Insights into satanic strategy in USA – 2: spiritual tactics (GPS #54.2)

PS (12 Dec): Abel’s dreams 3, 4, 5 posted 26 Nov are especially pertinent in view of SCOTUS declining Texas’ (et al) case against four states conduct of the election…

Within minutes of publishing Update 15 I received a message from Abel Praise in Nigeria giving me a link to what he’d only just published on His Kingdom Prophecy.

It uncannily connects into my posting, as well as material received yesterday, and so both lots must appear next! You’ll recall my 4-part mini-series on his five prophetical dreams giving insights into Donald Trump’s presidency and the upcoming election – Dreams 1-3, Dream 4, Dream 5 and conclusion: Spheres of Influence.

Now, we have the privilege of Abel’s in-depth instruction on the spiritual principles of intercession from our rightful place as Jesus’ disciples in the heavenly realms and its holy courts. His account is boldly entitled (subsequent emphases mine):


Many things have changed in the heavens and even much more have been birthed in the earth concerning The Nation of America during this season.

I have in recent weeks published a number of prophetic articles revealing the prophetic state of things and how The LORD has kept me on my Watch to see and make known the ongoing decisions concerning The American Nation in The Courts of Heaven.

As I have stayed before The LORD in Watching, Praying as The LORD continued to reveal how we must stand in the gap concerning the American Presidential elections, and how it concerns the purposes of The Kingdom in the next season.

I was led to do an amazing spiritual inventory of the chronicles of dreams, visions and scrolls The LORD had honored me to see, to gain an in-depth understanding, and wow, I was amazed that over the last two years, they all revolved around Five Key Thrones in The Spirit that had fallen into the enemy’s hands.

As the battlefield shifted from the Polling Stations to The Courts, as the dreams had revealed they would even before now, The LORD began to emphasize to me saying we all have our eyes on Voter Fraud — but Voter Fraud is the fruit of the problem.

The real root of the problem is the Authority with which Voter Fraud is perpetuated.

Understand this, the enemy no doubt rules through injustice, however, the enemy’s rule of injustice can only be within the grounds he has been given the legal right to rule.

In other words, as it concerns this issue of Voter Fraud, Thrones of Regions and Spheres must have fallen legally into the enemy’s hands, for the enemy to gain the right to use the systems of those Regions and Spheres to perpetuate injustice.

The Media for instance. The enemy will need to have conquered thrones in the Media Sphere and gained a legal right to rule in that Sphere, due to the failings of those who should have secured those Thrones and Gates for The Kingdom — before he can perpetuate injustice in the places he has been allowed to rule.

It is through the Thrones and right to Rule the Sphere[s] he has been given, he begins to manipulate the systems of those Spheres and Territories to entrench his rule in darkness.

This is why The Scriptures records in Proverbs 29:2,

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

This is so because the wicked must first gain a legal right, a Throne of rule, and a Ground to rule, with which he will perpetuate wickedness within that Sphere of rule.

The LORD began to bring all these to me, to guide in praying and standing concerning the Nation of America, and the season ahead.

It became clear to me that it wasn’t just about the Voter Fraud, it is about the grounds that had been lost long ago that gave the enemy right of rule to perpetuate injustice in these areas already pre-selected to implement the Voter Fraud.

Through this prophetic mapping, The LORD began revealing through the scrolls, prophetic dreams and visions that He had been sending me for years to identify these Thrones and Grounds that were lost, showing that we must contend for these Grounds — making it clear, that when we labor to see the Thrones for these Grounds recovered, we also would have gained authority to expose the Voter Fraud committed in those grounds — as well as, obtain a legal right of rule in The Courts of Heaven, and see decrees established and released that will tip these grounds back under the rule of Righteousness and Justice.

As The LORD began to shine the light on these prophetic scrolls that had been revealed as concerning the 2020 American Presidential elections, these are key highlights that we must know, and how much changes have taken place through the prayers of the saints.

To understand much of what is written today, you may need to read published articles on His Kingdom Prophecy, wherein I state key significant things:
1 How I was shown in July 2019, the American Presidential elections taking place, and Donald Trump winning: however, the Media announced another as the result.

This was echoed in another publication here in HKP, where I shared a dream where I saw Wolf Blitzer of CNN interviewing some strange figures for a job, and heard the statement, “The Media gave Joe Biden its throne” (see here for HKP Word).

