Big Word, For Now, Is “Occupy!”

In a profound encounter, the Spirit of God said, “It is time to go to the next new level!” I was instructed to prepare a remnant of Believers to position themselves to advance proceeding to the next new level, to possess the Land, and to possess and occupy! I said, “Lord, I don’t like the word remnant, it seems too selective.” He replied, “Don’t misunderstand; this invitation of advancement is open to all who will obey. Gender or age makes no difference, it is an issue of the heart.” All are called, but few will come!

The Peril of Falling Away

Don’t allow yourself to stagnate and become callous and cold, now is the time to awake from slumber and rouse to reality (see Romans 13:11-14)! Arise and shine and push-on to new heights (see Isaiah 60:1-5). The Spirit of Truth is desiring to release profound awesome revelation for any who will seek to come higher. If you contend and earnestly seek this can be a season that the eyes of your heart are flooded with revelatory light (see Ephesians 1:17-18). We must go dig deeper into the Word of God to discover the ways of God

Therefore, let us get past the elementary stage in the teachings about the Christ, advancing on to maturity and perfection and spiritual completeness, [doing this] without laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, of teaching about washings (ritual purifications), the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. [These are all important matters in which you should have been proficient long ago.] And we will do this [that is, proceed to maturity] if God permits. (Hebrews 6:1-3 AMP)

It is time for the Prophetic Seers to go into the Courts of Heaven, behind the veil acquiring the Divine plans and purposes of God. The Spirit of Truth stands ready to release the Divine strategies and blueprints of heaven. This is not a time to be vague and dim, but we must be bright and alert clear and committed to advance the King in His Kingdom.

Divine Dissatisfaction Producing a Holy Hunger!

The Spirit of God is fanning the flame of discontentment within the heart of many. We can’t remain satisfied and content with our lack of power and spiritual authority; a cry of desperation must burst forth. “Enough is enough!” Ask yourself this question: Am I willing to pay the price to seek the Lord for promotion? This will be a season of swift acceleration and advancement if we put God first.

We are instructed to seek the Lord while He is near (see Isaiah 55:6). We are reminded that we only find the Lord when we search with all our heart (see Jeremiah 29:12-13). If we make seeking Him and His Kingdom our top priority, He will take care of everything else (see Matthew 6:33).

There is a wonderful grace offered for us to advance in the times of adversity! The invitation is extended to all saints; however, by a lack of commitment, many will disqualify themselves. This is a time to be desperate for the revealed glory of God. One of the marks of these overcomers will be hunger and complete dissatisfaction with business as usual.

This holy hunger will drive us to seek the Lord on a much more increased level. Jesus states, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” The Amplified Bible reveals, “those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God)…shall be completely satisfied!” (see Matthew 5:6).

It’s time to remove all lids of limitations off and believe God for big things, assured that He is able to do much more than we could as or even think (see Ephesians 3:20-21). One way not to miss God’s new thing is don’t think it is already here. Yes, we are so thankful and grateful for all that God is doing, yet there is much more. The promise is that the whole earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God’s glory (see Numbers 14:21 and Habakkuk 2:14).

The Spirit of God is stirring our souls and awakening our hearts to seek deeper depths and higher heights. This is the time for you to go all out for Christ and the Kingdom of God. Don’t hold back; surrender yourself entirely to the control and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The statement is so true: deep is calling to deep (see Psalm 42:7).

Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.Isaiah 43:19

This is a promise of transformational power being released, giving and unction to function. A roadway in the rugged wilderness and flowing refreshing rivers in the dry, barren desert. Nothing is too hard for our God (see Job 42:2 and Genesis 18:14)!

You have heard [these things foretold], now you see this fulfillment. And will you not bear witness to it? I show you specified new things from this time forth, even hidden things [kept in reserve], which you have not known.

They are created now [called into being by the prophetic word], and not long ago; and before today you have never heard of them, lest you should say, “Behold, I knew them!” — Isaiah 48:6-7 (AMPC)

These new things are called into reality by the prophetic proclamation. They are decreed, and God brings them into reality.

