2016 Prophecy Reprise 3 of 3: A passing thought becomes fulfilled prophecy (#10.1)

[Published 1 Nov 2016]

In my musing in late-May Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics? UK, USA – next EU? we considered what was happening over the ‘pond’ regarding Obama and Clinton and I was prophetically guessing the Lord’s wanting to sort out deep corruption in governments. That’s now come to head at such an appropriate time with next week’s American elections up in the air over Hillary Clinton’s extremely suspicious activities.

Doesn’t it remind you how suddenly the political scene changed here as a result of the EU Referendum’s unexpected result favouring Brexit?  In several posts I’ve surmised the USA may follow on our footsteps in view of our spiritual link.

At the end of last December the Lord gave John Kilpatrick a clear prophetic word that he’d soon see “nations will shake and kingdoms be jolted”. In May he brought an Apolitical Prophecy in Holy Spirit’s Presence about the USA.

There are a couple of other items I’d like to draw to your attention, namely:

  1. Rick Joyner’s detailed analysis Is Trump The One? (Hat-tip Peter Allman)
  2. Joel Rosenberg’s reports of Monday and today on US Constitutional Crisis.

As an apolitical observer I offer these items purely for readers’ further consideration.

NB: Continue reading about Fulfilled Prophecy #10 here and here PLUS a prophetic vision in Nov 2017 (read also discussion thereto)!

PS July’19: Fulfilled Prophecies lists several exposures (of many) noted on this blog.

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