Ukraine news validates a vision – Veronika West

After closing down for Thursday evening I didn’t realise that day’s news brought a validation of one of two prophetic words I’d provided a link to only three days earlier! My time on Monday was so tight I wasn’t able to re-publish them full but drew attention to Veronika’s reply to a question about Gog-Magog in Ezekiel 38. Then yesterday she posts this:

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Here’s the original prophecy as published on His Kingdom Prophecy:

Early this morning, while praying for the on going conflict in The Nations, suddenly I saw in The Realm of The Spirit what I can only describe in earthly terms as a Weather-Vane, which was spinning with such great speed that it seemed to be standing still.

I could see something beginning to take place in the heavens that would greatly impact and influence Weather Patterns over The Nations of Europe in the coming days.

In the natural, I saw a strange and fast moving Weather Front suddenly forming, that was heading towards the nation of Ukraine and other bordering nations, and in The Realm of The Spirit, I saw flashes of lightning.

The sound of thunder violently shook the heavens and mighty rushing winds were blowing. Thick clouds began forming in The Realm of The Spirit over The Nations of Europe.

The Spiritual Atmosphere felt very heavy, and a strange sensation of humidity filled the air, as heat began to rise and increase.

The Spiritual Realm over The Nations of Europe felt heavily pregnant with the Sovereign Purposes and Pans of God.

Something was about to break. Something powerful was now being shifted and turned.

I could feel a type of Spiritual Turbulence taking place in the heavens, and like powerful birthing contractions, I could see what looked the very womb of heaven, moving and contracting over The Nations of the Earth.

Then suddenly, I saw a Portal opening up over The Nations of Europe, and a great Light broke forth, piercing a veil of deep darkness that covered the lands. Then came a sound of breaking, and then the sound of mighty Rushing Waters could be heard.

Then I heard these Words”Brace! Brace! Batten down the hatches, for Nations have entered into a time of birthing!

Watch! For a Divine Convergence Zone is now forming over a War-Zone. Yes! For a Divine Convergence brings forth a Supernatural Divergence, as Boundary Lines are being shifted and rearranged and battle-lines are being drawn.

For a synergy of the ages is now taking place over the nations! See! For generational cycles are being broken, as Nations are now coming full circle!

Watch and listen! Tick-tock…! Tick-tock…! I say, watch the Clock, for The Hands of Time are now moving within wheels… within wheels… within wheels…

For the sound of My Seven Spirits shall go forth to strike and to shake the heavens and bring to birth in the Earth a great Spiritual Awakening that shall Change, Transform and Reform the Nations.

For now, a new Kingdom Era is being made manifest in The Nations of the Earth!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

3 thoughts on “Ukraine news validates a vision – Veronika West

  1. Dear Richard

    The week-end before the war broke out David Hathaway had organised a national day of prayer for the church leaders during which he prayed in the vision given to Elisha re the wall of fire surrounding the armies attacking Israel. He also prayed in confusion on the enemy – and all the leaders were in agreement with him…

    Shalom, love & prayers Elaine ________________________________

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  2. May every child of God, those born again of God our Father of His Water of Life Of His Spirit be protected and provided and preserved holy, blameless, irreproachable until the Day of Christ, taking Refuge in the Strong Tower of Christ Jesus, hidden with Christ in God, until the judgments and the wrath of God are complete and evil is destroyed for destroying the earth (Revelation 11:15–18; Jeremiah chapters 46-51).
    “The land trembles and writhes in pain and sorrow, for the purposes of God AGAINST evil stand — to make the old [heavens, earth, and polluted seas (familiar, unclean, demonic, evil spirits)] a desolation without inhabitant…The warriors of evil cease fighting…their might failed…become weak and helpless…burned up; bars broken…Yet a little while and the harvest will come…My people, come out of the midst of [mystery] Babylon…And beware lest your heart faint and you be afraid at the rumors of war heard in the land…and violence will be in the land, ruler against ruler. Therefore behold the days will come when I execute judgment and punishment upon the idols of Babylon; her whole land will be confounded and put to shame…Then the heaven and earth and all in them will sing for joy…let the Peace of Christ come into your mind” Jeremiah 51:28-50.
    Thank God for Christ Jesus! perfect peace when we keep our mind in Christ, and when we are led astray we return to the Peace of God found in Christ!
    “And the heathen nations raged, but Your wrath (retribution, indignation) came, the time when the dead are judged and Your servants, prophets, and saints rewarded — and those who revere Your Name, both low, high, and small and great — and the time for the destroying of the corrupters of the earth” Revelation 11:18 AMP C

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  3. Richard,
    The weather vane spinning is a very interestng development. God does something in the natural. Kraine is country with 3rd highest number of Jews in Europe. Are they one of the ribs spoken about in Daniel plus Crimea and Moldova.
    VW has struck again.
    Praise the I AM.

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