We do not have time to delay, the Spirit of Truth is preparing a remnant to proceed to the next new level; we must advance and make progress(see Ephesians 5:14-15). In this next new level, we will begin to grasp a higher, clearer insight into the majesty of the Master. Prepare to behold the living Lord Jesus in a much clearer way.

It is time to taste the hidden manna reserved for over-comers revealed in Revelation 2:17:
“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone, a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it.”

I pray that 2019 will be filled with the overflowing favor of God upon you and your loved ones. Embrace the promises of God’s new day. Expect to see God’s mighty power!

Bobby Conner
Eagles View Ministries

Rick Joyner: 2019 – a Year of Unity and Shaking

Thank you to CTNTP for facilitating republishing this prophetic word brought through Rick Joyner. It confirms not only recent and earlier words of The Shaking, but also my open vision of Britain in 2004 on the need for believers to take a stand upon the Rock that is Jesus Christ..:

Call The Nation To Prayer

Our attention has just been brought to this up to the moment prophetic word from Rick Joyner, Fort Mill, SC. USA. It certainly ‘resonates’ with us here at CTNTP and reflects many of the things that The Lord has previously brought to our attention of things to come.

As usual, with any ‘word’, please weigh it with Scripture and listen to what The Holy Spirit might say to you personally about it.

2019: A Year of Unity and Shaking

Rick Joiner Rick Joiner

2018 was a remarkable and wonderful year. 2019 will be even more so. Every year from now on will be more so, but key elements of a great spiritual critical mass will begin to come together in the coming year.

This will begin a spiritual atomic-like explosion in 2020. What are the elements that are coming together for this to happen?

A Time of Great Increase

The first will…

View original post 829 more words

Day of Prayer for Britain, 26th January at Wembley Arena

‘…who through faith subdued kingdoms, ruled with righteousness and received what God had promised’  (Hebrews 11:33)

After posting Plymouth’s Pray UK announcement I was sent a copy of Evangelist-to-Europe David Hathaway’s letter to prayer partners on the urgent need to convene a day of prayer and fasting at Wembley Arena, London, and from which I quote below.  As in posts by others published herein, he too refers to our need for deliverance from ‘Egypt’!

David returned from 3 days of prayer in Athens where he sought the Lord’s blessing on the Day of Prayer, and upon ‘reflecting on my film the Rape of Europe, I saw a whole new significance in Brexit, from a Biblical perspective! I shall share something of this in Wembley!’

‘Time is short – the situation critical, both for the fulfilment of prophecy and the imminent Return of Christ – and Brexit, which is part of end-time prophecy! As I write this, Theresa May is calling for discussion over her Brexit proposal and a final vote on Tuesday 15th to decide the future for our nation! But because the EU has offered no changes, she cannot win the vote – and will probably delay this vote again until the last minute! This leaves us in a difficult position, for which not one of the main political parties has a solution. I believe with all my heart that God has the real answer – but because the majority of the nation does not have a firm faith in God, this brings an awesome responsibility to those of us who do! I believe in the power of a God who is greater than men, and the ultimate power you and I have to change events through the power of prayer.

‘But look at Hebrews 11, Paul’s teaching on faith and, as I write this, the Holy Spirit is showing me from vv 32-40, Gideon, Barak, Samson, David, Samuel, and the prophets, who through faith conquered kingdoms, shut the mouths of lions, quenched the power of fire, whose weakness was turned to strength and routed foreign armies. I believe that if we PRAY with FAITH, we can do the same today! You and I will do this together – even routing foreign armies! This is my vision for Wembley – coming back from Athens and Mars Hill – you see why I went there!

‘For too long ungodly government decisions have been decided by a minority. Now is the time for us as Bible-Believing Christians to take action and have a voice in the future of our nation! This is a call for us to unite as Christians – forget our differences and call upon God to determine the future of Great Britain! The politicians have failed us over the last two and a half years – now is the time for God to act!

