Prophetic Watch on America and President Trump cont’d: 3 – 5th dream


[Abel Praise writes] Having published important prophetic leads concerning the ongoing elections and The Second Term Presidency of Donald Trump yesterday on His Kingdom Prophecy website (see America and The Second Term Presidency of Donald Trump), The LORD woke me up with another significant follow up dream this morning the 6th November 2020 at 2:08am; which I believe will be 9:08pm, 5th November 2020 American Time and Date.

The Dream

In the dream there were a team of people praying in what looked like a stadium. I believe this points to the prayers of the saints being shown as making a huge impact in the elections.

The next scene in the dream, I was watching people being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN as though for a job.

They were different sets of people, who looked really strange and demonic and were just making a mess of themselves on television.

They were being interviewed concerning America.  It was very clear they had made a public mess of themselves on television and had failed; and I was speaking to people around about, how they’ve messed themselves up! (emphasis added)

This points to the interview/ election process for the political jobs in USA and the media giving these perverse spirits a platform.

But it had now become so apparent and visible that they had made a mess of themselves and had failed.

As I pointed yesterday; the battle is shifting to The Courts, and as we stay praying, exposures will begin to happen that will bring the evidence for righteous judgments to be passed.

The next scene in the dream, I was leaving that place and I began to say that I was part of an international election and I got so many votes; thousands of thousands of votes; enough to win.

As I said this to myself, I was now standing at a place where I was watching intently what was going on in the environment.

I understood I was speaking about the righteous victories we had gained as recorded as being seen from a heavenly perspective.

We must stand guard, watching, in addition to the praying we have been doing; for all that must be seen to be seen.

The next scene in the dream, I was looking into a hall, arranged with a pink and blue curtain as it’s backdrop; and I heard these words clearly; “They only want to hear Donald Trump’s part of the argument!”

(End of Dream)

Immediately I woke up and stayed spending time with The LORD on this dream.

I knew that The LORD was clearly showing that prayers and intercessions are causing exposures to take place, and that the enemy has made a fool of himself on television, through a complicit media.

However; we must watch for the places where Angels are uncovering things, so there will be a build up of profound overwhelming evidence for Donald Trump to present a sound argument in The Courts — both in Heaven and on earth for decisions that are being made to be made.

~ by Abel Praise, November 6th, 2020

1 thought on “Prophetic Watch on America and President Trump cont’d: 3 – 5th dream

  1. For the last several elections/referendum here in the UK I have known in advance, usually the night before the outcome was announced, exactly who had won. It was a strong knowing. I have so far never been wrong. On the evening of election day in the U..S. I knew Trump had won. When Biden was announced I wondered whether for the 1st time I had got it wrong – I DON’T THINK SO.

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