Prophecy fulfilled on spoken ‘slips’ made by Biden regime

Word from the Lord, December 17th, 2021 given to Amanda Grace, as published – an extract with underscoring added:

“And says the Lord of Hosts, the mouth of the one in a White House shall get tongue-tied and twisted as the Spirit of truth descends upon their stump. And they shall reveal the secrets and keys to a plan gone rogue, more lone wolves says the Lord, and they shall connect back. As the donkey so spoke truth to Balaam so the donkeys shall be kicking themselves as they lose control of their mouths at MY WORD and they shall make slips of the century, slips of the tongue that shall change some of the narratives, says the Lord of Hosts, truth serum shall be slipped as those who serve the constitution and this nation have become more and more EAGER to execute operations under the cuff, says the Lord of Hosts. And says the Spirit of the Lord. this day I am turning the pyramid on its head and as it is shaken the executives and engines and masterminds that have steered this agency shall cause a topsy-turvy to occur as I the Lord your God deal with the sorcerers and potion makers and creation-haters of the three-letter departments….”

In the today’s post about Humpty Dumpty I mentioned Johnny Enlow’s explanation of words being deliberately twisted by Biden.

Now, news relating to the “slips of tongue” in the above extensive word through Amanda Grace, starting with most of the article on a revealing ‘Freudian slip’…(click first image for link and video clips)

White House Press Secretary Slips and Says Who She’s Really Reporting To and It’s Not Biden

We could say Jen Psaki’s answer to when she may be retiring, possibly reminded her of her years at the centre of the Obama administration – BUT that ended 5 years ago! SO when added to Pelosi’s earlier similar ‘slip there’s a very high probability that Psaki’s really is still working with Obama and not Biden!  NB: Deuteronomy 19:15 – ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses the (legal!) matter shall be established’.

Also regarding Biden/Obama’s press secretary, let’s check back to another part of today’s Telegraph article cited in UK & US media mirrors prophecies…:


Finally in my monitoring, is this denunciation of arrogantly crass stupidity:

Kachelman: When the Rule of Law Unravels


4 thoughts on “Prophecy fulfilled on spoken ‘slips’ made by Biden regime

  1. Hello Richard, I have been led of the Spirit for probably the last 6 months to be praying for confusion and fear to inhabit the enemies of GOD’s working in this nation. Also praying that they began to become convinced that they need to respond to perceived threats by getting ahead of the suspected threat by blowing the whistle and exposing corruption themselves. I see this article as evidence that GOD is working exactly along these lines. Thanks again for your diligence. Mark Jenson

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