‘Either we need a Moses to deliver us out of Egypt – or even more dramatically – an Elijah to confound the prophets of Baal and call down Fire from Heaven. But in Elijah’s day, that Fire from Heaven fell on the altar! This is why we desperately need our Day of Prayer and fasting in Wembley – to raise that altar for God to act, literally it needs a miracle, and only God works miracles, to save this nation! 2 Chronicles 7:14 is clear, ‘If My people…’

‘(In) leading this significant Day of Prayer – believing that each one of the previous Days we have held has stepped up to a higher level – September 8th 2018 changed my life forever! But Wembley on January 26th will take us to a level even higher still – until the Glory of God comes down to our nation!

‘…God has begun to move – and I shall pray that new Holy Ghost Fire will fall on this nation so that, as we unite in repentance, a greater move than the Welsh Revival shall change the hearts of this Nation.

‘I have a vision – for you and for this nation. When I received the Holy Spirit in 1946, I obeyed the Scripture where Paul says ‘covet the best gifts’. I didn’t ask for miracles or even healings, I asked for the gift of Holy Spirit Faith, because this has governed my whole life since. I want to live Hebrews 11:32-40 now!

‘In addition to Praying for Britain we have a comprehensive programme of evangelism for 2019: Ukraine – Russia – Armenia – Lithuania – Israel. I am, first and last, an evangelist!’

Your brother in Christ Jesus
David Hathaway – Eurovision

PRAY UK – Plymouth, Saturday 12th January

I’ve received the following details of the above event where attendees will be praying for two nations in particular:

United Kingdom regarding Brexit and wider issues (see below).

Indonesia – As thousands of young people meet in Indonesia this month for the ‘United Prayer Rising’ gathering, let’s pray for a move of God in this strategic nation!  Click here for information and promo video, and read more below about the event…

‘From the “UPRISING (United Prayer Rising)” that was held in Korea last 2016, we have witnessed the convergence of the “Davids” from across nations to fast, to pray, and to believe God for the reversal of the trends of attacks happening globally among the youth today. We have also seen the birthing of new, youth-led prayer and mission movements. And now, for such a time as this, we are convening again to launch a global generation unto the global harvest from a place of united prayer, this time in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the “WORLD GENERATION GATHERING: GLOBAL UPR.”

‘At the heart of this gathering is also to stand with Indonesia in contending for her “ancient gates and ancient doors” to open up, believing that it will be the key for the ancient gates in other nations to open, too, toward bringing the gospel back to Jerusalem, and preparing the church for the return of the King of glory (Psalm 24:7-10)! So, in the spirit of the Moravians who once cried, “may the Lamb who was slain receive the due reward of His suffering,” it is our prayer that this gathering in Indonesia in January will be catalytic in awakening a generation in the nations to have a deep longing for Jesus’ return, and thus, align their lives unto laboring for the Lamb to receive His inheritance in the nations, as they “gaze and go”.’

[Will Hart, CEO of Iris Global, told Fleet Baptist Church in mid-October that he recently witnessed over 50 Muslims come under Holy Spirit’s power in Indonesia. RB]


  • Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced that there will be a crucial vote in Parliament on 15th January that will determine the way forward with regard to Brexit.
  • An excellent list of SCRIPTURES and PRAYER POINTS can be found by clicking HERE as we bring the UK before God at this crucial time in our history.
  • [Taken from ‘Pray for Scotland’ e-news] “When the Speaker of the House of Commons calls ‘Order, Order’ the hubbub must cease, the voices grow quiet, and all present must respectfully listen to his words, because of the authority vested in his position. We have heard this week of someone praying for the nation who heard the Lord say ‘Order! Order!’. As believers in Almighty God, the Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of all, we have the authority to call for divine order in the UK today. Divine order in the Government, divine order in Brexit, divine order in the economy and every other section of society.”
  • “We have an amazing history of prayer changing the destiny of our nation. Recall what happened in WW2 when the nation came together to pray – not just before Dunkirk but on at least 6 other times. The direction and the outcome of that conflict was changed! This is another ‘Daniel’ moment when we, God’s people, need to come before Him, crying out for His mercy and forgiveness as we confess our sins as a nation and calling for His order to prevail, for His will to be done, in these crucial days.” Read the full version HERE.
  • In view of yesterday’s vote in Parliament, you might like to read the following blog that makes a case for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit being the best way forward…
  • Brexit – Are we nearly there yet? (excerpt) Similar to the events of Genesis 11 and 12, Brexit could be thought of as a journey away from a modern-day Tower of Babel towards a new place of freedom. We’re not quite sure about all the final details yet but stopping half-way is not an option. Therefore many intercessors are continuing to pray for God’s Kingdom to come and God’s will to be done through the Brexit process.
  • At the beginning of the Bible we read about God’s thoughts concerning the Tower of Babel but perhaps we should also consider Jesus’ words in Revelation 18v4 to ‘Come out from her’ as a warning to be separate from a godless institution such as the EU that models itself upon the Tower of Babel, epitomised by the design of its parliament building in Strasbourg (illustrated here).
  • For those of us that have not read the 585 page document upon which our MPs will be voting next Tuesday, you may like to read THIS DOCUMENT on Richard’s Watch that lists an alarming number of ways in which the UK would stay tied to the EU if the Brexit deal is passed in Parliament…[note useful comments – RB]
  • Yesterday, a majority of MPs indicated their opposition to a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. However, out of the 13,206 petitions submitted on the official parliament website, the number one petition signed by over 300,000 people is ‘Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019’.
  • There continues to be prophetic words that indicate that a clean break from the European Union is the best way forward. Here is another word worth testing and weighing that was released earlier this week entitled, ‘Another prophetic word on Brexit being like Israel’s leaving Egypt’. Others are available on the ‘Richard’s Watch’ website, helpfully collated HERE.
  • Brexit is possibly one of the greatest spiritual matters concerning our nation in this generation. Whichever view we might hold, let’s be agreed that prayer is crucial and therefore unite in praying for various aspects listed on the ‘Pray for Scotland’ newsletter HERE.

Finally, you may like to be aware that there will be another ‘Day of Prayer for Britain’ led by David Hathaway and many other Christian leaders on Saturday 26th January at Wembley! For more information please CLICK HERE.

Veronika West urgent ‘Now’ word for Great Britain – a ‘God-incidence’??

In my humble opinion a noteworthy ‘coincidence’ of Veronika’s posting on Facebook as news was breaking of Parliament’s betrayal of Brexit not on EU but WTO terms...:


3 Days ago I had a powerful dream where I was looking down upon a man who was on his death bed, as I looked at the man in the dream I saw that his breathing was heavily laboured and he was very close to taking his last breath. As I stayed watching in the dream I saw many people coming in and out of the dying man’s room, some came into the room and would kneel down beside his bed and they would cry out in prayer, deeply travailing for the life of the dying man, while others would come into the room and they would stand over the man and they would boldly release Prophetic decrees and declarations, speaking words of life and freedom over the man. Now while watching as this powerful dream unfolded before me, I began to enquire of the Holy Spirit as to what I was seeing taking place; then suddenly I heard the sound of weeping and I looked again at the dying man and I heard a voice say, “HE IS NOW DEAD”, as I heard those words I drew a little closer in the dream and I watched as the room quickly filled with many people and they began to weep and wail for indeed their friend was now dead.

Then suddenly the dream shifted and I was lifted up in the realm of the Spirit where I was taken fast forward in time and shown the same man who I had just seen lying upon his death bed now TOTALLY REVIVED, FULLY MADE ALIVE, HIS COUNTENANCE WAS RADIANT, PURE LIGHT SURROUNDED HIM, DEATH HAD BEEN DEFEATED, NEW LIFE AND LIBERTY NOW REIGNED, now as I looked again at this man who was now GREATLY AND TOTALLY TRANSFORMED AND VICTORIOUSLY TRIUMPHANT it was quickened to me by the Spirit of God that I was looking at the NATION OF GREAT BRITAIN and then suddenly the TOMB OF LAZARUS WAS BROUGHT BEFORE ME in the dream and I heard these words in the realm of the Spirit,


Veronika West, 8 January 2019

ROAR! Day of Prayer for the Nation – Norwich, 19 January

Be sure to read accompanying prophetic vision and word Rania Sayegh from HOPE: House of Prayer & Exploits in Nazareth spoke over our nation a year ago this month….