That same day after the dream, the Media began announcing Joe Biden as President-Elect. This represents a significant Throne of Media that had fallen into the enemy’s hands well before the elections.
2 I then shared how, seventeen days before the elections being October 16, 2020, I had a dream about the election night. I saw Joe Biden standing on the presidential podium and a woman dressed as both a queen and the harlot bride walking to the podium in the face of Kamala, and they were standing as though to speak over several assemblies gathered at different places. (See here for HKP Word)

I was saying about them in the dream, “Oh they now want to deceive Christians, because they know the vote is with Christians”. [RB: Obama’s hatred shown here]

The podium also represents a Throne — This was highlighted to me as The Throne of The American Assemblies covering several spheres of churches, ministries and economies, that had long fallen into the enemies hands before the elections and was used to perpetuate Voter Fraud in these areas where it ruled.
3 In a dream I had on 2nd April 2020, I was taken in the spirit and I saw an ongoing Court Session concerning the Office of The Justice of The USA, the office responsible for judging leaders.

As that office was decided upon in the dream, they began to look into a case concerning the presidency of The USA. In the dream Donald Trump was identified as the Patron of United Nations.

There was one who brought an accusation concerning Donald Trump, saying he should be removed because of his handling of Covid19, however, there was a voice who spoke significantly in his favor, and there was a great applause.

The dream ended without The Court session ending, and I understood that there were battles going on in the spheres of Justice concerning Donald Trump.

This was in April 2020 — This was highlighted as another key battleground — Throne of Justice to be labored for to defeat the accuser.
4 In March 2020, In a dream, three Archangels from The USA visited me. In the dream, they stood at the door of my house discussing and their conversation was concerning The American Tree.

The Angels had the appearance of men, but their bodies had the texture of snow — using the best words possible.

The tallest of the three Angels walked like a man and had the stature of a man, also with skin texture so white like snow, he had the Golden Beak of an Eagle.

I spoke about how I appreciated being in the meeting with them then I woke up. After this, The LORD began revealing and I also begun co-authoring with Veronika West about Donald Trump assignment as The American Tree, and this being The Governmental Throne of The USA that was also being fiercely contested.

This was highlighted as a significant throne for which we must labor for.
5 In the second part of the dream where The Archangels of The USA spoke about the American Tree, one of the Angels shook my hand and began to bring understanding to me about the Presidential Office of The USA, and the call to prayer. (See here for HKP Word)

Through this moment of mapping the prophetic scrolls I had been given, The LORD began to show me how several other dreams were all linked to these five key grounds identifed that must be labored for — whose Thrones must be regained through righteous labors of intercession.

Through praying, watching and intercession of the saints, The LORD began to visit me in recent days with prophetic dreams showing how these strongholds are now being defeated, righteous altars being rebuilt, and path to righteous rule Of The LORD JESUS CHRIST through HIS people into these territories now being beaten.

In subsequent publications, I will share details of these dreams, showing much ground has been retaken and how it will play out in The Court cases surrounding the American Presidential elections.

Today, I will share a significant dream I had this morning, pointing to a prophetic path for victory, as gains have been made in the heavens, and will now be made in the earth — so we can align properly in prayers and in faith.

In the dream I had this morning, the 26th November, 2020, there was one dressed as a massive Warrior Angel with a staff in his hand, that was there to prove that they won the election, and he had the numbers [the legal right] to prove that the election was won rightly, [End of Dream].

I woke up knowing that this was a reflection of a Court Order in The Heavens, signifying that The Kingdom has regained some lost grounds, and there is now a legal decree to be effected to establish the victories gained.

It is important to understand that, Donald Trump may have the numbers to prove victory in the courts, and the enemy, if not dethroned, may attempt to gather enough hearts to perpetuate injustice.

The path to victories remain as has been explained above, we must regain the lost grounds, denying the enemy right to implement injustice within these grounds, and effectively partnering with The WORD of The LORD to birth HIS Counsel.

The LORD has shown me in a dream this morning, The Angel Of The LORD JESUS now sent to work with the people of GOD to establish righteous justice in The Courts.

For this, I am sent to bring The WORD to you, and to say as The LORD said to His servant Moses concerning The Angel of HIS Presence that was now sent to help them occupy the land, as seen in Exodus 23,
“Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not, for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him. But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak, then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries. For mine Angel shall go before thee, and bring thee in unto the Amorites, and the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Canaanites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites: and I will cut them off. Thou shalt not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them, and quite break down their images. And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water, and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee” Exodus 23:20-25.

So I dare say, rise in faith and proclaim, “Let it be unto us, and in our Nation Dear Heavenly Father Of The LORD JESUS CHRIST, as thou has decreed, through JESUS CHRIST our LORD”.

~ by Abel Praise

Abel is an Ambassador of The LORD Jesus Christ and also operates as Abel Praise Ministries. Abel Praise is Coordinator of Kingdom School of Nations, headquartered in Nigeria, committed to working with apostolic and prophetic ministries across the globe to raise and mobilize the warring Bride for the end time battle of The Kingdom of The LORD JESUS CHRIST into the nations.

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