3 prophecies fulfilled in Biden’s State Of The Union slip-of-tongue

Is it yet another of ‘Resident’ Biden’s gaffes, OR did the Lord make him unwittingly refer to the Gog-Magog alliance whilst making his most important speech to the nation’s political representatives of all 50 states of the American republic! 

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/03/biden-putin-may-circle-kiev-tanks-never-gain-hearts-souls-iranian-people-video/

We recently considered prophesied ‘slips of the tongue’ in Prophecy Fulfilled on Spoken Slips made by Biden Regime and let’s remind ourselves of the specific part of the Word from the Lord of 17th December to Amanda Grace (emphases mine, colour as original):

“And says the Lord of Hosts, the mouth of the one in a White House shall get tongue-tied and twisted as the Spirit of truth descends upon their stump. And they shall reveal the secrets and keys to a plan gone rogue, more lone wolves says the Lord, and they shall connect back. As the donkey so spoke truth to Balaam so the donkeys shall be kicking themselves as they lose control of their mouths at MY WORD and they shall make slips of the century, slips of the tongue that shall change some of the narratives, says the Lord of Hosts, truth serum shall be slipped as those who serve the constitution and this nation have become more and more EAGER to execute operations under the cuff, says the Lord of Hosts….”

Here’s the part of the Lord gave Veronika West on 22nd February in The Bear, The  Beast from the East and The Dragon

…I say Beloved, Watch and Pray, and pay close attention, for in the days ahead the right hand of The Bear Nation shall shake hands with the right hand of the nation of Turkey and a powerful alliance will be created, and then the two shall come into agreement to form a threefold cord of allegiance with the Beast of The East with a desire to destroy the land flowing with milk and honey….”

In the footnotes to that post I drew attention to Ezekiel 38-39 which refers to the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, Turkey and Iran and is implicit in this contemporary word, as delivered by Veronika.

Therefore, Joe Biden’s prophesied ‘tongue-tied and twisted’ words were directed, as Amanda Grace stated, by The Spirit and turned from “Ukranian” into “Iranian”, and this mistake alludes directly to the connection between Persia/Iran and ‘Gog’ Russia, as in the words given to Ezekiel and to Veronika West.

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