Call The Nation To Prayer

Call to Prayer, in Norwich, will be holding a DAY OF PRAYER FOR THE NATION on Saturday 19 January at the House of Prayer, Fishergate, NR3 1SE

Do come and join them  for all or part of the day if you possibly can!

hop norwich roar - 190119hop norwich roar - 190119 rearClick here to view the above flyer as a printable pdf file

When the Lion Roars

Also, here is a fuller version of the prophetic 2018 word over the UK, by Rania Sayegh, of HOPE: House of Prayer and Exploits, Israel, which is quoted on the reverse of the flyer:

“Usually, before I go to the nations I love to ask Jesus, “What do you think about this nation? What do you really want me to pray about this nation?” So besides sharing my vision for Nazareth and for Israel, I love to see what the Lord says about you. I was asking him, “How are you…

View original post 416 more words

Releasing Heaven’s new sound over London in 2019

Thank you to Suzanne Ferrett at Passion For the Nation for alerting me to these events, which follow on from the powerful word Chuck Pierce brought on 30th October as being from the Lord for London (as here):

Click image for link to Eventbrite

Visit also Liberation Ministries.

Dr Sharon Stone: 2019 Word of the Lord – “A Brave New World”

As though answering my reader’s query about training for the Millennium (1989 > 2009 > 2019 > The Age to Come refers), Revd Dr Sharon brings these words from the Lord about our moving into that preparation. (I note her dreaming of Revelation 22 in view of its relevance to my post and the link therein):


I have felt a sense of urgency concerning the word “BRAVE”.
As the angel of the Lord told Joshua, “Only be Strong & Courageous”, he was instructing him to be brave. God is telling you; “Bravery is a characteristic you will need to develop in this season. Sometimes it will look like relentless faith as you are challenged to do greater feats than you’ve ever done before. Be brave and you’ll do great exploits both inside and outside My Church”.

Prov. 28:1 tells us the righteous are bold as a lion. There is an excitement in my spirit as I hear the Lord say; “You will be called upon to break the silence and roar together with Me the Lion of Judah’”. This combined roar will fulfil Amos 3:8, A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken! Who can but prophesy?

This brave new prophetic sound will shift your circumstances and atmosphere. Prophets it’s time to let your prophecies roar! Remember your strength and might is in the Lord, Eph. 6:10, ‘Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.’

“A Brave New World”

The Holy Spirit is presenting us with a challenge, “Are you willing to be an amateur in the New verses a Professional in the Old”?

God wants to give you a new beginning, breaking addictive cycles in your life. This can look like exposure or judgement and feel like shame or condemnation. But it’s God’s mercy giving you a reset in purity, authority and destiny.

Many of you will feel like God is pushing your buttons and all your issues are rising to the surface. He is and they are! Ephesians 4:13 says, ‘til we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ’.

I watched as hard ground was suddenly being broken up. Prophets were as threshing instruments with teeth. They were more frequently releasing revelation publicly and privately that exposed, judged and redeemed. There was so much shakings, because judgement must begin in the house of the Lord first.

This purging and purifying released a new Fear of the Lord. A biblical fruit of the Fear of the Lord is, Acts 5:11,12, greater signs, wonders and miracles.

This brought a new Acceleration and Escalation of God’s Plans.
The manifestation of God’s promises to you will increase forward and upward to a new level. This will be amazing times of kingdom growth, kingdom advances with a speed we have not seen before.

New Innovations and Solutions

You cannot expect to do/live life as usual. You can expect to receive creative revelation for solutions. God said; “Many avoid experimentation as they don’t want to be considered foolish or immature. But I am freeing you from the routine of old ways. I am downloading to you supernatural answers for the world needs. This is the spirit of innovation.

Prophetic innovators will meet with marketplace and government innovators to seek solutions to global uncertainties. These innovators will release claim to their patents and personal financial agendas for the greater good. I will release benefactors and financial miracles for these solutions”.

Innovations will include:
Breakthrough in preventative disease medicine and longevity, technology, communication, banking, business, social needs and even new ways of doing church.

I heard a hopeful noise from the earth asking, “What about Crypto currency?”    And I heard the Lord reply; “It is not about Crypto currency, but about forced change and an update of technology and whistle-blowers that will impact financial sectors”. And some banks in Greece and Italy will come under EU management.

