End-Times Briefing 6: New Ager sees first pieces of God’s ‘jigsaw’

How a New Age follower got hooked into the Bible’s prophecies.

A unique take from die-hard anti-Christian confronted by facts in non-Christian book!

As an ex-unbeliever rescued by Jesus Christ in person and ‘born-again’ by Holy Spirit into life everlasting through His sinless blood, I reiterate Chuck Missler’s concern:

“You may not believe what the Bible says, but what’s utterly astonishing is that so very many claim to believe in Jesus yet have no grasp of the idea Christ is to literally return and rule!”

The aim of these Briefings is to help my readers be better informed and thus grasp that truth. If an ardently anti-church guy deeply involved in New Age teachings, who viewed ‘Bible-bashers’ as bigots, could grasp and keep hold of this mind-blowing stuff, then how much easier is it for believers in Jesus to fully appreciate these things?

So, come on a revelatory journey with me that hints at the relevance of Bible ‘coding’:


Personal events over the last couple of years brought insights into formative events in my childhood that have a bearing upon why I must write – as if pre-ordained destiny!

Mulling over one particular memory suggests the Lord played a direct role in what had happened – as though He instigated the ‘first contact’ and thus strongly stimulated what became an abiding fascination within my spirit. That is, His grace in action…

Then at the right time decades later, He revisited the sown seed that was emerging from below ground and simultaneously brought together two things – a book and a television – to kick-start life-changing events!

Moreover, last year when speaking about prophecies being like ‘jigsaw pieces’ I shared what had got me interested in prophecy. BUT only then did it dawn upon me that’s what I’d seen on those pages and that screen: two ‘jigsaw pieces’! I hadn’t put two and two together until over 30 years later! Dohh!

By covering the identical topic, the printed and spoken words I read and heard in mid-80s got connected and opened up a much bigger intellectual, historical and spiritual picture. They were the very first two physical ‘jigsaw pieces’ I’d encountered and fitted together tightly, as though in an awesome ‘invisible jigsaw’ – one I’d begin blogging about twenty years later.

And only now do I notice two more ‘pieces’!


Having Catholic parents, it was church every Sunday. As soon as I was able to read, my mother showed me how her Missal explained what’s said during Mass. Each Sunday had a page with picture depicting the liturgical theme, as in this copy page.

Being very keen on astronomy I was intrigued by the picture for the First Sunday in Advent. It shows Jesus standing on clouds in the midst of the sun, moon and shooting stars; but over a burning earth!

Back then I didn’t know it indicated events predicted to precede his Second Advent!

Being a visually-minded boy gifted in drawing, my favourite cartoon stories were those on science fiction. Also, a richly illustrated book By Spaceship to the Moon is a much-thumbed Christmas present of 1955 from my grandmother. And so in the next couple of years we’d go picking blackberries near the huge radio telescope being built at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire.

As you may surmise, that Advent picture had left a subtle impact upon my fertile imagination.

Jodrell Bank radio telescope (1959)

Years later my historical interest led me into Elizabethan-Jacobean codes and self-publishing a booklet on how the misquotation from The Tempest on the Shakespeare monument in Westminster Abbey has a geometrical code of the name of Sir Francis Bacon. (He was involved with producing the King James Bible – see Bio Info).


Invisible Hand

By mid-1980s, as editor/publisher for a New Age group, I was well-placed for one of its leaders who dealt with mail-order books to hand me a brand new book on international politics and the Middle-East. Moreover, it examined ancient predictions on those highly complex issues!

So, whilst watching a documentary about the then current Iraq-Iran war, I grabbed the book to casually flick through, pausing at illustrations and charts and noted repeated references to the significance of Jerusalem.

Thus, I was stunned upon hearing the TV narrator say: “Elite units from opposing forces are rehearsing an attack upon Jerusalem” – despite being at war with one another, these opposing armies united to rehearse their ‘liberation’ of Jerusalem – ie. its recapture from the Jews!

Immediately, my head sung to see film footage of that violent rehearsal – my jaw dropped! Wouldn’t yours?

Therefore, this book most definitely is be taken seriously. It grabbed and got my full attention and became of seminal value in understanding these End-times well before I started reading the Bible a few years later!

