What is the ‘Devolution’ Theory and is it Trump’s Reality? [Two Presidents?]

In July 2020, President Donald J. Trump’s “Space Force” placed 4 top-secret satellites into orbit from Virginia. This enabled the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) the United States agency responsible for operating spy satellites, to transfer top secret payloads and technology into space. It also gave President Trump unprecedented ability to gather intelligence with no to little interference from foreign entities and from various powers within the U.S.

Some of this intelligence could be used to track all facets of the upcoming November elections. “This was so secret, even Vice President Pence didn’t know,” a military connected source informed me […continue reading at..]  What is the ‘Devolution’ Theory and is it Trump’s Reality?

ACE, ESSENTIAL BRIEFING and thank you Jack Dennis for such an excellent summation of the situation I suspected behind the scenes, as I was unaware of his earlier material.

Also, I suspect how timing of this blog ‘coincides’ with my blogging this week on the timing details in Veronika West’s prophetic dream of a Trump-Biden poker game!

PS (5.9.21)  Click for information on Donald Trump’s heart for the Kingdom.


Part 1: What Is Devolution?

Part 2: The Defense Intelligence Agency & The Defector 

Part 3: Continuity of Government – Continuity of Operations 

Part 4: A Wartime President

Part 5: Cybersecurity Infrastructure Agency & Dominion Voting Systems

Part 6: Antifa and The Capitol Riot

Part 7: Foreign Influence

Part 8: How and When

Part 9: The Military

Part 10: The Silent War (The Precipice)

Part 11: Crowdstrike (Spygate…SolarWinds)

Part 12: ‘The Playbook’ (Deep-State manual)

Addendum 1: Where Is Trump?

Addendum 2: COGCON2

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