The innovator Nehemiah had to deal with small mindedness, threats and mocking interruptions. Gods says, He wants you to face down your Sanballat and Tobiah. Refuse yesterday’s familiar hijacking, rise and build solutions.

New ways of evangelism and new places of harvest. I have repeatedly heard in my spirit the commissioning by the Lord of the Harvest, “to harvest the harvesters”. God knows what areas will be the most fruitful, Matt 9:38 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His (now) harvest.” God will release new strategies for outreach.

I’ve dreamed of Rev 22:17, erupting from heaven and earth. And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come”. This is heaven and earth cooperating with fresh communication technologies for the proclamation of the gospel of salvation.

A New Synergy for Success

I have seen a new measurement of success. It is the Generations honouring, working and ministering together. It is the tri-generational blessing of Psalm 33 which commands success upon families, churches, businesses, government and nations that operate in this unity.

This is a new synergy of merged generations, a new synergy of revivals past, present and future, a new synergy of Western Europe realising it has much to learn from Eastern and Central Europe also. Part of the fruit of this new synergy is momentum for kingdom movements.

New Movements

God spoke to me about “Ministries becoming Movements”. “There will be a Coalition Labour Movement. This is not a government political party. It is the compliment of Christians, ministries and charities labouring together in kingdom agendas, (evangelism, social justice and basic human needs). There will be a grassroots groundswell of selfless volunteers, millennials to pensioners changing their world”.

These new movements are not meant to build someone’s empire but to create momentum, spiritual highways and Holy Spirit bandwagons to mobilise My body. This will get the attention of governments, as they see mobilised faith, action, belief and voting”.

God is asking, “Do you want My voice of many waters? Then you must be a part of the streams coming together.”

New Government Influence

I can feel Government doors of relationship for influence being opened. No longer will it be the few or elite that are given this access. But the many as Jesus opens doors that no man can shut. These influential opportunities are for support, solutions, warnings and wise counsel.

In Is. 56:9 it speaks of God giving nations the strength to birth. God calls you to midwife the “rebirth of your nations”. In the United Kingdom that means; rebirth as a nation with a Christian heritage, Godly identity and purpose. The UK will be commissioned anew to represent unvarnished, authentic leadership as a redemptive national gift.

This rebirth will be a first domino activating the Commonwealth nations to midwife their nations into Godly moral justice with anti-corruption safeguards and delay being broken.

So pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for those in authority that you might be used by God to shift discord and civil unrest in the atmospheres of and nations through governmental influence.

New Prayer Specializations

I saw a great tipping point of prayer in the earth. Christians are coming to the realisation that no government official whether a Christian or a Cyrus will always represent God with his opinions, character or morals.

Intercessors were taking the responsibility and authority of the ecclesia to rule with their binding and loosing, Matt 16:19, “And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

The focus was on, what are the Prophetic Watchman seeing? The results were more national prayer days, night watches and seasons of travailing prayer.

I observed Spiritual Warfare which has been marginalised in the church, return to favour and function, Eph. 6:12 says, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

There was the sound and intensity of Praying in the Spirit with a new passion. Paul stated he prayed more in the spirit than all those he knew. We had this unction to pray without ceasing also. We were interceding what God’s heart was decreeing, even when we didn’t know how to pray in these historical, critical times.

“A Brave New World”

God has been repeating again and again; “In this season, I will use the critical times in the nations to create a stage for My presence and glory.”

Ps 77:12-14 – I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds.
v.13 – Your ways, O God, are holy. What god is so great as our God?
v.14 – You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.

This great displaying of God’s Glory and Power will be a witness to the world. Nature will also manifest this new level of glory.

We will see and hear frequently of natural disasters and volcanic activity. Do not assume this is a judgement of God, but heaven invading earth. This is also birth pains in the earth.

This witness to the world of God’s invading glory and power is also preparing our nations for revival, awakening, reformation and a vast harvest of souls.

Revd Dr Sharon Stone, 4th January 2019

[Republished with the kind permission of Christian International Europe: Facebook]