Prophecies in pieces; we prophesy in part – Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow: What’s really going on?

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways,  And My thoughts than your thoughts…” (Verse of the Day – Isaiah 55, BibleGateway)

Love never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are  tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part10 But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away. (1Corinthians 13 NKJV, BibleGateway)

NOW, back to what I was minded to bring first thing today!!!  I’ve been puzzling over a few recent prophecies posted herein along with some insightful commentaries for the purpose of trying to reconcile them – and noting differences between some prophets. As well as our regular morning devotional read over breakfast, I checked out a verse for the day and it appears to provide an answer to my musing over that issue (as above) Next, I was reminded of Paul’s explanation shown above.

ALSO, this got confirmed upon listening to a video strongly recommended to me but which I don’t have time to watch. Dear Chris Moyler had posted it on his Telegram along with helpful notes on its content – BUT some details bothered me in differing with the word Veronika had brought, and my connecting it with Ezekiel 38!!

BUT what Chris had omitted was what the speaker explained then spoke straight into my own frequent references to prophecy being like an invisible jigsaw. In fact, that was the name I’d wanted to give this blog, but couldn’t find a suitable logo-image – LOL how could I show somethings that’s immaterial??

In answering Steve Schultz on centuries of Deep-State Banker activities, Johnny Enlow says (40:44 mark),

“This goes back to the prophetic and the holes that are in it sometimes. It goes back to training in the prophetic. People need to understand the prophetic is like receiving the pieces of a puzzle from the Lord – Often it’s like having a puzzle and you’ve got A, B & D & G…and so you guess what C is, and you assume an state C – even as a prophetic person. And what the Lord had me do was go back into asking; what did He actually say?

SO, here’s Chris’ briefing on this 1hr 22 min video discussion (with time points) and he draws attention to Johnny’s recommending the highly informative DEVOLUTION series by Patel Patriot. Most readers are well aware of my blogging on this concept but, if not, read this short introductory post, What is ‘Devolution’ Theory and is it Trump’s Reality?  It explains how America is being run by the military behind the scenes, working closely with President Trump..:

Dear Friends
Two of the sharpest of the sharp, among the modern day prophets of the LORD, are Johnny and Elizabeth ENLOW – a precious husband and wife prophetic team.

Johnny had the honour of having the plug pulled on him, right in the middle of a live Elijah Streams broadcast – OVER THE TARGET!!

So now, Johnny speaks only on RUMBLE, and we can listen to him UNFILTERED!

YAY 😍😍😍

Chris xx

21:00. Johnny talks to us about UKRAINE, and what is REALLY going on BEHIND the Media propaganda.

29:00. Ukraine is the epicentre of child trafficking and money laundering, the cash cow of the NWO.

32:00. Before the rise of President, President Putin described himself as the only world leader fighting the NWO and the rise of Antichrist.
There are/were 11 bio-weapon labs in Ukraine, funded by the US Dept of Defence, prior to President Trump’s election.

35:00. The end game is the depopulation of planet earth by 90% to a maximum of 500M people.
(Chris note: this was written on the Georgia Guidestones:

Richard note: these ‘guidestones’ are also discussed by Amanda Grace in )

For centuries, bankers have fomenting wars and have lent money to BOTH sides, becoming rich, while depopulating the planet

42:00. In Mar2016 Johnny had a vision that TRUMP would win and he responded, “Oh no! He is NOT a peacemaker!”
-the LORD replied: “President Trump will save you from things you don’t know you need to be saved from.
This is a rescue from Heaven.
The history of your nation will be known as “Before Trump” and “After Trump.”

44:00. Shortly before the 2016 Election, I said in a Californian Church that President Trump will lead the Nation for the next 8 years.
-President Trump won all 50 States. He won by a LANDSLIDE

45:30. (The LORD often speaks to Johnny through sporting events.) In the Derby Medina Spirit won BUT was disqualified. A YEAR LATER, the second horse was declared the winner!

47:00. AT LEAST 5 STATES had more votes for Biden than registered voters!!
– however, many who prophesied Trump’s 2020 win, quickly backed off when Biden “won.”

1:00:50 Steve asks how upright Putin is?
– Johnny replied that he believes that PUTIN has been PUT IN by God at this time, as HIS instrument.
-King Cyrus was also God’s instrument, even though he didn’t know God.

1:03:00. Steve mentions Gog Magog- that Russia is precipitating the end time wars.
– Johnny replied that he would definitely favour Russia’s present government above America’s present government.
– life in America is definitely more dangerous than life in Russia.


– Khazarian Jews, eg the Rothschilds, are NOT real Jews.

1:07:30. Ukraine is actually being LIBERATED!
-the final outcome will be best for its citizens and best for its Christians.
-the Khazarians became bankers, and the took part in Satanic sacrifice.
-they were given revelation in how to make money out of nothing
-this is how the US Federal Reserve works, impoverishment the Nation.

1:09:30. The Khazarians have their people in all the power positions in modern day Israel.

