Prophetic insights on America and Donald Trump’s second term as POTUS

Last weekend a dear overseas brother and friend in Christ, Abel Praise, updated me on some prophetic visions and words he’d had relating to President Trump and the recent presidential election.

In their full context, and with his comments and discussions with Veronika, they should give my readers, especially those querying the authenticity of prophecy, a fuller picture of what is happening and what to watch for in the natural.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that these dream images are principally for use by intercessors because they’re symbolic of spiritual reality and not always to be regarded as being definitive of physical reality. For example – and note well – graphic depictions of unclean spirits are not to be taken as meaning or equating to an actual person.

Therefore, let me introduce to Abel’s Prophetic Watch featuring four dreams as told at His Kingdom Prophecy. Click on the image to read in full and, as with all prophecy, be sure to study carefully and wait on the Lord to weigh and test…

Click/tap image to read in full

Abel’s introductory text continues:

“There is no doubt in my heart The LORD had preordained two terms for Donald Trump; as even many prophets had declared.

“However; two prophetic dreams revealing scenarios that threatened to abort the destiny plans for the second term presidency of Donald Trump gave me serious cause for concern.

“The first dream I had on the 21st of July 2019; and the other on 16th October 2020 which I shared with Veronika West on that date of the dream, gave me cause for concern.

“Two more recent dreams I had on the first night of the elections; and the second night after the elections while votes were still being counted, gave me great cause for concern going forward…”

More to follow soon..

Your comments are warmly welcome (NB: Comments Caveat & Prophecy Protocol on homepage sidebar).

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