Thus, began my appreciation as a non-believer in the Bible as prophecy. This reality got confirmed by peculiar instances (‘God-incidents’) after I’d begun blogging, especially at the time of this blog’s 4th anniversary in November 2013 [The Invisible Hand Reappears and Did My Triple Warning About Iran Affect WordPress Connections?] and two year later [What’s Weird About Writing About Iran].

More importantly, that mid-1980s event began loosening my disdain of churchgoers. It needed, however, a visit from the Lord to rescue me from the devil’s camp before that decade was out. [Read I’m FREE! for my full testimony.]

Furthermore, upon revisiting The Invisible Hand I now recall a couple of other ‘jigsaw pieces’ confirming this ‘heaven-sent’ book was just right for me.:


Being interested in codes and writing a booklet on one of significance to literature, my attention was drawn to Victor Dunstan’s claiming the Bible holds coded and plain-text prophecies by ancient seers and which relate directly to Britain’s Mandate in Palestine. He also covered historical data on the Mandate and the Middle-East’s religions and politics.

Consequently, I became more alert to Middle-Eastern and globally-related events, which suggest things may not be as they seem at first glance – or as reported in the media, and definitely not the BBC! I was amazed to learn that many modern events are of Biblical significance. Therefore, I began watching events unfold – occasionally and slowly at first, but rapidly and accelerating after we entered the new Millennium, or ‘3rd Day’ since Christ.

Also, I was well-acquainted with the Western esoteric tradition and the Kabbala in Jewish mysticism, so I was at ease with Dunstan’s term ‘ancient seers’.

Using prophet Daniel’s mathematical coding of ‘Time’, this author extrapolated that all prophecies would come to a climax in 1992 with Russia being the lead villain against Israel. However, he didn’t foresee the collapse of communism in 1989! Yet that year proved pertinent because the ‘Middle East Peace Process’ had just got under way in October 1991 and led to the Oslo Accords of 1993. [Latest: New details emerge of how Russia prevented Obama’s anti-Israel resolution.]

Furthermore, Dunstan accurately foresaw the resurgence of Islam as a militant force:

‘We are about to witness a mighty and almost unbelievable upsurge in Islam. Though we see the first signs of an Islamic-revival (it) has a long way to to go but it’s going to go that ‘long way’ very quickly.’ [page 198]

Consequently, his seminal book has received a number of mentions during the course of my blogging (Invisbl_Hand tag refers).

Here’s the book’s fold-out table I saw on cross-links between prophet Daniel and the Book of Revelation, under a photo of the Dome on the Rock mosque in Jerusalem…

The author’s easy, conversational and non-religious style was clear from the outset as he introduced his material gleaned from ‘ancient seers’ and what they call “the time of the end” – the days in which we’re living. He emphasises the mathematical skill of Dr Grattan Guiness’ in his Light for the Last Days (1887) in using those sages’ writings to foretell the deliverance of Jerusalem from the Turks 30 years later.

However, his book opens with a prediction I’d been personally been aware of for twenty years.:


Doubtless you recall where you were and what you were doing when you heard news of the terrorist attack on New York’s twin towers on 11th September 2001? Similarly, I well recall being outside my school’s dining hall on 22nd November 1963 upon hearing news of President Kennedy’s murder. The next year, however, I was intrigued to read about a lady who’d predicted that alarming event, and to which Victor Dunstan refers and uses as a lead-in to the thousands of years-old predictions of the Old Testament prophets:


The author’s frank admission shown below indicates his frank opinion on the possible return of Jesus and suggests why The Invisible Hand is free from church jargon and ‘Christianese’.:

P 307 Chpt 18 – Ancient Seers Foretell Event to ‘Out Science Fiction’ Science Fiction

WHY 1992?

To expand upon the above reference on 1992, the next image (which I hope you can read) tells how Dunstan sees the ‘Times’ in the Book of Daniel point to 1917 and 1948, as well as to 1992. And he demonstrates how these periods can link not only into the Christian calendar but also into the Muslim one – asking if that implies a linkage to the ‘abomination of desolation’ (Daniel 9:27) and thus to the Anti-Christ.:

All to the glory of God alone

Image Credits:
  • Puzzle Globe and Book by Thanunkorn, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net
  • Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net
  • All other illustrations and photo by Richard Barker.

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