The Rothschilds funded the Chinese Communist Revolution ( that killed 50M people!)

The Rothschilds funded Hitler, who killed the Jews, and they then funded the Holocaust Museum in Israel!!

1:12:00 Johnny recommends Patel Patriot’s DEVOLUTION series, which explains how America is presently being governed behind the scenes by the military, working with President Trump. (

[Flying Puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon, courtesy of]

13 thoughts on “Prophecies in pieces; we prophesy in part – Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow: What’s really going on?

  1. Some aspects of this interview I totally agree with, others I find unsettling, probably not in the way intended. I agree that main line media misinforms, tells lies and is often used as a propaganda tool by the corrupt deep state. However, to say everything is therefore a lie and then imply (QED) that calling Putin evil means he is the opposite – that is an extrapolation too far for me! The implication (suggestion) that Ukraine is the “epicentre” of deep state and New World Order operations also leaves me pondering, on a number of counts. I think it very likely that relatives of key US politicians have been involved in Machiavellian high level commercial activities in Ukraine, over the years. I have no way of knowing whether there are other NWO/Deep State assets, including 11 biological warfare weapons labs, and whether there are widespread tunnel complexes etc. What I find difficult to understand is this: if Ukraine is so vital to the machinations of the extremely powerful NWO/Deep State, why haven’t those in the cabal who have military resources gone in to protect their Ukrainian assets? So, I find it difficult to believe the inference that Putin is some sort of hero for being the only one willing to “liberate” Ukraine from the clutches of the NWO. What I do believe is that prophecy is being fulfilled and this may confrontation may lead into Ezekiel 38 and 39 (which so clearly follows the fulfilled Ezekiel 36 and 37). I also absolutely know that God’s ways are not ours and fervently pray that His providential plan will soon bring about the 2nd advent of Jesus

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    • Thank you so much dear Neil. I have similar concerns with certain claims and how they accord with or are contrary to the prophecies I’d published, but wrote about possible dichotomy between prophets – and knowing they’ve previously been in harmony. My focus is to present Johnny’s opinion and possible insights for readers’ information.


    • Hello Neil, I find myself on the opposite side of too many these days so won’t go in to how I disagree but will post this link to another part of the devolution series by Patel Patriot which (I think) does an excellent job of digging into the Ukraine situation and Russia’s involvement along with supporting information. I will point out one thing however, looking at the three main leaders involved in this issue I see the Russian leader as the only one with honor. Biden is illegitimate and an imposter, Zelensky is a pervert (look at his previous life as a comedian) and he was selected not elected (see 2014 color revolution), Putin honors GOD (I know, when does western media ever mention that) in much of what he does and is hugely popular in Russia. I guess that is why I find myself on the opposite side so often these days. One other thing regarding biolabs, there have been proofs shown on telegram but I did not bother to copy them down as it was no news to me that the DOD was involved in such. Could all be disinformation I suppose. These days the 24 hour rule no longer works, more like 24 week rule, hopefully by then the truth will filter out, it always does eventually. Mark

      Here is the link

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      • Appreciate your summary Mark. As you know, I regard Patel’s papers as essential study to grasp what’s probably happening behind the scenes – and as I’ve stated Devolution theory seems in accord with blogged prophecies.
        As usual will be printing copy of latest for study and marking up over the weekend.


  2. Hi Richard, Just took a peek at Johnny Enlow’s Fbuk. It was almost as if he was responding to what was commented on earlier. Here is his post. Mark

    I have some questions perhaps mainly for the “doubters” who follow me. For those of you who initially fell for the Russia collusion story and also initially believed the “plague” was naturally occurring and also believed that hc-cue and vermectin were dangerous and also believe that epstein island was a conspiracy theory etc.etc.— the present media narrative of the day is yet one more opportunity for you to show you can break free from mass media programming. Can you break out from the spell? It is media witchcraft Biblically known as “the false prophet”. We are full circle back to Russia, Russia, Russia. Who was right about the matters I just mentioned? Who was wrong? Who showed fake reports, twisted facts and otherwise fully steered you in the wrong direction? Two weeks to flatten the curve? Why did that way of measuring disappear? Did the senate just vote that the cov emergency is over because something real changed? Did the science change or did the politics change? If the face diapers worked why were needle pokes then needed as well? If one poke worked, why was another and then another and then another needed? Have you made any attempt to actually find the data on all to do with this? There is tons of it out there so why not? Did you see a just-released thorough uk report that showed 90% of the deaths were of the fully needled? What does that imply? Moving on. Do you really know anything about the geopolitical history of the Ukraine? Have you suddenly become an expert on Ukraine based on anecdotal tiktoks (or equivalent) that you really don’t know who put together? What if Ukraine were a hostage nation and what is being called “invasion” is actually a rescue operation? Do innocents die sometimes when hostages get set free? Why did we have at least 11 secret biolabs in Ukraine? Hunter B? When was the last time you found siding with Soros was the right thing to do? I have 50 more questions but you get the idea. Wake up.

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