Prophetic Watch on America and President Trump cont’d: 1 – 3 dreams

Last Tuesday’s post on Prophetic Insights on America & Donald Trump’s second term in office was a brief introduction to Abel Praise’s four dreams in His Kingdom Prophecy.  We now need to review those perspicacious prophecies…

In view of its direct relevance to current events my intention was to follow with a couple of Abel’s subsequent prophetic dreams. However, developments drew my attention to news of the disputed voting and investigations – as well as the focus upon Pennsylvania and its connection to the Mayflower’s 400th anniversary.

That previous post links into Abel’s four dreams. If you’ve not yet read the original do so by clicking this link before proceeding; otherwise you will not get the fullest picture!  I’m recounting most details of the dreams along with a few extracts (emphases mine) as I must stress their pertinence to the posts on Philadelphia and related political news.

NB: dream images are symbolic of spiritual reality and not always to be taken as being definitive of physical reality. For example, unclean spirits are not to be definitively taken as meaning or equating to an actual person, but what’s actively directing situations!


Dream of Donald Trump Winning, Victory Given to Another, Mission Fulfilled

In a dream, an election was taking place, it was the American Presidential Elections. I could see the major screen where results were being announced.  It was very clear Donald Trump was winning.  Immediately things turned around, and another person was declared winner.

In the dream, I could see the spirit behind the person who was declared winner; and it was both a homosexual spirit and the harlot. As soon as they were declared winner, they went and brought alcohol [alcohol points to perverse wine or perverse spirits] to celebrate and they began sharing it around….(Dream ends)

…I always believed by the things The LORD had shown me, that the first term of Donald Trump’s presidency was to stand in The Office of ‘The Father Of The Nation’ to restore the covenant submission of The Nation back to THE LORDSHIP OF JESUS.

So when he began nullifying perverse agreements, ordinances, global alliances that were forged in alliance to demonic systems and structures; I knew this was significant.

When in private and in public, Donald Trump stood to declare The LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST; aligning America to Israel; The Jerusalem Declaration; and basically caused a global realignment of nations; he was tearing down an Old Order and establishing a new one.

Like The Patriarch Abraham; Donald Trump labored to reestablish the Righteous Covenant and Order for The Nation before The LORD; The Nation with Israel; The Nation, Israel and Other Nations; as well as Internal Structures of The Nation.

This is why though the election was given to another — when the results was called in the dream I had in July 21, 2019.

The Heavens were so full of many bright lights over America, and I stood at the place to say to Donald Trump, “You did what you were supposed to do!”

In the midst of all these, I wasn’t satisfied and I believed we could put up a fight for the second term presidency, as I also understood that the second term presidency would be about revisiting the internal structures of the American Nation, and labouring to rebuild her National Heritage…

…Each time I had to speak with and co-author with Veronika West on the dreams and visions concerning Donald Trump, I always emphasized; that we needed to go to war and mobilize people to war for the fulfillment of these — always noting that these were scrolls for which we must discern the prophetic plan of action, and implement them.

Remember the experience of The Prophet Elisha in The Scriptures in 2 Kings 3:1-27.  The Kings of Israel, Samaria, Judah, were to go to war against The King of Moab.  King Jehoshaphat insisted on hearing The Mind Of The LORD from a Prophet.

The three Kings came to The Prophet Elisha to seek The Mind Of The LORD; and Prophet Elisha called for a minstrel and he told them that they would go to win and be successful, and it was a light thing for The LORD to do, and gave them a sign

…The Three Kings went to battle and were fighting and winning significantly.  Suddenly; The Scriptures record that The King of Moab, seeing that he was running at a loss; went back home and took his eldest son who was to reign in his stead and sacrificed him at the wall.  Immediately after that, (2 Kings 3:27) a great indignation arose against Israel and every man went back to their own land.

Can you believe that?  The Prophecies had gone forth with an undeniable sign, yet a man offered his son to a demon, empowering hordes of demons to be unleashed to stand against the Prophesied Word of Victory.

This is very key to understanding what transpired with the presidential election.

The dream I share below, sheds light on this.  How did the blood sacrifice to a demon cause a great stirring in the heavens that empowered and unleashed a demonic host to cause a standstill, and deny Israel victory?

2. THE AMERICAN 2020 ELECTIONS – Received October 16, 2020

Dream of the Harlot and the Lying Spirit at the Podium on Election Night

On the morning of October 16, 2020 I had a dream.  I had been taking a walk with a few people, and along the road, I saw several Church meeting places. Next, I was at a junction; and people were [lying] on the floor.  I saw a wooden podium like the one the President of the USA stands in to make speeches.

I automatically knew it was the Election Night.  Standing on the podium was Joe Biden, his wife, his son Hunter.  In the dream, they were about to put up a show, and it was a show targeted at Christians and it was a plot to deceive Christians [lying spirit].

While watching all these I said; “Oh they’re trying to deceive Christians; because they know that the vote is with Christians.

Immediately I said that, I saw an African-American woman dressed in a robe, and a crown on her head as a queen walked towards Joe Biden family as they stood on the stage before the podium. Immediately I said in the dream; “Oh they’re bringing in….”.  In the dream, the woman represented the harlot bride. I was saying, “Oh, they’re bringing this woman to deceive the Christians,” and this was to be unleashed on election night. (End of Dream.)

Immediately I woke up, I knew this was the last shot the enemy had against the second term presidency of Donald Trump. I knew a lying spirit had been unleashed against the Church; and for days I continued to pray and I kept hearing ‘Jezebel’; and so I understood what was in play.

I shared this dream with Veronika West that same morning on 16 October 2020, sharing my concerns. These two dreams gave me cause for concern; yet I pressed on believing for a breakthrough for the second term presidency of Donald Trump to be fulfilled.

In writings, in public writings I co-authored with Veronika West concerning Donald Trump, I had always emphasized that the first term of his presidency was to stand as ‘The Father Of The Nation’ as ‘The American Tree’ bringing healing that restored The Covenants for The American Nation — a mission that was faithfully accomplished.

However, the next four years is a battle for The Destiny of The American Church.  This is why these two strongholds have been revealed; The Harlot and The Lying Spirit.


Dream of the Pregnant Harlot, the 3-months Child in Harlot’s Womb of Death.

Bearing in mind the five-hour difference between Nigeria and the USA, I woke up at about 12:02 am November 4, 2020 with this dream — which was November 3, 2020, 7:02 pm Election Day American Time.

In the dream, I was aware that I had been good friends with and had a working relationship with Melania Trump. Soon there was now a woman around, who was with another man, and she began to come towards me, trying to establish a working relationship with me.

She had the character of a harlot.  I was very clear in showing that I had been friends with Melania Trump and had a working relationship with her.  Then she said to me — as one speaking confidently — that something would happen to Melania Trump, and then she would try to be friends or work with me…(End of dream)

At this point, the elections were being counted and Donald Trump was leading and the mail-in drama hadn’t started yet, and I was worried about this. Immediately I knew this was the harlot spirit, daring to say she was pregnant — yet what I was looking at was a child in the womb of death.

I knew this was not merely one being pregnant, but that there had been a child offered at the womb of death — and like the Prophet Elisha’s experience and The King of Moab offering the life of his son — something shifted in the spirit.

As I pondered on these, my heart went to the dreams (of) July 21, 2019 and October 16, 2020 where I had been shown the harlot standing at the podium where presidents make speeches.

I was concerned, yet I prayed and knew we had to labor and fight. The season of the battle for The Destiny Of The American Church was on.

~ by Abel Praise

[RB: The crucial relevance of Dream 4 is reserved for the next post – click to read]

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